Marijuana Legalization Measure Introduced in Oregon

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director February 26, 2013

    Legislation has been introduced in Oregon by the House Committee on Revenue that would legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana.

    House Bill 3371 would establish a regulatory system, similar to the one in place in the state for alcohol, for the cultivation, production, and sale of cannabis to adults over 21. Adults would be allowed to possess up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana and grow up to six plants in their homes, in addition to purchasing it from regulated retail outlets. You can read the full text of the legislation here.

    If you needed any further proof that elections have consequences, we now have a total of seven legalization bills pending in state legislatures, whereas we rarely had even one in previous years. The voters in Colorado and Washington set the ball of legalization rolling down hill and it seems unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

    If you live in Oregon, please click here to quickly and easily contact your elected officials in support of this legislation. If you don’t live in Oregon, click here and see if there is any pending marijuana law reform legislation in your state.


    In November 2012, two states legalized marijuana. Help us win the rest. Consider making a donation to support NORML’s advocacy work today.

    73 responses to “Marijuana Legalization Measure Introduced in Oregon”

    1. Nathaniel says:

      4/2/13 Public Hearing and Possible Work Session scheduled. Now that is real progress. I am kind of jumping out of my seat a bit just writing this =) We have a real shot to turn the tide here and make leaps and bounds against this ridiculous fight against a plant.

      Freedom isn’t free, it cost folks like you and me, and if you don’t throw in your buck’0’five who will?

      I have put in my buck’0’five…have you? Write your reps today and support this bill.

    2. Nathaniel says:

      OREGON ALERT: The House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on April 2. The committee did not issue a recommendation on the measure, but sent HB 3371 to the House Revenue Committee for further consideration. Committee Chairman Representative Jeff Barker stated, “This bill is going to be moved to Revenue, where it’ll have the substantial policy debate. There’s no sense having everybody spend all day today or longer here talking about it when it’ll actually be dealt with down there.”

      It is imperative that your Representative hears from you in support of this measure, particularly the members of the House Revenue Committee. Click here to quickly and easily contact your elected officials and to get the direct contact info for members of the Revenue Committee.


    3. Janet says:

      What will happen to all those people who are card holding growers? They depend on the sale of their crops. Will the government then tax them, so that good growers that you know and trust, who grow excellent marijuana, will be so taxed that it won’t be viable for them to grow any longer? That’s my concern.

    4. I for one have been smoking marijuana for over 50 years. I was arrested once in Boise Id in 1970. I’m sure the us government has done studies on how to legalize and tax. They were probably told by tax people and so called experts that taxing would be very difficult due too private growing. Control would be a lot harder then tobacco and alcohol. These facts along with the DEA’s huge lobby against legalization due to losing a load of funding if the weed was legal makes Governmental approval almost impossible. We have to find a way the feds can tax it easily without everybody going crazy on grow your own mode if it was legal. If the Feds can get their share it would easily pass muster.

    5. Robert says:

      I have no issue with marijuana being legalized as long as it is taxed the same as alcohol and tabacco. fair is fair and marijuana is a recreational thing so it should be taxed.

      I truely believe that billions of dollars are wasted trying to erradicate something they can never erradicate so why not turn it into a positive.

      I believe the pro marijuana people have made a grave mistake in oregon thru the years by not seeing the the big picture and if they would introduce a measure that was acceptable to the masses then marijuana would be legalized here in this state.

      I believe if marijuana supporters would introduce a measure that made it legal and taxed with a guarenteed 70% of the tax earmarked for K thru 12 schools the tax payers of this state would welcome it.

      the liquor controll commision could oversee its controll and make sure taxes are collected and dispersed to the proper places.
      they could make it so that if you want to grow your own that you can buy a permit per plant that has the tax built into the cost of the plant, then also have retailers that sell to the general public the same way they do with liquor stores. they also must have severe penalties for those that do not adhere to the law and pay taxes and permit fee’s

      I believe that marijuana supporters do this and it will work for everyone in this state and a measure will fly right thru

      I know a lot of marijuana supporters will scream bloody murder about this post but fair is fair and we all know the medical marijuana system we have now does not work, there is more marijuana on the market for non car holders then there ever was and the reason behind that is because the amount each card holder is allowed to grow far exceded what they could possibly smoke in a year and the growers keep the excess and then it makes it to the streets. we now have professional growers that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in untaxed money if we end this abuse and make a measure that is fair to every side in this delima then I believe the whole state will profit from it, after all what is most imoprtant to the people of this state is school funding and tax relief.

      if marijuana supporters would offer what I mentioned above I would be willing to bet it would pass in flying colors

    6. cas says:

      at the tax rate [proposed is a joke and thats one main reson it wont produce but a short term money grab.1st 35.00 a oz tax is 560 a lb.well if u can get 800-1000 $ lbs.now…then the dispencery has to sell 2600-3600 $ lbs. L.O.l.so yes ur other post is correct.a trickle tax,better than none at all,but the numbers are a joke still 6 plants ,outside get you ez 30 lbs.ups ur over again ,so now i get to sell it to my buddies for a third of what dispenseries charge,hence ,grey market stays.

    7. Robert says:

      are you nuts janet? yes they should be taxed the money they sell that for is income and I do not know a single person in this country that isnt dependant on their income. why should dope growers be special and exempt from taxes? I dont care if its medical or not they sell it for way more then it could ever cost to grow so they make a profit you can not lie good enough to convince me it costs $1000 a lb to grow pot it just isnt reality

    8. Tricia says:

      I attempted to click on the areas where I could go to contact my public official and it does NOT allow you to go to there from the article.

    9. cas says:

      joke!cost of growing !ez 1k per /plant,and thats if u grow on ommah land.and that does not include any other costs. #1 if u got to babysit ur garden all season 6 mo. lets say. well then ,I want to be paid like a senator ,6 mo. o 90k. AND ITL COST U 60 K TO GROW ON SOMEONES LAND ,NUMBERS CAN not run xactly for every grower cost will be differernt,Write offs.when tobacco says OK then itl be legal .END PROHIBITION IN USA

    10. Dave says:

      As a Grower all the numbers being tossed around at random are just that random and based on guesswork and speculation.
      I would love to pay a reasonable tax to test and LEGALY sell and safely distribute not just raw marijuana but Oils, Concentrates and edibles to responsible adults and even pay Fed income tax on the whole thing But I feel as well as funding schools a portion of the tax should fund law enforcement who can then focus on Meth, Heroin and the drugs that hurt people and communities. As for the numbers, Fair is Fair let the market set the price just like wine, beer or Tabaco.

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