National Lawyers Guild Calls For Ending Cannabis Criminalization

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director June 26, 2013

    The criminalization and prohibition of cannabis has been an abject failure and should be ended as a federal public policy, according to the findings of a new report issued this week by the National Lawyers Guild.

    States the report:

    “The NLG believes that ending the prohibition of cannabis would offer multiple benefits. Legalization would help transform the marijuana industry … into a stable regulated one. It would significantly reduce infringements on civil liberties and lower the arrest and incarceration rates of people of color. Changing the criminal status of marijuana would lower the costs of law enforcement and protect people from entering the criminal justice system. Finally, legalization would remove restrictions currently impeding [the] study of medical marijuana and allow more users to acquire treatment if necessary. Each of these goals is consistent with sound economic, criminal justice, and public health policies.”

    The authors of the report recommend rescheduling cannabis from its present Schedule I illicit classification, revisiting the United State’s involvement in international drug control treaties, and ending the practice of civil asset forfeiture by law enforcement agencies. The report also call for the passage of additional statewide legislative and initiative efforts depenalizing marijuana use and possession.

    Full text of the report, “High Crimes: Strategies to Further Marijuana Legalization Initiatives,” appears online here.

    30 responses to “National Lawyers Guild Calls For Ending Cannabis Criminalization”

    1. Galileo Galilei says:

      Geez! First the conservatives started coming around. Now it’s the lawyers who profit from our suffering.

      What the hell else is it gonna take, Washington?

    2. Ben says:

      “Legalization would help transform the marijuana industry … into a stable regulated one”

      vs the clugey, unreliable, unaccountable, untaxed, machination which generally only profits the enemies of society.

    3. john says:

      The only thing marijuana illegalization does is protect the black market. Keeps drug lords in power. Why do we live in a country that does this I have not a clue.

    4. Austin Mackey says:

      If marijuana is scheduled as it is now and bumped down to schedule 3 i wonder how it will effect eveyone. I mean if Americans found out that the government was lieing about the medicinal purposes of marijuana, then what else are they lieing about? I want it to be legalized and regulated and i think they should do it slow so the kids on the street dont go trying the other schedule one drugs just because ‘marijuana wasnt so bad’

    5. In the book “A Better America” it talks about legalization and the amount of money our government waste on the war on drugs is explained. If you have ideas about the best way to start and regulate the legal marijuana business, share them on http://www.leedavisamerican.blogspot.com
      Instead of complaining, the goal is to collect the best ideas to make our country, A Better America. Colorado and Washington should be proud for taking the first steps. Those of us in the drug war states are looking for guidance on the best way to proceed.

    6. Miles says:

      It often seems like everyone except the Feds want to see marijuana legal and regulated; and that includes thousands of Doctors!

      The only exceptions outside the Feds are those who are brainwashed by propaganda or are too predjudiced and ignorant to consider any alternatives to mass incarceration.

      Come on President Obama, what are you waiting for???

    7. Weed The People says:

      No Victim, No Crime.
      Call Your Representative & Tell Them So.

    8. Miles says:

      @Weed The People – What do you suggest when our Representatives represent only themselves and ignore us?

      All to often that truly seems to be the way things work in this country!

    9. Gary says:

      Lawyers, Doctors, Mayors and even some smarter washington types realize the waste of billion$$ has us in a worse state than when it started.
      The drug war is a farce that hurts otherwise law abiding citizens.

      And those winning? Big pharma and those receiving monies to “fight” the “war on drugs”.


    10. johnny d says:

      Remember when Barry said the government ‘had bigger fish to fry”in referance to addressing the legality issue? Well, things arent getting any easier for ole Barry in Washington….My guess is that Obama will pass the buck,and stick Hillary (yep, shes the next shu in)with making a decision….by that time, Barackster will be firing up the ole Choom mobile,and writting his book…