Majority of Americans Think Feds Shouldn’t Arrest Marijuana Consumers, Growers, or Sellers in Legalized States

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director February 1, 2013

    According to a Reason-Rupe Public Opinion survey released this week, not only do a majority of Americans believe the federal government should not arrest consumers of cannabis in states that have elected to regulate it, but that view extends to growers and sellers as well.

    The poll, conducted from January 17th to 21st, revealed that 72% of Americans thought the federal government should not arrest users of marijuana in states that pass laws regulating it. The majority of them also believe this protection should extend to other aspects of the legalized industry. 68% of respondents responded that the federal government should not arrest growers and 64% said they should also not arrest sellers.

    When presented with the question, “Some people argue the government should treat marijuana the same as alcohol. Do you agree or disagree?” 53% replied in the affirmative and only 45% disagreed.

    You can view the full poll results here.

    28 responses to “Majority of Americans Think Feds Shouldn’t Arrest Marijuana Consumers, Growers, or Sellers in Legalized States”

    1. Frank Herrell jr says:

      Yes I will also agree the FED’S need to stay out of people’s buisness and marijuana need to be legal for eveyone to use not just medical

    2. Chris says:

      Each State should be allowed to regulate their laws by themselves; the federal entities should focus on the international worries.

    3. annonomous says:

      we did it! we finally knocked over that first domino!!!

    4. Aj says:

      What i don’t understand is if the federal government feels this way then shouldn’t the state government get into the same amount of trouble as the grower for taking the tax money obtained illegally according the the federal government.

    5. Dana says:

      just legalize it in all 50 states!!!

    6. mark b. says:

      YES!!!! That’s why I switched to the Libertarian Party. More Freedom Less Government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We pay taxes We need to be left alone.

    7. Joel: the other Joel says:

      The federal government need to trash out the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 and the DEA, but the federal government prevent that from happening by allowing the DEA the full entitlement and the supreme judge of those laws. Just like Homeland Security.
      It’s a virus created by madness and propaganda.

    8. Bhonze says:

      Legalize MMJ in Mississippi, call your SENATOR and REPS to support SB2369.

    9. Anonymous says:

      If you trace it’s roots you will see it is blessing , those who keep it illegal and lie to our youth should be the one behind bars 10 – life…..

    10. LawsAreWorldWide says:

      You guys need to remember the US has signed onto numerous treaties requiring Marijuana not to be used for fun. There are UN treaties for this!! International laws need to be respected, and end with the US doing whatever it likes to do regardless in a Cowboy mentality.