Hawaii: 57% Want to Tax and Regulate Marijuana

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director January 14, 2013

    New polling data, released this past week by the ACLU of Hawaii, shows strong support for marijuana law reform on the islands.

    57% of respondents stated that they believed marijuana should be “taxed, regulated, and legalized for adults” – only 39% were opposed. This is up a whopping 20 percentage points in support since they last polled the question in 2005.

    The survey also asked about the state’s medical marijuana program. An astounding 81% of respondents said they support the current law and 78% were in favor of passing regulations to allow dispensaries that would provide safe access to cannabis for Hawaii’s patients.

    As recent polling has shown, support for marijuana law reform is at an all time high in many states across the nation, now including the original home of the “Choom Gang” and President Obama.

    You can view the full survey here.

    22 responses to “Hawaii: 57% Want to Tax and Regulate Marijuana”

    1. wbs 101 says:

      I wonder if Obama has noticed this yet. I bet it will make him chuckle under his breath. I can’t wait to see what the next election holds for us I think it might be the last election for prohibition. 4 years is just so long though.

    2. Don says:

      They SAY there is nobody in Jail for just “Possession of Marijuana” THEY ARE CORRECT! They Changed the wording, NOW they call it “Drug Abuse”, that way it does not look like they locked up someone for just Possession, they don`t name any drugs now – It Creates too much controversy if they specify.

    3. phrtao says:

      I wonder what legal cannabis in Hawaii will do for American tourism in Amsterdam ?- lets see:

      A nice long flight to beautiful, sunny Hawaii (not even a foreign country) or a nice long flight to rainy, cold Netherlands (where English is not the main language of most people , the quality of weed is poor and it is still not legal). I live just 3 hours traveling distance from Amsterdam in Europe but I think I will be on my way to Hawaii or maybe Aspen for a little skiing very soon. Ive got a feeling that the the 2012 Cannabis Cup may have been the last one to be held in Amsterdam.

      Also Hawaii has the perfect climate for growing cannabis (“Maui Wowi” anyone old enough to remember that ?) – I can’t wait !

    4. […] NORML two more states! GA_googleFillSlot("RIU_Homepage_ATF_Right_300x250"); Hawaii: 57% Want to Tax and Regulate Marijuana 59% of Arizonians Want Marijuana Regulated Like Alcohol this song is awesome too! […]

    5. Jack says:

      Maine will be the next state to legalize (placin my bets)

    6. Fred Cash says:

      Urge Obama to take action without legislation to make legislation possible. Yes, I signed one a few months ago to Federally Legalize Marijuana, and this is my reply to their response. Please sign and promote this petition!

      What is unique about this current petition is that it lists specific actions that can be taken by the Executive branch WITHOUT legislation.

      Again, please don’t delay to sign ASAP and promote with URGENCY of the deadline of 2/10/13 to have 25,000 signatures!


    7. adam says:

      Interesting to see such a jump since 2005. Something is different about the two polls, probably.

      The catch is that Hawaii is still weirdly conservative in many ways and does not have a citizen’s referendum process. I expect that Hawaii will NOT legalize until after it is legal federally, or at the earliest after California. There is simply no way for voters to push it directly, so it must go through the legislature, which is by its nature a very conservative body (in that it does not wish to come into conflict with the feds, and is made up of elites).

      In other words, good luck with that, it would be a much more fruitful thing for NORML and other pro-legalization organizations to put the bulk of their resources toward states with citizen’s initiative processes like Arizona.

    8. Anonymous says:

      go to http://wh.gov/E09Y and sign this petition to let third party candidates in the presidential debates in 2016.

    9. burny says:

      Obama was just in Hawaii for a vacation.I wonder if consoled the choom gang while he was out there.Also remember that election commercial where he called kumar?I think he has been working on legalization but not trying to show it as much.Remember the man who got it made illegal in the first place used dirty underhanded means to do so.It is going to take some of the same to get it undone as well.