Washington Voters Legalize Marijuana

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director November 7, 2012

    Washington joins Colorado on this historic evening in passing their marijuana legalization initiative, I-502, in a 55% to 45% vote (with 50% of the vote tallied). The Seattle Times has called it a victory for I-502.

    The significance of these events cannot be overstated. Tonight, for the first time in history, two states have legalized and regulated the adult use and sale of cannabis. We now must focus on the important work of implementation and begin to encourage other states to adopt these rational reforms. NORML will have much, much more as we progress. For now, we would just like to thank all the dedicated activists and supporters who made this night possible. We SMOKED THE VOTE and will now enter a new chapter in the history of marijuana law reform.

    Marijuana prohibition might have not died completely tonight, but it certainly has been put on life support.

    63 responses to “Washington Voters Legalize Marijuana”

    1. Nick says:

      Oh..my…God! Not one, but 2 states legalize marijuana on the same night! This is incredible let’s keep it up!

    2. Ruben says:

      All we need now is for TX to pass this legislation here

    3. Anonymous says:

      We now must focus*

    4. Steve says:

      Congratulations NORML, as well as other supporters of this type of freedom, for the success you have accomplished.

    5. Joe says:

      Oh yeah

    6. phrtao says:

      Well done everyone -some hard work ahead but history has been made. You have given hope to millions around the world !

    7. Jacob Coppock says:

      I approve strongly

    8. Mike says:

      “now” not “know” 3rd sentence 2nd paragraph.

    9. Big Don says:

      Hopefully President Obama will move toward solving this state Vs Federal problem as well. A friend of mine who was a legal registered Marijuana Dispensary Owner her in California was stopped in Bakersfield, CA returning from a resupply trip, and busted by the California highway Patrol. When the County prosecutor in Bakersfield figured out my friend was not doing anothing against the law in the State of California, my friend was turned over to the DEA, and is awaiting trial on Federal Charges! That is about as close to “Double jeopardy” as you can get! Screw the Feds! Stay out of California’s Marijuana Industry! You can’t even stop the Cocaine and Heroin traffic you should be concentrating on!

    10. chrisvv says:

      WA state, please protect the freedoms and rights of your residents as we implement these reforms! Free medicine is now legal… lets become a leader in studies and medicinal uses!! I will have a biology degree soon and i would love to help our state become a leader in science regarding cannabis