Arkansas Voters Reject Medical Marijuana Issue

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director November 7, 2012

    Issue 5, which would have legalized the medical use of cannabis in Arkansas and made it the first southern state to do so, was rejected by voters in a projected defeat with 52% voting NO to 48% YES (with 73% of the vote tallied).

    NORML would like to thank all the dedicated activists and supporters on the ground in Arkansas who fought very hard for this initiative. We will keep you posted on future news regarding Arkansas and cannabis law reform.

    33 responses to “Arkansas Voters Reject Medical Marijuana Issue”

    1. jj says:

      as an arkansan i appologize for the majority of my state. myself and others close to me worked hard to get this issue on the ballot. it is a sad day for arkansas.

    2. jeb says:

      So is it over for AR on the medical legalized or they still counting ten percent the vote

      [Paul Armentano responds: Measure 5 trials 49 percent to 51 percent with 95 percent of votes counted, according to CNN:


    3. Evening Bud says:

      Hey Arkys! Nice try. At least you made an inroad into the South! Here’s hoping you succeed in your next try!

    4. Anonymous says:

      The people down South have always been shown to be the dumbest in the World .

    5. Anonymous says:

      This is a win any way you look at it. 48% in the most conservative state in the U.S. far exceeded my wildest expectations. Great job people. To me this is even more promising than the great news out of WA and CO. By the way Republicans won control of the state legislature last night so they would have nullified the new law even if it had won.

    6. mjfan says:

      how can you say that it is rejected with only a 4% lead and still 27% votes to count??

      i dont get it

    7. bud says:

      It’s a sad day for sick people in AR. Most likely the “red” turnout in the state killed MMJ. Soon it will become purple as even dumb ass republicans will start to see the light… maybe.

    8. ThinkBIG says:

      Sitting in California it breaks my heart to see Oregon and Arkansas patients suffer. I’m not so sure we are all that safe even in California.

      Why does it have to be like this? Even when you win, there’s still trouble. And it’s not like we are causing the trouble, it’s government actions preying on us, intimidating us, creating uncertainty. If we pulled the same crack raids thing on these government agencies’s pharmacies like CVS, Rite Aid, Wallmart, Kaiser, or Sutter, they’d call it domestic terrorism.

      How about raiding the medical schools?

      This is nuts.

      They now tie the 2nd amendment to cannabis, thereby breaking their OATH OF OFFICE.

      People are in pain and suffering, cannabis helps cut through this, keeping this illegal tortures people, so if you voted against this, you voted to TORTURE PEOPLE, people your neighbor, or your friend, or your family member. Yes this insanity is all the way down to brainwashed family ritual by way of years of disinformation.

      What would happen if Cannabis was not Schedule 1?

      Perhaps that is what this fight should be about. Then all folks suffering in all states could have it.

      Last thing I want to bring up here is Obamacare vs Cannabis. Don’t we technically (like in friggin common sense) have healthcare when we are medical cannabis patients? We’ve seen a doctor, although we don’t have a doctor on call 24/7.

      Another thing to think about is folks who have had no healthcare for 30+ years, and are chronic sick X,Y,Z because of it. They don’t work because of it, they don’t have money because of it, now suddenly when there is no hope as the rotten neglect has set it’s ugly path on folks, they legally have to buy a “widget” e.g. obamacare by law?! Are you kidding me? It may have taken someone 30 years of living in PAIN, to finally FIND cannabis recently, after not having a doctor. Things may be good for them because of cannabis and yet now, it’s illegal and you have to buy a widget instead. A widget which says, I CAN’T HELP YOU YOU ARE TOO MESSED UP

      IT forces the same sick folks to BREAK the law and go to underground sources at a time when everything is being spied on and exploited in the name of state secrets.

      Yeah this country has problems. My heart goes out to you Arkansas and Oregon. If the electronic vote machines didn’t get you, surely the media and rest of the jackals did.

    9. bj says:

      People are going to use MMJ legal or not, its a lose for Arkansas government.

    10. M. Asquino says:

      I’m from the Northeastern part of the US and work with many people from the southern US. I got to tell people reading this post who dont know anything about the south is that there’s alot of ignorance there, and let’s not forget the bible belt because this also is a factor. Now lets not forget racism here which I believe does play a factor no matter how big or small.
      I’m sure that alcohol consumption there is considered a non-issue but God forbid you are a marijuana user. Regardless to the fact that Alcohol has caused much more pain, death and destruction than the evil weed will ever cause. Arkansas residents who voted against should be ashamed of yourselves.