Angus Reid Poll: Most Canadians, Americans Support Marijuana Legalization — Expect It To Be Legal Within Ten Years

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director November 29, 2012

    A majority of adults in both Canada and the United States believe that cannabis ought to be legal, according to a two-country Angus Reid Public Opinion poll of 1,005 randomly selected Canadian adults and 1,002 randomly selected American adults.

    In the online survey of representative national samples, a majority of Canadians (57 percent) and Americans (54 percent) support the legalization of marijuana. Sixty-six percent of those polled in both countries said that they anticipate that cannabis will be legalized within the next ten years.

    Respondents strongly opposed the notion of legalizing any other illicit substances besides marijuana.

    Respondents in the Northeastern region of the United States expressed the highest level of support for legalizing marijuana (61 percent), while those in the South voiced the least level of support (51 percent). Nationally, 65 percent those age 18 to 34 backed legalization; 49 percent of respondents age 35 and older did so.

    In Canada, men (64 percent) were more likely than women (50 percent) to call for the legalization of cannabis. By contrast, Americans’ support for legalization was nearly equally among genders (55 percent male support versus 53 percent female support).

    The Angus Reid results are similar to those of other national surveys — including those conducted by Gallup, Rasmussen, and YouGov — showing that more Americans now support legalizing the adult use of cannabis than support maintaining its prohibition.

    [UPDATE! A separate nationwide poll released today by CBS News finds: “For the first time since CBS News began asking the question, as many Americans now think marijuana use should be legal as think it should not.

    “Support for legalizing marijuana inched up slightly from 45 percent in September to 47 percent today. … Another 47 percent think it should remain prohibited. A year ago, a slight majority of Americans, 51 percent, opposed legalizing marijuana use. … While 51 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of independents support legalizing marijuana, 66 percent of Republicans oppose it.”

    It adds: “Eighty-three percent of Americans favor allowing doctors to prescribe small amounts of marijuana for patients suffering from serious illnesses, the poll shows – up from 77 percent a year ago and 62 percent back in 1997. A majority of Americans of all ages – as well as most Republicans, Democrats, and independents – favor allowing this.”]

    53 responses to “Angus Reid Poll: Most Canadians, Americans Support Marijuana Legalization — Expect It To Be Legal Within Ten Years”

    1. Anonymous says:

      I never voted but I believe marijuana should be legalized for recreational use.

    2. 10 years is a awful long time for something that is wrong right now!

    3. Chris in WI says:

      America, “F” yeah!

      And yes, Canada IS America too… Everyone in North and South America are Americans (seriously people in Latin America get PISSED if you call yourself American, like they are not).

    4. Dave says:

      And the reason we do not support legalizing any other “illicit” substance is because marijuana is not and never has an “illicit” substance. Some kind of mythological marijuana is a dangerous drug, but it doesn’t exist here in reality.

      And so, marijuana belongs in a different catagory where its non-illicit characteristics can be admired. Even legal gambling is moral failure and more illicit, while using marijuana is not.

    5. Bummer Oklajoma says:

      good mabe Mark will get to go home

    6. St. Nick says:

      We should be allowed to feel good even if it means smoking a drug. We want to enjoy life. Not live by other people’s standards. If you want to go after a drug, go after Crystal Meth, it’s ACTUALLY dangerous. Why not instead of saying no to drugs, say no to evil and/or greed? There are good drugs and bad. Marijuana is good. PCP is bad. Food is more dangerous than Pot: Eat for 12 hours straight a day and you’ll be dead in a year. Smoke weed 12 hours straight a day and you’ll live till you die of natural causes at 96 (unless someone murders you).

      Look how many good uses Weed has. And there are so few if any bad effects like laziness… Well, food tastes better so you eat more. Oh yeah, you COULD get arrested!!! That’s the worst thing.

    7. phrtao says:

      I think those figures for support may well go up soon. Many of those not in agreement with legalisation may not be that pleased with prohibition either. Many people are confused about this issue (which is understandable after years of propaganda) and are just being cautious – the maniac zealots are a small, but noisy, minority. Once people see legalisation working out (or even just not failing) those figures will rise for sure.

    8. Anonymous says:

      oh yeah!

    9. Joel: the other Joel says:

      The paranoia seems to vanish when the sweet smell of freedom is in the air.
      Keep voting for liberty and say yes to freedom.
      Cannabis forever!

    10. Judy says:

      Every single person I have ever talked to about legalization of marijuana, including those that have never even tried it, believe it should be made legal. There is no doubt there are a few people out there that want to keep it illegal since they currently profit from the way things are now but the hell with them! Those kinds of people are selfish and uncaring for their fellow man and should not be allowed to continue profiting from the misery of others.