Marijuana Legalization Initiative Falls Short By 4 Votes on Maine House Floor; Senate to Vote Soon

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director June 9, 2013

    On Friday, marijuana reformers recorded the closest vote for a legalization measure on the floor of a state legislature in recent history.

    Rep. Diane Russell’s LD 1229, which would place the question of legalization before Maine voters this fall, was narrowly rejected in a 71 to 67 vote. We only managed to get this vote so close because of the outpouring of support via phone and email that Representatives heard from their constituents. Never doubt the power that making you opinion known to your elected officials has a very quantifiable effect.

    The good news is that the fight for legalization in Maine still isn’t over for this year. Representative Russell just informed us that she intends to continue the fight for legalization to the floor of the State Senate. The Senate will vote on LD 1229 as soon as Monday.

    [UPDATE: Unfortunately, Monday’s Senate vote fell short: http://bangordailynews.com/2013/06/10/politics/state-house/maine-senate-opposes-sending-recreational-marijuana-question-to-voters/. The Senate defeat ends the legislative effort for this year.]

    15 responses to “Marijuana Legalization Initiative Falls Short By 4 Votes on Maine House Floor; Senate to Vote Soon”

    1. Douglas says:


    2. TheOracle says:

      Cancel the vacation to Maine. I just heard that flushing sound. Looks like it was the plan for all those tourist dollars that went down along with the plan. Guess Maine doesn’t need the money they got so much of it already.

      It’d be nice if they could find out what people want in exchange for more votes for the legislation.

      Then it’d be like Maine, we got moose, lobster, the Kennebunkport Bush compound and WEED! Come and visit. We’re conveniently located on the East Coast so you don’t have to drive all the way to Colorado, or even farther Washington. We’re Maine and we got WEED!

    3. Paulpot says:

      Wow, if they legislators are this close to voting for legalization the end of prohibition must be close at hand.

    4. Dennis King says:


    5. Greg says:

      This fighte to leaglize marjana is getting absurd, the state, n country are broke, n the gov, doesn’t realize that legizatione would be a huge income for the state n country, n if the government,want to make thing eleagle then start with tobacco n cafene, so u can see fighting to stop legizatione is stupid n dome, n the state will stay broke! and i will get my smoke somewhere else, with no tax! So think about it, is it that bad,

    6. Denny Strausser says:

      I truly thought it was going to pass.

    7. Galileo Galilei says:

      We don’t want the voters voting on something like this. That’s not democracy. It’s dangerous. Such a reckless approach to government could change everything!

      It could be the end of the world as we know it.

    8. Maineiac says:

      It IS the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine… 🙂

    9. Ruben says:

      I Hate Being Opressed !

      Why do people act as if just because marijuana is illegal their kids won’t use marijuana ?

      All prohibition does is make it so that if and when they do want some marijuana it’s more likely for that person they get it from to be either a gang member or somebody who also sells hard drugs or both.

      Why must marijuana have to have medical benefits to be legal but the poison alcohol can just be legal ?

      Why do people try to blame marijuana as the gateway drug but not alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, energy drinks, caffeine, etc. and why don’t they look at the types of situations people are in, the people that they hang out with, or their personality traits for the cause.

      How come people don’t seem to care about the many side effects of prescription drugs but are scared of the natural plant cannabis ?

      Why don’t people understand that legalizing marijuana will reduce the drug cartels’ profits ?

      Why does society accept tobacco products but not the safer cannabis ?

      Why do people who hardly ever or never use cannabis act like they know so much about it ?

      Why do some people think that just because they don’t like or use something that nobody else should ?

      Why is it so bad for people to recreationally use marijuana because it makes them happy, relaxed, more aware and enlightened ?

      Marijuana should be legal before alcohol and tobacco because marijuana is far safer and better.

      Why don’t people give a F about freedom anymore ?

      If people don’t defend people’s simple civil liberties like cannabis freedom then it sets the precedent for more of their own freedoms to be taken away.

      Why is it acceptable to buy and advertise the poison alcohol everywhere but you have to get a prescription from a doctor and pay for a medical card every year to get cannabis or not be able to get it at all in some states ?

      They try to boast like America is the “Land of the Free” but you can’t even grow a plant !

      The only state you are allowed to grow cannabis is Colorado but you can only grow 6 plants !

      They don’t care that alcohol destroys their brain, muscles and liver but a natural herb scares the daylights out of them.

    10. Cat Cassie says:

      @Ruben, You said it all and covered everything. So sad isn’t it? Maybe someday freedom will be restored to all of us.