Support for Marijuana Legalization Blooming in the South

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director September 5, 2013

    It is often said that the South will be the last region in the United States to take up marijuana legalization, but, as support grows nationwide, it is becoming evident the southern states likely won’t be left behind.

    Polling data released today by the ACLU of Louisiana revealed that 53% of Louisiana voters supported regulating marijuana in a manner similar to the models approved last November in Colorado and Washington. Only 37% were opposed and 10% were not sure.

    Hopefully state politicians are paying attention, as it seems advocating for marijuana law reform will also win you support from voters. 49% of respondents stated that they’d be more likely to vote for a lawmaker who advocates for reducing marijuana related penalties.

    You can read the full survey here.

    53 responses to “Support for Marijuana Legalization Blooming in the South”

    1. Vape Forest says:

      Would have been surprised if the South lagged behind with their own regulation. It seems as if the states who have not enacted policies will quickly adopt the policies of other states, as this is something that the majority of the population appears to want. Those unsure need only an adequate education from organizations like this one (NORML).

    2. claygooding says:

      I am disappointed in Obama’s lack of legislative action on MMJ but I have to also admit,,by laughing at us in the first public interactive Whitehouse statement that “Growing our economy was not the right way to go”(IIRC)spurred me and a lot of other advocates to redouble our efforts to end this insanity.

      He then turned it over to the bully boys and let them handle it in their bully boy fashion and now even people that don’t smoke marijuana hate them….that is the way I see it Vern.

    3. RUT says:

      BEING FROM FLORIDA I HOPE IT COMES TO BE! The southern states have law enforcement as a large employer. I fear where they will focus this large force they have built up with the war on drugs next, on some other misguided adventure they can cook up. I Pray they will wake up down here. Our currant AG likes the pot is bad propaganda so arrest all evil doers.

    4. PotinSC says:

      Plenty of tokers in South Carolina, just most are afraid to admit it, since it is illegal! Who wants to write a letter to the Editor of the local newspaper and then have the cops at there door.

    5. james becnel says:

      Do not leave out the south in these times of change.I’m a 30 yr old male that don’t smoke but is all for the leagelize of marijuana. It will be a grate economy boost and make thousands of jobs for our state.Don’t Leave Us Behind!!

    6. Sharon Ravert says:

      The South is ready!! The Southern Strategy is working! Unite America!

    7. closet smoker says:

      The state of Lousyanna is a politically backwards state. Politicians in that state typically only do something new when it has some sort of profit in it for them. Remember, this is a state with private prisons and state reps who made jokes and sucking sounds the last time any cannabis reform was mentioned in chambers.

    8. Anonymous says:

      As a louisiana resident with a disability. That the use of cannabis would help immensely. I can only hope that our state goverment can come of fits archaic views of cannabis and give the ppl what the are asking for.

    9. Don Berry says:

      This is happening faster than we would have imagined just a few years ago. To me it’s proof that the underlying rationale for marijuana prohibition is finally being seen for what it is–official paranoia.

    10. Joel: the other Joel says:

      The spirit of New Orleans will become fully complete again after surviving many years of various types of prohibitions. People would actually enjoy listening to jazz rather than to have it as a commercialized background music. It will be a real trip going to the wax museum under the influence of your favorite strain of cannabis.