VA NORML Adopts a Highway

  • by Sabrina Fendrick September 3, 2013

    A huge congratulations is due to NORML’s state chapter in the Old Dominion.  Last week, Virginia NORML joined the ranks of the the Kiwanis Club and the Cub Scouts when they posted the first NORML “Adopt-a-Highway” sign in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  And while they didn’t get highway 420 (located in Alexandria), they did get a nice segment in Northern Virginia west of the DC beltway, and just 20 miles north of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  The Northern Virginia regional affiliate, NOVA NORML has organized the first clean up to take place Sunday September 29th, 2013 at 11am.  Volunteers will be meeting near Dulles International Airport, at the corner of Woodland Rd and Severn Way.  We encourage all NOVA supporters to come out and get involved.

    VIRGINIA STATE CONFERENCE:  In addition, Virginia NORML will also be holding a statewide conference on Saturday October 5th near the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, Va.  It will feature well-known experts in cannabis law and policy, as well as longtime Virginia marijuana activists. Speakers include the associate director of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse (1971-73) and secretary of the first National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse (1975-80), Richard Bonnie (professor, University of Virginia), former National NORML executive director Jon Gettman, and current Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis (libertarian).  Conference tickets and additional information available here.

    18 responses to “VA NORML Adopts a Highway”

    1. Linda Merchant says:

      this is awesome.it’s about time all states let them help.

    2. Galileo Galilei says:


    3. Matt S says:

      already bought my ticket!

      I can’t wait for VA to start fitting in with the rest of the world, god knows people (including myself) need it.

    4. WhippersnapperKd. says:

      Yay, Virginia! Let’s do this! If we can do it then ANY state can!

    5. Haxes says:

      Though it’s a really cool thing for them to do, I really hope the media doesn’t turn it around by associating it with drugged driving. As rediculous as it would be, it wouldn’t be the lowest they’ve stooped.

    6. phrtao says:

      A really great thing to do – It shows marijuana users can be decent, hard working citizens who care about their community. Too many negative stereotypes still exist and initiatives like this will help to dispel them.

    7. Mike says:

      VIRGINIA! It might be small but this guy if fighting 2 real shitheads and is making some inroads on their turf. Send him a like and a few bucks. http://www.robertsarvis.com

      Here is a quote from /issues
      I propose legalizing marijuana in Virginia, decriminalizing harder drugs, and adopting a rational, evidence-based regulatory policy.

    8. JAY says:

      I think normal came out of the Earth Day movement in the 70’s

    9. Anonymous says:

      Somebody from NORML needs to adopt hwy 420 ‘stoney ridge’ in Ohio.

    10. Miles says:

      To all Virginians – Please vote for Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis if you ever want to have cannabis legal in VA!!!

      He is the only candidate running for Governor who has shown any semblance of intelligence on this issue, Voting for him, even if he doesn’t win, will send a message to the prohibitionist candidates!

      Cuchinelli and McAuliffe both seem to want to continue the status quo of rounding us up and locking us up,