Washington Post: Can We Prescribe Medical Marijuana To Kids?

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director April 25, 2013

    In another positive sign of the times for cannabis law reform, please find below a new video from the Washington Post’s The Fold looking at a couple of different situations where parents faced the legal-moral dilemma of whether or not to follow a physician’s recommendation for their young child to use cannabis as a therapeutic. Dr. Ben Whalley From Reading University in United Kingdom is interviewed about his recent cannabinoid research into the use of pediatric cannabis medicine for children, for example, suffering from epilepsy. As a twenty plus year reader of the Washington Post, it is very hard for me to imagine prior editors (and publishers) who would have assigned and widely broadcast a piece that looked at the potential health benefits from cannabis (meaning that as the World War II generation, informed by their government-created ‘Reefer Madness’, that largely ran the storied newspaper until recently has had to logically yield and defer to a decidedly more cannabis-informed generation of Baby Boomers and younger).

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    1. HmmmSaysDavidHe says:

      History will regard camnabis Prohibitionists, the quasi-scientists who ensure its continued stigma and practitioners of medicine who rely on their parroted training all as murderous oppressors, motivated purely by ignorance and moral superiority. They will be placed in the same bin as Eugenicists, witch burners, Stalinists, and others who willfully used language to oppress, cause death, repress truth, and kill, whether by act or abetting, whether willful or passive.

      How much longer will society wait before we eschew those who are motivated by evil intent?

    2. Sad Billy says:

      We will never have peace without truth. The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. You are the plant of kindness.

    3. Julian says:

      My nephew has Chrone’s Disease but was busted by his parents smoking pot and now he’s losing weight and suffering again. He says the side effects from the prescribed drugs are so bad he’d rather die from the symptoms of Chrone’s disease than continue to take another pill.
      Meanwhile Michelle Leonhart, Director of the DEA, testifies before Congress that marijuana is not a medicine. Meanwhile, President Obama passes another drug budget that spends more on drug enforcement and “inderdiction” (whatever THAT is… I’d like to put THAT on my invoices…) than we do on treatment and prevention. Meanwhile, cops, the DEA, legislate marijuana and spend millions to disqualify marijuana as legal medicine or hemp as an industrial crop while Congress passes the buck.
      Well no more.
      Sign this white house petition;
      and let’s get to the root of the problem. Cops shouldnt write law! If Congress can’t do their job, we’ll find one that can!
      Go POT Go!

    4. burny says:

      Clevland,The govt sold the patent 6330507 to kannalife.They are a major contributor to NORML.

      [Editor’s note: Kannalife is not a contributor to NORML, let alone a major one and there is no public record indicating that the federal government has sold any of the patents it is seeking regarding cannabinoid research to private investors.]

    5. burny says:

      Breast milk contains many of the same cannabinoids as cannabis in all mammals so is it ok to give it to children?

    6. burny says:

      I just read your editors note and I’ll give it to you.Kannalife reached an agreement to commercialize the patent with the govt.

    7. KYle says:

      You can’t patent a chemical. You have to patent the manufacturing process.

    8. michael says:

      I’m 30 I’ve had epilepsy since a child. I wish I could have had it then. Knowing how much it helps now.

    9. B. says:

      I’ve also had epilepsy since childhood. I have experienced everything from fractured vertebrae, broken both my two front teeth, busted my head open, and so much more due to seizures. For years I had these seizures daily. I tried marijuana as suggested by one of the best neurologists in the states. That was well over fifteen years ago and I have not had one waking seizure since then. I still have them during sleep on occasion but I’m no longer bed ridden while trapped in sleep for days on end afterwords. I’m able to wake up the morning after still retaining my strength, get my kid ready for and to school as well as myself to work. I wouldn’t have believed it myself had I not experienced it first hand.

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