Marijuana Legalization Advocates Return to Independence Mall This Friday for Smoke Down Prohibition VII

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director July 24, 2013

    This Friday, Philly NORML and The Panic Hour return to Independence Mall in Philadelphia for the seventh installment in their monthly protests against marijuana prohibition.

    From the organizers:

    “After six successful rallies, The Panic Hour and Philly Norml return with the seventh edition of Smoke Down Prohibition.

    We ask you to join us and peacefully sit-in at The Liberty Bell to stand up against cannabis prohibition.

    This time the rally will be on Friday, July 26th and we will be gathering for the event at 4:20pm. Meeting location is Independence Mall at 5th St and Market St.

    Click here for more info and to RSVP”

    Speaking on the evolution of the Smoke Down events, one of the primary organizers, The Panic Hour’s NA Poe stated, “Although I will not be able to attend the protest in person, it brings me great joy that so many people are planning to stand up against marijuana prohibition by sitting in with us at the liberty bell. As Smoke Down grows and evolves, we will continue to use a blend of comedy and direct action to combat the absurdity of Cannabis prohibition.”

    Chris Goldstein, writer for Philly.com and Philly NORML Board Member, encouraged legalization supporters to join the protest and push for an end to the war on cannabis. “Marijuana will be legal when everyone who consumes it for medication or recreation raises their voices to the federal government,” Goldstein said, “It is a privilege to participate in ‘Smoke Down Prohibition’ at historic Independence Hall in Philadelphia. This is the only monthly event in America focused on legalizing cannabis and keeping pressure on the federal government. We will keep it growing.”

    Learn about the new “sit-in” format and what to expect from the seventh Smoke Down Prohibition by watching this video created by the organizers:

    YouTube Preview Image

    We hope to see all of you by the Liberty Bell this Friday!

    31 responses to “Marijuana Legalization Advocates Return to Independence Mall This Friday for Smoke Down Prohibition VII”

    1. Vape Forest says:

      This is an interesting idea. Hopefully a lot of folks from the Philly area show up for this “Smoke Down Prohibition” sit-in this Friday. If you’re in the area, get up and go!

    2. phrtao says:

      Great event and I am sure the aroma of marijuana will really get people’s attention – you can ignore noise, banners and people but not smells. I make the same point I always make – that cannabis does not have to be about smoking and going forward I would prefer smoking not to be thought of as the de facto way to consume cannabis. Sometimes I think a protest without smoke would actually create a better impression with the non-cannabis using public (they are the ones we need to convince after all).

    3. AndyUK says:

      I’m sort of with phrtao on this. Do you really think sitting there smoking is going to achieve anything other than getting you guys arrested? Why not protest legally, make noise, speak to passers by, show them you are RESPONSIBLE adults, trying to make a difference.

      How do you think it would look if you were all sat there drinking beer? I know it’s different, but many members of the public – those who we need to get on side – don’t see it that way.

      We need to professionalise somewhat if we really want to make progress.

    4. Christopher says:

      Everyone must of heard of the latest news that Colorado Springs has banned entry of retail pot shops into the city. Moderator of posts please give me knowledge of the almost 40 other towns who are banning retail shops also. It will be greatly appreciated thank you. I still am in disbelief that Colorado Springs has chosen to ban retail shops. I actually just moved from there and I never thought in a million years they would be one of the towns banning medical marijuana shops. I know I have repeated myself but please get me the list of those towns… Thanks again Paul!

      [Editor’s note: As of June 13, according to NYT article, citing the Colorado Municipal League, 36 cities have passed bans and 25 more have moratorium against allowing retail sales. CO Springs is the largest city to date to join them. If past serves as prologue vis-a-vis Alcohol Prohibition, cities and counties that initially ban sales will allow them in time because that is what their citizens want and the govts want the tax revenue.]

    5. Christopher says:

      Correction not banning medical shops from Colorado Springs I meant to say “retail” shops….. My correction on that for the above post!

    6. g.g. says:

      I totally agree w/the above 2 comments. Smoking weed during a protest to get it legalized, starting w/Medical patients,defeats the seriousness of how badly it is needed for those in pain & disease.This is not time for reaction;it needs to be taken seriously. For this reason I would tell every1 to put their weed away and keep it hidden during the rally. Getting arrested is stupid;it makes every1 appear to be there to party; this is the opposite. It’s not party time, it’s time to get the State & Federal authorities to see the benefits of marijuana for PTSD, chronic pain, cancer, bowel disease, MS, etc. ONCE it is legalized for illness, the next step is for recreational use. This should be used away from children, at home/with friends/etc. I find the “smoking” behavior at a rally silly, embarrassing, and hypocritical of the seriousness of this issue. Please keep your pot hidden during the rally! GO get high by yourself or w/friends later on. Out of public eye, away from children, etc. Thanks.

    7. Mac says:

      Id would be there in a heartbeat, too bad my business will go to shit if I can babysit them all the time. Ill be there in spirit!!

    8. TheOracle says:

      I’m with phrtao and AndyUk on this one. It’s great civil disobedience if you can afford to take that risk, i.e. not having to worry about losing your livelihood. Smoking reinforces the argument prohibitionists often use against the legalization of medical marijuana because they think it’s the only quick way of medicating if you don’t want to eat or drink a cannabis consumable. Better than smoking is vaporizing, that is if you can get your hands on the type of quality necessary for it. Nobody wants to bother trying to vape shwag. Some vaped weed can still get you off if you smoke it, depends on the temperature distribution/quality of your vaporizing & how you set it.

      You’ll be lucky if the news teams bother to show up at all.

      If you were allowed to march in the various televised parades in Philly, you could get some free publicity without smoking. I mean, since you don’t care if people see you getting arresting on tv and in the newspapers then the same people will probably love not smoking and not engaging in civil disobedience and getting the message out without the shock value to–I’m hoping–a much larger audience/chunk of the public.

      What does the city say about pro-cannabis groups in parades? Got any cannabis Mummers clubs playing songs having to do with the sacred herb? That speaks volumes when you even got Mummers promoting cannabis.

    9. phrtao says:

      The whole thing smacks of rebellion and cannabis needs to be disassociated from rebellion. We need to let people know that cannabis users are ordinary decent people (in fact better than ordinary people) and not a threat to society. I hope protestors remember this and behave cordially to members of the public wherever they may be protesting.

      Good Luck to those who protest – I wish you every success
      (I am in personal need of legal cannabis medicine !)

    10. Jim Rogers says:

      This is all about the Pursuit of Happiness in the spot where our Founding Fathers inspired the meaning of the words. I think it’s unfortunate that today’s politicians lack the vision to see what Legalization could mean to both the Economy and the People.
      I plan to attend!