Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in New Hampshire

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director January 29, 2013

    A group of five bipartisan lawmakers have introduced legislation to make New Hampshire the third state to legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana.

    House Bill 492 legalizes the possession of up to an ounce or less of marijuana and the private cultivation of a limited number of marijuana plants for adults 21 years of age and older. HB 492 would also allow for licensed commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana. Full text of this measure can be read here.

    Polling conducted in January of 2013 by Public Policy Polling reported that 53% of New Hampshire voters support changing state law to regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol, only 37% were opposed.

    Including New Hampshire, there is now a total of six states considering legislation to fully legalize marijuana. It is imperative that your elected officials hear from you in support of this measure. If you live in one of the six states (Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont) considering the legalization of marijuana for all adults, you can click on the appropriate link below and go directly to your state’s action alert. You can also click here to see if your state is considering any legislation pertaining to marijuana law reform.

    Tell Your Elected Officials to Support Marijuana Legalization!

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    44 responses to “Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in New Hampshire”

    1. Colorado supports freedom in New Hampshire!

    2. Sally G says:

      Ohio thinking about legalization

    3. liz says:

      your “click here” to see if your state is considering etc doesn’t have a link to click to

    4. liz says:

      whoops nvm

    5. Rithoa says:

      Looks like there could be hope for us East Coasters yet!

      Time to move soon?

    6. TheOracle says:

      This is exactly what we need, more states jumping on the money train. It makes the feds less likely to be successful. Oh, they may resist, but it’s all the more likely they’ll fail the more states getting on board with Mary Jane.

      Pennsylvania sure could use the money.

      Governor Tom Corbett is really fucking things up.

      I just hope that Senator Daylin Leach’s bill has all the expert testimony to counter the prohibitionist arguments. Counter the Gateway Theory, Hurts Children, and every other prohibitionist arguments and give expert testimony on applying the revenues to build infrastructure instead of raising prices on gas stations (which saves on what it costs you to fill your tank) and save the pensions and schools and give tax breaks to attract and spur business for more jobs, etc.

      If you don’t have that, you’ll have editors and opinion leaders and other old crows spewing the usually lies. I don’t what them to be cawing about anything negative to cannabis in the papers and on tv. The editors and opinion leaders should take their positions based on the facts of the pro-cannabis expert testimony. Leach is on the Judiciary Committee, and he wants to move it forward, unlike that screwing Senator Pat Vance gave us. You’re up against prohibitionist republicans, true believers that it’s the devil’s weed, good people for the most part who’ve fallen for the lies. You need to make a re-education campaign to address their fears, mistaken and outdated notions, replace Just Say No with a Colorado style slogan. Regulate and Educate. Strict Regulation, Fund Education.

      Look! Pay attention! I’m telling you how to orchestrate legalization in Pennsylvania. It could happen. The state really needs the money.

      Do I really need to think of everything? Really?

      Have the big city papers on board. Their editors will have to editorialize to get the smaller papers that fuck up and stick to the prohibitionist shit to reconsider and then publish in favor of cannabis legalization.

      Once you’ve created the echo chamber, just shut up prohibitionists, they’re going for the money.

      See what you can do with this. I contributed to Barry Busch directly way back when, sent the check to his cause. Rest his soul. Years later came the PA MMJ bill. I’ve opened up my wallet in the past for MMJ in other states, and I will contribute to the cause in Pennsylvania, too. They don’t call it the Keystone State for nothing. Which state will be the state that makes the feds tip in our favor?

    7. ben says:

      Important to get the legislators to vote on this, and then go hard after anyone who votes no.

    8. Closet Smoker says:

      The Feds should be addressing the cannabis issue soon. If they don’t, its gonna be like a overripe tomato, and go splat in their faces……

    9. Denny Strausser Jr says:

      It will be interesting following which States pass a change of law, and when. I knew once one state would do it completely, more would soon follow. PA won’t be doing it this time around, but will probably do it, as the State changes Governor’s. That’s not for another like, 2 years or something though. I could be wrong though. They might do it, just because other States near PA are doing it. I would love to see New York start legislation for a legalization measure. I have-a feeling,, they’ll wait till every State around PA Legalizes first. 🙁 Oh well.

    10. jage says:

      I love it states keep jumping aboard. One by one. I live in pa. and there is allot of rep. asswipes here. I hope this passes this year, not interested in moving anywhere. long live the bud.