Free Viewing Of Important Documentary: Breaking The Taboo

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 19, 2012

    The producers of an important and well-received film documentary have contacted NORML asking for help to make as many free viewings of Breaking The Taboo as possible before the film goes into traditional theater distribution. Of the many documentaries in NORML’s forty two year-old archives, this SunDog Pictures produced film is a real stand out for it’s scope and breadth.

    The film, narrated by actor Morgan Freeman, has received a terrific amount of publicity buzz regarding the subject matter (ending the war on some drugs…) as well for three of the key people interviewed in the documentary: former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and current president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos.

    All three men went on the record acknowledging the failures of the current policies and favor substantive reforms, notably Mr. Carter, who favors cannabis legalization.

    This outstanding one hour documentary has already been viewed by nearly 470,000 concerned citizens from around the world.

    Spanish-speaking version (narrated by Mexican actor/director Gael Garcia Bernal) is available here.

    16 responses to “Free Viewing Of Important Documentary: Breaking The Taboo”

    1. mark says:

      Joe Biden is standing in Obama’s way. I hate to say this, but you all had better pray Biden neever gets to be president…..

    2. Robert Lee says:

      Yes Yes Yes Finally —- Brain Food

    3. sfm says:

      EXCELLENT movie !! Such a big truth between this documentary and “Reefer Madness”. It is not a war on drugs, it is a political war against the innocent.

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    5. Toni says:

      I am a die hard natural medicine proponent. However, I am having a difficult time sharing information about the benefits of cannabis oil in regard to cancer. The Steve Jobs stories and now Chong’s retraction that cannabis has only helped with his attitude while dealing with cancer has been thrown back at me with a vengeance. As for those who finally check out the links I share, they then ask where to obtain the oil, and voila! After dozens of internet searches,I don’t have an answer. Two questions: Where can I find real life accounts of REAL people who have successfully cured themselves thru the use of cannabis oil AND where can good quality oil be purchased? I am not a proponent of pushing an agenda without having verifiable proof that I am part of a solution v. being a member of the bandwagon. Thanks for your help. P.S. I am just realizing I am posting to a movie response. Sorry not tech saavy and have never blogged. Still hoping for 2 answers. Now – going to check out the movie.

    6. Timothy V says:

      Say its private ?? I will find it.

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