New York Times OpDoc: A True Satire Of The War on Some Drugs

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director April 27, 2013

    While there is nothing genuinely funny about a seventy-five year prohibition on cannabis that has arrested over 25 million cannabis consumers, making fun of the failed policy never goes out of style, especially when done right, with aplomb, which the NORML staff occasionally highlights on an otherwise serious-minded public policy blog.

    While over a week-old it would seem a crime itself not to share this New York Times so-called OpDoc (where videos rather than guest columns are submitted). The Gregory Brothers, a quartet of video artists from Brooklyn, absolutely skew the disparity between American society’s hypocritical legal vs illegal drug paradigm.

    They accomplish this by very humorous employment of auto-tune and eye-rolling use of politicians’ own words about the now near universally acknowledged failed war on some drugs.

    Check out former Congressman Ron Paul, New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey governor Chris Christie (with intentional help from Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes of ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ fame) sing in a way, about a subject matter, they surely didn’t intend t00 when they opened their mouths and spoke the truth about an unpopular public policy (which, ironically, is what elected policymakers are supposed to do in democracies).

    You can watch the video here.


    14 responses to “New York Times OpDoc: A True Satire Of The War on Some Drugs”

    1. Ben says:

      That is badass.

      Pass that along too

    2. Galileo Galilei says:

      Well done! Lots of fun.

    3. Somedood says:

      The link doesn’t work for me. 4/28/13 1:50 pm eastern time.

      [Editor’s note: Link is still live…]

    4. Cat Cassie says:

      Great video and so true. Thanks for posting it.

    5. Rob says:

      the Times has removed this, they must not want the TRUTH to get out

      [Editor’s note: Link is still live…]

    6. Miles says:

      This video is really a great way to showcase the absolute stupidity that our nation’s leaders show regarding marijuana! The fools cling to the belief that cannabis has no medical value and that anyone using it is abusing it and should be fined and locked up.

      To all you politicians that think that way: “Screw You – Hurry up and die”.

      I know it seems harsh, but that is just how pissed off I am at this bunch of overpaid jerks!

    7. somedood says:

      How many people would not want Michelle Leonhart to shove a baseball bat up, well, somewhere.

    8. The truth will set you free.

      Thanks NORML

    9. Dave Evans says:

      Miles, that is hardly ‘harsh’. These assholes will throw anyone under the bus as a way of promoting themselves. Talking shit about Pot heads is just an easy sell thanks to all the brain washing (truth abuse).

    10. bobwv says:

      Harsh huh. That girl on the news with flesh eating bacteria. Did they rub thier hands in glee with every body part chopped off. The videos I’ve seen of childrens lives saved and they say let the little bastards die.

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