Today: Marijuana Debated at Aspen Ideas Festival (12:20PM)

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 1, 2013
    In what should be an interesting debate today at the Aspen Ideas Festival today at 12:20 (eastern) Drug Policy Alliance director Ethan Nadelmann is debating former DEA administrator Asa Hutchinson.
    Youtube has live stream starting @ 12:20PM (eastern)
    Having debated Asa numerous times, and having worked with Ethan for twenty years, this is a decidedly unfair debate as Ethan has forgotten more about cannabis policy than Asa will ever know, and Asa brings all of the enthusiasm and intellectual commitment to the debate as a corporate lawyer. His m.o. of  parroting DEA-provided talking points is what I find so disappointing ‘debating’ Asa.

    Having cannabis legalization debated at this venerable Aspen Institute forum is another socio-political ‘tea leaf’ indicative of the mainstream discussion underway to reform cannabis laws.

    22 responses to “Today: Marijuana Debated at Aspen Ideas Festival (12:20PM)”

    1. Miles says:

      Ethan Nadelmann is a real American hero in my humble opinion. I believe history will be very kind to him. As for Asa and the so-called drug-czars, history will bury them in a similar manner as Hitler!

      The biggest difference between Ethan and Asa is that Ethan is more like Mother Teresa (e.g. caring, intelligent, compassionate) and Asa is more like the Nazis (e.g. do as I say whether it makes any sense or not or we’ll put you away).

      I continue to wonder what it will take to get people like Obama on board with legalization; besides a huge pile of money… One would hope that simply doing the right thing would be enough.

    2. MajorRoadRage says:

      That is complete bs. This president does NOT uphold our constitution by defending PRISM.

      That statement carries no weight.

    3. MajorRoadRage says:

      Treatment leads to the assumption of addiction for lawmakers. That is how this got illegalized to begin with.

    4. David says:

      Well spoken Mr. Nadelmann. It seemed the other sides rhetoric was just that rhetoric.

    5. QuaxMercy says:

      High hopes dashed – no new ground broken. I thought Ethan let Asa off too easy around the health issue. Asa dropped in the reference of “medical use” as cover for eventual legalization, citing as well teens minimizing “dangers” when it can be used as medicine. Well, in fact, it is a health benefit, whether you’re eating raw hemp seed, or raw bud. Asa & Kerlikowske as well don’t want this discussion even though it is exploring the facts, the truth of the matter – and it’s just preposterous that discussion of the issues should be limited in America.

    6. johnny d says:

      Drug Czars……………why is it that the people appointed to such posiions,are the people who know the least about ‘drugs’? I have an ongoing challenge that says your typical 5th grader knows more about drugs than oh, lets say Michelle Leonhart….all this used to bother me,but if our government wants to keep cartels in business, and minorities incarcerated at ridiculous rates….NO PROBLEM BARRACKI…Im like every other US citizen that has no problem finding an ample supply of yummy weed,and no fear of retribution…..HILARIOUS!!

    7. Delgato says:

      Conservatives doesnt want it legalized because it creates more bureaucracy…thats infuriating.

    8. Dave Evans says:

      There are two main types of individuals which into this “Nazis” personality type. We probably should try to avoid calling them nazis, as the nazis-folks probably have the same disorders. Otherwise compentent people that display traits in common with Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder and Histrionic personality disorder. Someone most of us know that displays all three: Ann Coulter. And she has made millions selling people her special blended brand of craziness.

      The drug craz-folk tend toward the Obsessive-compulsive personality and Narcissistic personality disorders. We need to figure out how to keep people with these traits from positions of authority. They literally don’t understand you have rights too!

    9. John Bradley says:

      One idea they did not bring up is if the U.S. does set a world standard, this is another reason for legalization. My wife is from Taiwan. It would be terrible if I forgot a joint in my suitcase (from local travel) and it was discovered upon my arrival in Taiwan customs. I really don’t want my finger nails and head chopped off. We should show the world what reasonable reform is. People around the world should not be chopping peoples heads off for this.

    10. Donna says:

      Hmm the history of Marijuana with no mention of Nixon? Well researched…