Help Put White House Petition For Medi-Pot Prisoner Over-The-Top

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 9, 2012

    [Update: By 1:15PM (eastern) the 25,000th signature put this White House pardon petition for Chris Williams over the top. Thank you!]

    At the dawn of the cannabis legalization epoch that was ushered in on election night when the commonsense-minded voters of both Colorado and Washington elected to end cannabis prohibition in their respective states, let’s not forget that the criminal justice system in the United States is still chewing up the lives of another cannabis consumer, seller or cultivator every thirty-eight seconds in America (based on approximately 760,000 annual cannabis arrests).

    Almost 25,000 of our fellow citizens concerned with this kind of expensive and wasteful injustice have signed a White House petition asking President Obama to pardon Montana medical cannabis provider Chris Williams, who is currently facing a potential eighty year federal prison sentence.

    This presidential pardon petition is getting very close to the 25,000 signatures needed to be acted upon by the Obama Administration, please take a moment, sign the petition and send the clear message to President Obama and his staff: Stop arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating citizens involved in state-sanctioned medical cannabis programs!

    Thank you in advance!!


    30 responses to “Help Put White House Petition For Medi-Pot Prisoner Over-The-Top”

    1. fishcreekbob says:

      Thank you.

    2. john w says:

      Sorry everyone I have ended my crusade to fully legalize marijuana in the u.s.

    3. dp vanderford says:

      Its amazing the things obama hasn’t done.

    4. To President Obama and his Administration!! Stop arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating the citizens invoived in state-sanctioned medicl cannabis progams!! Sham on you and everyone in the Obama Administration!!

      Thank you in advance!!

    5. J says:

      We did it!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:11 central time

    6. Stony Alabama says:

      wow… i think it took less than an hour to get the last 150 signatures

    7. Christian says:

      The people who are ok with sentencing a non violent cannabis offenders to more prison time than a murderer should be thrown into a volcano.

    8. Anony says:

      NORML, you might want to post this like what cannabisculture did. It’s a new documentary titled “Breaking the Taboo” and it’s an hour long with interviews from Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and other top officials. It’s also narrated by Morgan Freeman and I was surprised at how well they made this.

      It released just in time to add the legalization of Washington and Colorado too! I really enjoyed it and its gaining a ton of views within a couple of weeks.


      Happy Holidays~ ^_^

    9. steve says:

      do what`s right mr. president

    10. Gweedo says:

      These online petitions are absolutely meaningless.