Celebrate the Dawn of Legalization With a Limited Edition NORML Shirt!

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director April 12, 2013

    On Election Day 2012, Colorado and Washington residents voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana. In the months that followed nearly two dozen states have introduced countless bills to reform marijuana laws locally, including an unprecendent ten measures that would legalize marijuana outright. In Washington, DC, more measures than any previous year have been introduced to roll back the federal prohibition on marijuana.

    On April 20th, 2013 celebrate our recent victories and support the ongoing fight to bring these reforms nationwide by buying one of these limited edition NORML t-shirts, available exclusively during this year’s high holiday. Proceeds go to help NORML in our mission to legalize marijuana in the other 48 states!

    Together, we WILL legalize marijuana.

    Click here to pre-order your shirt today!

    19 responses to “Celebrate the Dawn of Legalization With a Limited Edition NORML Shirt!”

    1. somedood says:

      It isn’t the dawn of legaliztion till I can buy a bag of white widow in NC…

    2. Andrew says:

      how can i buy the tshirt

    3. Matt says:

      Somedood: When it is legalized, then it will be the day of legalization, dawn is before day. NORML is simply implying that the day is coming.

    4. Deborah Dills says:

      NC Keep pushing your legislators to legalize and decriminalize pot. Here is the state of NC info to help push for the laws you want. Write them, call them, hound them.
      ** NC NORML is ready to bring medical marijuana and other reforms to our cannabis laws to North Carolina. Contact us for information on setting up your own regional chapter.
      Alexander Bumgardner, President
      Robert Dalton, Vice President
      Alexander W. Bumgardner, Treasurer
      Nathan Henderson, Vice-Treasurer
      Jon Kennedy, Secretary
      P.O. Box 5451
      Charlotte North Carolina 28299
      United States of America


      And if you don’t get anywhere-then move to Washington State where you can buy pot legally, and if you go to a Marijuana Doctor in WA, get your MML, then you can legally grow up to 15 plants in your home personally for your meds. We order our seeds -Feminized Autos-from a seed bank, and they come right to our home. Our grow tent we bought on-line

    5. Miles says:

      Here in Virginia, if I wore that shirt in public I could expect for the police to question me and maybe even try to get a warrant to search my car and house in hopes of finding something to bust me for.

      For now, Virginia still treats your average cannabis consumer as if they are real criminals and I don’t see anything changing anytime soon here.

      It’s a real nice shirt though.

    6. GoesFurther says:

      The chances of legalization here in Texas? I expect it to happen about 5 years after our right wing legislature bans going to Church.

    7. maggie says:

      In the state of tennessee same thing. I have shirts from northern california that i cannot wear here. people should not live in fear of losing everything because of silly, outdated laws. prefer just making a donation.

    8. burny says:

      Legalization is going to happen pretty much everywhere.Once the fed says legalize,you have to figure that there will no longer be the incentives for local law enforcement to make arrests for this plant.If they are not going to get paid for arresting tokers,and the money to put them in prison has to come out of their own pockets,it is over!

    9. Anonymous says:

      Maybe a little premature – but as the Ancient Egyptians believed – if something is written down it is more likely to become true. We should not underestimate the power of T-shirts in modern culture – it was a form viral marketing long before social media was even thought of.

    10. Marilyn Greene Campbell says:

      One of the high points of loosing everything is that you can wear any shirt you want. “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose”.
      I know this by personnel experience.