Reddit Cannabis Community R/Trees Celebrates 420,000 Members With NORML Fundraiser

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director March 8, 2013

    One of the internet’s largest cannabis communities, R/Trees, is closing in on 420,000 members. To celebrate, they graciously offered to run a fundraiser to benefit National NORML’s work towards legalizing marijuana across the United States.

    You can purchase one of their special edition shirts by clicking here. Proceeds go to benefit National NORML.

    At 2pm EST R/Trees will also be hosting an online Q&A with NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri. Click here to tune in and submit your own questions on marijuana law reform!


    NORML would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all the good “Ents” over at R/Trees for putting this effort together. Be sure to check out their online community here.

    22 responses to “Reddit Cannabis Community R/Trees Celebrates 420,000 Members With NORML Fundraiser”

    1. Question: So when will Indiana make it legal for me to grow my own, Medical Grade Marijuana?

    2. bobby brown says:

      NEVER, Indiana loves god and guns and conservative hogwash……move to a better state….(speaking from experience….currently in Indiana) lol

    3. Gweedo says:

      Dude… this is awesome. I too am a proud Ent and member of /r/trees. While shit over there can get a bit juvenile, I am very glad to see that they are throwing some of their power (and sheer size in number) towards NORML. Thousands of cannabis consumers, most of which are capable of using pretty decent grammar. Can’t hurt.

    4. Growly Didge says:

      Maybe I’m high but I don’t understand the shirt

    5. enokone says:

      *most of whom

    6. Old Hippie says:

      Nugs and hugs for NORML!

    7. Gweedo says:

      @Growly Didge, as for the t-shirt, the /r/trees community refers to cannabis as “trees,” as they are both green, and they also sometimes refer to it as “pineapples” due to the similar shape of the top of a cannabis leaf and the top leafy part of a pineapple. That’s why there’s a tree and a pineapple on the shirt.

      @enokone Thank you, grammar is important. I should have known better, but I was extremely tired when I wrote that.

    8. GSC says:

      @Gweedo Saying r/trees is “a bit” juvenile is a massive understatement. It’s basically post after post about “420 hur hur I’m sooo stoned hur hur munchies hur hur.” That is the full extent of r/trees’ knowledge of cannabis. It’s a joke.

    9. Troubadour says:


      While I agree with you, their humor is juvenile, I still think it’s important to respect their support and their contributions to the cause. They represent our younger demographic, and we need to value them. For the sake of the future votes they will contribute and for their (hopefully) continues monetary support.

    10. Nathaniel says:

      Wouldn’t consolidation of all of us strengthen our position? Is there somewhere all of us can begin to congregate? Be it here, Reddit, or the ASA website?
      The issue with the internet is everyone is everywhere, whenever they want to be. In order to move forward on this front we need all interested parties to be seated in on arena.
      Additionally, how many of you are at local meetings trying to assist those in your area to push this agenda forward? Get involved, get excited, and stay positive: We are on the cusp of ending mary-jane prohibition.