NORML Election Night 2012 LIVE

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director November 6, 2012

    Tonight, we stand on the precipice of a historic shift in how our country handles marijuana policy. Three states (Washington, Colorado, and Oregon) will be deciding on full legalization of adult use, while three more (Massachusetts, Arkansas, and Montana) will be voting on medical cannabis measures. For a brief synopsis on all the marijuana initiatives at play tonight, consult our Smoke the Vote Guide.

    Below you will find our Election Night Live Blog. Starting early evening on Election Day, NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri will be posting live updates including the latest exit polling, first result numbers, information from our activists on the ground, and more.

    So after you’ve cast you’re own ballot and driven every friend and family member you can find to the polls, stay glued to this page for the latest news as it breaks. Tonight we can legalize marijuana, let’s SMOKE THE VOTE.

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    73 responses to “NORML Election Night 2012 LIVE”

    1. It’s time to wake up and admit you’ve been lied to, duped, conned into falling for the old bait-and-switch.
      Big Pharm companies want to keep you tied to their sick dependence!
      End the witch-hunt on our Creators’ wonderful gift to humanity: Marijuana

    2. Bud C. says:

      This is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. These three states are taking the logical steps forward in addressing our economic, health, and social policies. We are truly in the final days of prohibition, my friends!

      Warm thanks to NORML for helping us “stay up” on these political issues in real time!

    3. Dave says:

      Let’s make history !

    4. Bhonze says:

      Hey will AK’s MJ law allow visitors access to meds like some other states do?

    5. cutdog420 says:

      Im a hard working man who lives in wv who has never commited any crime broke any laws but still our government holds me with a felony for selling a little pot when i was 20 years old and im 37 now first time was ever in trouble and last but still cant vote or own a gun its. Bull shit i never hurt anyone have a good job make good money cant smoke pot on my. Own time because of drug testing its bull shit. Because i need it for my depression anxiety panic attacks and to help me sleep its sad dont wont to go to a doctor just to get put on a bunch of pills when all i need is a natural drug like weed that has never hurt anyone but its ok to take pills that kill people every day and destroy lives

    6. Chrischa says:

      legalize it greatz from germany

    7. Jeff says:

      I am very hopeful that CO and WA will pass their respective bills. And if the federal gov’t tries to interfere, those two states can take their respective cases to the Supreme Court, and hopefully win. But I hope the Feds stay out and let these states serve as laboratories of democracy, and soon the rest of the nation will follow suit.

    8. Im from washington st and the dispensaries are tell people out here to vote no they got my friend who is a MMJ patient thinking he’s getting striped of his rights , either way I voted yes my wife too

    9. Stevee017 says:

      Greetings from New York! I’m glad to see something finally being done about this prohibition! Smoking marijuana is frowned upon here and you are labeled a “scumbag”. Not only will this vote impact the drug laws nationwide but the public view of how marijuana really “is”. The majority of New Yorkers belive it’s an evil drug that ruins lives, and only junkies could dare try it. I hope to see the REAL facts about marijuana released to the public eye and hopefully see a change of opinion in such a conservative state!