New Poll Shows Huge Support for Marijuana Law Reform in New Hampshire

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director January 16, 2013

    Polling data released this week by Public Policy Polling shows a large base of support for marijuana law reforms in New Hampshire. Not only is there majority support from New Hampshire voters for the medical use of marijuana and decriminalizing its possession, but more than half support regulating and taxing marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

    When asked if they would support or oppose changing New Hampshire law to regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol, where stores would be licensed to sell marijuana to adults 21 and older, 53% responded they would support this law and only 37% were opposed.

    62% stated that they would support a change in the law to provide for a fine of up to $100 without jail time or the threat of arrest for those who possess an ounce or less of marijuana and 68% support allowing for its physician supervised use. Even more enlightening, 52% stated an elected official’s support of medical marijuana made them more likely to support them.

    Fortunately for New Hampshire lawmakers, they have the opportunity to capitalize on this groundswell of support for sensible marijuana laws. Legislation has already been introduced to decriminalize the possession of marijuana and a separate measure has been introduced to allow patients to use marijuana for medical purposes. The incoming governor has even voiced her support for legalizing medical use.

    If you live in New Hampshire, you can use NORML’s Take Action to easily contact your elected officials in support of these measures. Click here to view our alert for decriminalization and here for medical use.

    You can view the full polling data here.

    66 responses to “New Poll Shows Huge Support for Marijuana Law Reform in New Hampshire”

    1. Kevin Bloom says:

      We have also introduced a bill to legalize Industrial Hemp, HB153, which will have its first hearing on Tuesday, January 22nd.

    2. John McClane says:

      Good polling data lately. Would be interested on updated numbers in PA, but things are still pretty dark ages here… also would like to know if PA’s bill will get a hearing.

    3. Seth says:

      This is awesome news. To learn a little bit about an ongoing effort to get liberty minded folks, most of whom are in favor of MJ law reform, to congregate here in the Granite State and effect real political and cultural change geared toward increasing human freedom, go to http://www.freestateproject.org/fsn4 .

    4. dontbelikect says:

      I applaud the voters for their sense. But don’t trust new england politicians. Look at the rules connecticut put on growers, $2 million in escrow, 100k in registration fees, 3 growers. Can you that CT lawmakers are in cahoots with big pharma.

      These actions are prohibitionist and this is mmj not legalized recreational weed..

    5. skunkyfingers says:

      It can’t come fast enough! Keep up the good work NORML CREW! A lot of States coming around. Every week or so it seems like another State is talking about legalizing in one form or another, be it medical, straight out, or decriminalizing. I’m so proud of our country finally heading in the right direction. Now if Obama would just step up and make an effort to push for re-classification of marijuana, then that would be awesome as well.

    6. Jack says:

      I contacted one of the key representatives in NH about marijuana. He feels very good about passing medical and decrim this year, as most people know because we already passed them but our old governor was an idiot and vetoed them (barely missed the 2/3s vote to override the veto). He is aiming for full legalization but I know they voted on it last year and only 1/4 voted in favor.

      I dont know exactly what can be done, but unfortunately I keep remembering that Coloroda and Washington legalized by the people voting in a referendum, also at the same time as the presidential election which probably boosted outcome. Will we be the first state whose politicians vote to change the law? I dont know. Live free or die, i guess.

    7. Jack says:

      ^^ On second thought I think Maine has the best chance of legalization this year, they have the ball rolling and the political favor.

    8. Jack says:

      Ugh… Maggie Hassan commenting on legalization, dodges the question to medical..


    9. Bryant says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the efforts of NORML and others. However, since when does a free man need the support of the majority to exercise his God-given right to use cannabis as a medicine or simply for recreation. Just because the majority strips a man of this right does not make it any less tyrannical. We should not need the permission of the majority to exercise our fundamental human rights. Admitting that we do compromises freedom. The majority does not rule. The law of God does.