Tomorrow: Will Uruguay Be First Country To Legalize Marijuana?

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 30, 2013

    [Update: House of Representatives have in fact moved the cannabis legalization legislation on to the supportive senate for likely passage. More to come!]

    As soon as tomorrow afternoon votes are expected in the Uruguayan House of Representatives which will cast the country into the lead to become the first country to official end cannabis prohibition.

    The country’s president, José Mujica, and the ruling party in the Uruguayan Senate, Frente Ampli, are also public supporters of replacing cannabis prohibition with a state monopoly on cannabis commerce.

    Since President Mujica’s public support for legalization was made public in Uruguay last year, a concerted effort to reform the country’s cannabis laws has been underway featuring national TV ad campaigns: with well produced ads featuring mothers, doctors and lawyers.

    For more info about efforts to legalize cannabis in Uruguay, contact the Drug Policy Alliance coordinator for South American, Hannah Hetzer: +59891855163 hhetzer@drugpolicy.org

    [Paul Armentano updates: Uruguay’s lower house late Wednesday night voted 50 to 46 in favor the bill, sending it to the Senate which is also expected to endorse the measure. Read the full story from the New York Times here.]

    46 responses to “Tomorrow: Will Uruguay Be First Country To Legalize Marijuana?”

    1. truthmatters says:

      U go U Uruguayans!

    2. cannahuana says:

      Uruguay 😀

    3. adyblers says:

      Thats next years holidays sorted! 🙂

    4. Evening Bud says:

      Come on Uruguay, show the world the way.

      This time, ironically, if what I read last week was correct, it’s the politicians who are ahead of the people on this issue: a poll showed the majority of Uruguayan citizens opposing legalization, and the country’s president and senate for it! A strange world we live in. But I’ll take legalization either way.

    5. Paulpot says:

      If they can do this it will not take long for it to become obvious that the sky will not fall.
      Once we have an undeniable precedent, other nations will begin to follow.
      Prohibition is about to fall like a Berlin Wall.

    6. Drumswiper says:

      Been thinking of a winter trip down there.

    7. Cannaboy says:

      Hooray Uruguay!

    8. mikethehortdude says:

      Marijuana is already legal in N. korea and Iran among others. Uruguay is not the first but way to go amigos!!

    9. David Evans says:

      Folks, a state run monopoly on marijuana is still a corrupt, retarded model. Licensed growers or just personal grow amounts for individuals are all that is needed. Why this layer of government control on the sales end? Seems like a very bad idea–as though they want it to fail!?

      Turning the government into “drug dealers” is not what marijuana is about nor should it be.

      What am I missing that might make this a good idea?

    10. Rastabiz says:

      A Part of the law says that Uruguay will not become a Marijuana Tourist haven.. since only people native to Uruguay will be able to purchase herb.