Allowed: Cop To Lobby For Marijuana Legalization

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 5, 2013

    In St. Louis, Missouri Sgt. Gary Wiegert has been given permission by his chief of police to become an official lobbyist in the state to legalize marijuana for the non-profit organization Show Me Cannabis.norml_remember_prohibition_

    While there are hundreds of former law enforcement officers lobbying with the non-profit group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), having a currently employed  law enforcement officer being given the ‘green’ light by their command to lobby for marijuana legalization maybe a first. Regardless, it most certainly will not be the last!

    Article appeared from the AP in the Kansas City Star:

    ST. LOUIS — St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson has reversed course and will allow a veteran officer to moonlight as a lobbyist for a pro-marijuana organization.

    Dotson wrote to police Sgt. Gary Wiegert on Tuesday saying his request for “secondary employment” will be allowed.

    Wiegert filed a complaint earlier this year with U.S. District Court claiming the department violated his First Amendment rights to free speech for refusing to allow him to lobby on behalf of Show-Me Cannabis.

    Wiegert worked for three years as a lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party. In February, he submitted a new application to the department. The application did not require him to state for whom he would lobby. It was approved but revoked after the department learned Wiegert was lobbying for the pro-marijuana group.



    42 responses to “Allowed: Cop To Lobby For Marijuana Legalization”

    1. xDIRTYSOUTHx says:

      Hundreds of thousands of people can’t pass a piss test. Get these stupid laws that support prohibition out of here!

      Way to go Sgt. Wiegert and LEAP!

    2. Brett says:

      Even if its just medical use, there would be so many benefits.

    3. I am ex law enforcement in the state of Texas and we should be able to let our voices be herd no matter what law enforcement agency you work for or worked for I support the legalization of cannabis and hemp I am disabled and can benefit from cannabis. Thank you!

    4. Galileo Galilei says:

      When I was busted, I noticed subsequently that the officers involved seemed to have opinions that ran the gamut from sorry-we-bothered-you-in-your-home to must-be-a-dangerous-sociopath-to-be-watched-out-for.

      It took them six months to decide to arrest me, but the cop waited until I came home rather than walk me out of my workplace with handcuffs on. They were not all so considerate.

    5. Ben says:


      Thanks to team NORML and the efforts of others, things are finally breaking down in favor of right!

      PLEASE examine, sign and support, and make known this:


    6. Miles says:

      I think that most of us know that there are both good and bad cops out there in the world.

      Well, as far as I’m concerned, Sgt. Gary Wiegert is one of the very best for showing the courage it takes to speak out on this issue.

      Sgt. Gary Wiegert – SALUTE!!!

    7. BobKat says:

      Way to go, Sgt. Weigert and thank-you!

      Use of a plant like cannabis that has many therapeutic advantages and benefits, along with decades of “safe experimentation” by hippies and millions of other types, should not cause the individual who uses it, grows it or sells it for an others benefit, to fear for their life, personal liberty and safety by law enforcement UNLESS, they are actually hurting others! Or about to hurt others, including animals and property.

      Time to end the insanity of cannabis prohibition, and regarding medical cannabis? You can get Oxycontin, Xanax, Prozac, morphine, and even cocaine and much more with simply a prescription… have people seen what’s required for a medical marijuana card in many states? It’s an abomination of our rights as citizens of the country and quite unnecessary. That kind of governmental control of it’s citizens is way over the top.

      It’s a psychological and physical burden the states feel they have the right to enact, and they’re supported as some people do benefit, and we don’t want to rock the boat.

      Cannabis is an herb and the DEA is not a branch of the government approved by the US Constitution. It is a dept. of the federal government it’s job, as well as the ONDCP is to enforce laws that are scientifically and realistically viable, of which cannabis is obviously not viable in the sense of being the public danger the laws in this country make it out out be. Simply put, it’s safer than fermented grapes, hops or smoked tobacco, and without a doubt safer than the result of prohibition in the form of synthetic cannabis, bath salts and rope (choking games).

      I’ve been a member of LEAP for 5 years… they are legit!

    8. Cleveland green says:

      Way to go brother
      This is how a civilized society becomes a Utopia
      The flower has so much potential
      To help us get along with one another.

    9. Voice of the Resistance says:

      Thanks Sgt Wiegert, you’re the kind of officer we need on the streets.

    10. Bob Constantine says:

      When cops join LEAP, they are taking a sideways step towards decency. However while they join LEAP and continue to arrest people for self ownership, they are placing a higher value on obedience to a stupid law than to doing the right thing.

      The solution isn’t to “tax and regulate” or “do your job” when the doing of it is morally wrong. The solution is to leave people alone that don’t harm others. To tax and regulate a plant assumes that none of us own ourselves and we must have “permission” to do so. THAT flys in the face of freedom. Fuck taxing and regulating freedom ,fuck getting “permission” to own myself.