Latest Polling Shows an Uphill Battle for Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Initiative, Issue 5

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director October 25, 2012

    The latest polling data coming out of Arkansas shows a rough fight ahead for their ballot initiative to legalize the medical use of marijuana. In a poll conducted Thursday, October 18th, by TalkBusiness and Hendrix College had support for Issue 5 at just 38%, with opposition at 54% and 8% are undecided. Another poll, conducted by the University of Arkansas between October 9th and October 14, had support for medical marijuana in Arkansas at 44%, opposition at 52%, and undecideds at 5%. Both of these polls show support down when compared to data released in July of this year, which had the issue in a dead heat with 47% support and 46% opposition.

    For more information on the initiative and on how you can help legalize medical use of cannabis in Arkansas this November, please visit the campaign’s website at www.arcompassion.com

    42 responses to “Latest Polling Shows an Uphill Battle for Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Initiative, Issue 5”

    1. Bw says:

      These initiatives should only be started when states are obviously supporting the issues. This kind of thing looks bad for the movement, and steal from victories in more liberal states! It was way to soon for this, and those that proposed it should have known it. Backward states will follow only when they feel pressured. Arkansas is full of backward thinking nuts just like Kansas, Oklahoma, and unfortunately Texas!

    2. Shawn says:

      fear is a powerful weapon but a war always begins and ends with the truth

    3. Bw says:

      That Racist propaganda add the opposition started in Arkansas speaks volumes as to how that state’s majority thinks, and everyone knows it.

    4. Ronald says:

      As someone who has lived in Northwest Arkansas their whole life, I assure you that places such as Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Conway and Little Rock are fully behind the medical marijuana movement, even most of the elderly in Bella Vista (a former retirement village that I lived near) are calling for it. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of the racist, backward thinking tea-baggers that are trying to shut it down because of the simple fact that they fear what they don’t understand. Humans are a tricky thing.

    5. Ken says:

      @BW such a fool, if you never start till everyone’s ready you would never start! As for backwards well I’ll let you show that side. and for some of the polls some were done by a Christen collage. Time will tell.YES on Issue #5

    6. jacob says:

      I’m with you Ken! I haven’t given up yet and neither should ANYONE!!! Let’s just vote this in and shut down these lowlife naysayers once and for all. THIS ABSOLUTELY IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ARKANSAS!!

    7. Bw says:

      It’s not that you should’nt start something, it’s that you jumped head first into something the majority of Arkansa voters are clearly not ready for. All these ass kicking defeats do is give the “naysayers” a clear message to other backward states that the “legalizers” are still the minority. Look this is just a difference in opinion in the end, all I’m saying is baby steps are required! The states that even have a shot start with some form of decrim to soften up peoples attitudes. I’d share your opinion, and if I lived there I would absolutely vote yes, but the numbers tell me someone did’nt prepare for this.

    8. Bw says:

      Sorry about the lack of another s there, but I’m sure you understand seeing as how you misspelled both Christian and college. Fool