Former President of Mexico: End Marijuana Prohibition Now

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 17, 2013

    Our friends at High Times scored a really provocative and informative interview with Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, where Mr. Fox demonstrates both a wide range of knowledge about the need for countries like America and Mexico to end cannabis prohibition and forward-looking vision about the need for regulation and tax laws similar to alcohol products.

    Mr. Obama and company, when your own Partnership for a Drug-Free [sic] America is left little-to-do but inane surveys indicating that American parents do not want cannabis marketed to their children when it is legal and the former president of the country where America’s failed war on some drugs has caused the most social upheaval, street violence, political and law enforcement corruption…maybe you should start listening and acting upon their recommendations.

    Just saying…

    35 responses to “Former President of Mexico: End Marijuana Prohibition Now”

    1. Daniel says:

      Too bad the coward couldn’t speak up when he was actually relevant. I hate these people who suddenly recognize the evil of prohibition when they are no longer subject to reelection. This guy is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem. He should not be glorified for basically saying, “I knew there was a problem, I had the power to fix the problem, but I didn’t do it, I waited until my power was gone, and I was insignificant, and now I am going to tell you about that problem.” No, he shouldn’t be recognized, or applauded for that, he should be ridiculed and scorned.

      [Editor’s note: Apparently you don’t believe in redemption, even for politicians. C’est la vie. However, thankfully for cannabis law reform, mature professionals are engaged with Mr. Fox, not spiteful idealists.]

    2. Growyourown says:

      Best video I’ve ever seen by a very knowledgeable politician! Truer words about cannabis prohibition and its destructive effects have never been spoken by a former President. GOD bless you, Mr. Fox. May your message be incorporated far and wide!

    3. AZTECA says:

      Chente you got the right mentality, lead the way..

    4. Cat Cassie says:

      I like what he says but I wish he would have said it when he was President. He must have been paid mega bucks from the US to say NO! Just like President Pena is being paid now?

    5. ceil420 says:

      @Editor: Fox can redeem himself by getting more involved than giving a High Times article. He’s talking the talk, but can he walk the walk? Not anymore, as he’s fucking retired, and can do piss-all for our struggle now…

      [Editor’s note: “Retired”? Maybe from Mexican politics, but Fox is part of consortium of business leaders looking to enter the cannabis business…he has also taken part in conferences and panels with other world leaders condemning cannabis prohibition. He has given numerous print interviews, but having a pro-cannabis publication interview a former president of a major American neighbor who favors legalization on camera is progress by definition, which is worthy of praise and further investigation not condemnation and bile.]

    6. Daniel says:

      It is not a matter of redemption for politicians. A politician can have redemption, up to a point anyway. What cannot, however, are continuing failed policies which have absolutely ravaged one’s nation, lead to tens of thousands of deaths, and are completely contrary to the purpose of government. No, Mr. Fox sealed his legacy during his Presidency when he failed to take the opportunity to pursue the policies he is now espousing.

      [Editor’s note: How does change happen if people are condemned for changing? While Mexico’s drug war is more overtly violent than America’s in the last 5-6 years…America’s war on some drugs is far, far larger and more pervasive then Mexico’s. If the previous living American presidents came out against cannabis prohibition, would you attack them too for not ‘doing the right thing’ when they were in power? Or, would you see it as obvious progress and an indication of people’s ability change?

      Attacking people, notably political leaders, for the change you want to see is short-sighted at best, at worse it is political ineptitude.]

    7. james says:

      Better late than never I guess. These ex-presidents never seem to say it when they have power…

    8. Zack Dryer says:

      Sadly some of the Presidents of other countries are held back from speaking out from fear of and intimidation from the US government. I admit that they probably do take the money anyway but when someone says,”do what we say and we will give you millions or don’t and we will kill you and starve your people out of the global economy, which, we run.” Which do you think a majority of people will do? If you stand up for what you believe in they just have the CIA hack your car or the Army send a drone your way. The revolution is coming I think, and weed will be legalized under the reclaimed American government. 2014 people, last chance to do it without blood in the streets, get ready, get angry, and take back America. Don’t let it be close enough at the polls for them to fudge the numbers. Fall on every voting center in swells and wash away the filth in Washington, Dem, Repub, and the fence sitters alike. NO INCUMBENTS 2014! NO WASHINGTON ROBBER BARRONS 2014! NO CORPORATE SLAVES 2014! lets get real Americans back in charge of America. Let’s crowdsource campaigns and through the power of the internet and block corporate interest and money out. Lets take to the information highways and stage huge viral campaigns to promote and air debates run by the People instead of the Washington lap dog media. Let’s use the tools we have to take back the country and fix it. Don’t every one of us know someone we would rather be in charge than the thieves in Washington; let’s put them there and then when the crazies have been run out of control, we can finally legalize this miracle we call Cannabis.

    9. Anonymous says:

      Vicente Fox, made so many fabulous statements and observations throughout this interview.

      My favorite was near the end of this clip,when he said: “Prohibition started right from the garden of Eden”… that’s fing genius,because that has been the role- that governments have trying to play throughout the centuries, through the use of propaganda and the media, for a long time now.

      ”I am you’re selfish Old testament God’: Don’t eat that apple,it’s mine all mine,and on top of that,,, you are now a criminal for disobeying You’re property is mine,sink or swim, you simple witch.

      No different than the 16th century!

    10. ceil420 says:

      @Editor: Cheers for the link. You say that having the former Mexican President speak out in such a manner is progress, and it really is, but it’s a toddler’s tiptoes compared to what he could have done a decade ago. Why is it that only after they leave politics do these politicians finally take our sides? They could do so much more for us in office than out. Fox’s words carry far less actual weight these days, and those of us making the complaints that we are do so out of frustration of this fact.

      Yes, it’s nice to have his support, and yes, it looks better to the right to have Fox speak for our cause than, say, Willie Nelson or Snoop Dogg. We all just wish he had seen the light when he could still effect real change…

      You ask in another comment if former USian Presidents would similarly earn our ire. I’ll answer you here that yes, if Clinton or Carter came out and finally said “legalise it”, it would irk me. Every soldier in our war is a boon to be sure, but we need active generals on the front lines, not retired war heroes getting whimsical about a battle they were on the wrong side of.

      Vincente Fox, thank you for your support. I’ll thank you a lot more if you can get Nieto to make this realisation *before* he leaves office!

      [Editor’s note: Rather than damn reformed prohibitionist politicos ‘wishing’ what they ‘could’ have done, is it not better to 1) work with former world leaders who support reform and 2) NOT to elect politicians who favor the status quo regarding cannabis prohibition?

      BTW, you must not understand Mexican politics very well as Mr. Fox and Mr. Nieto are from different political parties.

      Do American presidents take totally different policy positions because their predecessors disagree with them? Does Obama do Bush’s bidding? It is unrealistic to think that Fox is going to convert or persuade the current Mexican president, who is from a rival political party.]