Skunk Magazine Publishes Extensive Feature on NORML

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 22, 2013

    Skunk Magazine, Canada’s premier marijuana culture publication, has published an extensive feature on NORML and its staff. The fourteen-page story features an excerpt from NORML Founder Keith Stroup’s new book, “It’s NORML to Smoke Pot: The 40 Year Fight for Marijuana Smokers’ Rights,” as well as extensive interviews with NORML staffers Paul Armentano (Deputy Director), Sabrina Fendrick (Coordinator, NORML Women’s Alliance), Erik Altieri (Communications Director), and Jil Staszewski (Membership Coordinator). Post-Election Day comments from NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre are also featured.

    This feature is a must read for those who wish to learn more about the day-to-day operations at NORML and the motivations and expectations of its full time employees. NORML has scanned and uploaded the full story, which is available for viewing here.

    10 responses to “Skunk Magazine Publishes Extensive Feature on NORML”

    1. Repeal the prohibitionary statutes.

      Then it’s over.

      Or just keep doing what you know hasn’t worked, isn’t working, and will never work.

      There is a reason that they’ve been at it for 40 years…they don’t really want it over.

    2. I was honored to have an article (discussing outreach and online activism) featured in this issue, especially since it was right after NORML’s article. I’m proud to know and work with such an awesome team of people!

    3. Miles says:

      I love NORML and all the great work you all do! Your perseverance in the face of extreme adversity is admirable! SALUTE 🙂

      History will be more favorable to NORML than it will be to our politicians (Most of whom have their heads buried quite deep…)

      Thank the Gods for people like Jared Polis. He is outstanding proof that not all politicians are self serving idiots (e.g. John Boehner and Patrick Kennedy)! I feel a very strong dislike for those guys… I believe that they, among others, are much more deserving of prison time than about half of the people that are currently in prison.

    4. bremtandrews says:

      It’s NORML to love Keith Stroup! Thank you friend.

    5. Jeffster says:

      Great article. Glad I could get to better know the full time NORML staff. Was surprised that there are only 6 of them. It makes me think of a famous saying I’ll paraphrase, never have so many owed so much to so few. Thank you NORML for all you do!

    6. HmmmSaysDavidHune says:

      You guys have done a yeoman’s job, working tirelessly and thanklessly, and you are finally seeing your efforts bear fruit. I agree, leadership is key. Perhaps others will try to steal the thunder, and act as saboteurs, but in the end you have the contacts, institutional relationships, and the communication skill that will keep you firmly poised as the Gold Standard for the movement.

      Others can take the low road. Stay the course… irrational, self-serving, combative behavior won’t move lawmakers or the public. Taking the high road (I hate the puns) will serve to increase your momentum.

      As the baton is passed to the next generation, these principles, no matter how heated others become, will serve to insert you further into mainstream views to the exclusion of the opportunists and self-serving.

      You’re the best. Always have been, always will be. Thank you for all your incredible work over the past 40 years.

    7. Harry Larrie says:

      Something stinks about all this .

    8. Dave Evans says:

      Just keep treating people like shit, because they smoke pot. Only hysterical people are afraid of marijuana. What about the children? What about them? They will have a better future when this corruption is gone from our society. Marijuana doesn’t corrupt, but evil one sided laws do!

      People seem to be just a little too dense in this country… We make fun of Russians and Chinese for their insane paranoia about freedom of information, but then our leaders insist our insane paranoia about marijuana is a “good policy”. Look folks, Insane is Insane. No one belongs in jail because they have a camera and no one belongs in jail because they own marijuana. The level of legally required insanity is the same. As are the government excuses for breaking the law and arresting the innocent.

      Why don’t our new laws about “conflict of interests” apply directly to this self-serving police action against marijuana? The laws sure are written so as to apply to all levels of government…? Maybe we should apply them to the “War of Drugs and Everyone Else”?

    9. Anonymous says:

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    10. James says:

      The reason marijuana is still illegal big steel,oil companies did’nt want Henry Ford
      growing a car.

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