NORML Advances to Round 2 of Super Bowl Ad Contest

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 25, 2013

    Thanks to NORML members and supporters who pushed NORML’s proposed Super Bowl ad in an ongoing Intuit ad contest to the number one position. This morning, Intuit informed us that we have advanced to Round 2 of the contest. Entries who are deemed finalists from this round will be informed on October 29th.

    We can put marijuana legalization before the masses at this year’s Super Bowl, but we still need your help. You can click here to vote for NORML’s entry (Note: You can vote once a day).

    Click here to vote for NORML’s Super Bowl Ad!

    “NORML would like to thank everyone who voted for our entry in Intuit’s contest. Millions of Americans now believe that it is time to legalize and regulate marijuana, winning this contest will help put that message in front of millions more,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “As a non-profit with a small staff and limited budget, we would greatly benefit from this contest just the same as any of the other small business entries. One would argue that NORML would benefit even more so than many, as our brand is looking to broadcast a truly national message and bring to light an issue that directly and adversely impacts countless thousands in our country every year. We hope Intuit will give NORML the same fair chance as any other entrant. Our victory would be a win for all parties involved: Intuit gets lots of media coverage and good will for themselves and their contest, FOX would bring in hundreds of thousands of new viewers who would otherwise not watch the Super Bowl, and NORML gets to take our message about the tragic failings of marijuana prohibition to the masses. Keep voting and we can make marijuana law reform the topic of discussion at watch parties across the nation during the big game.”

    Our entry has caught the attention of mainstream media around the country. NORML staff have conducted dozens of media interviews in the last week about Intuit’s Super Bowl Small Business Ad Contest, to wit:

    USA Today 



    Advertising Age

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Seattle Pi

    Including this humorous (and spot on) news video that is being shown nationwide on selective TV stations:

    One of the organizations competing in the online vote, NORML, a national lobbying organization working towards the legalization of pot. Yep, we can see the first commercial for the legalization of marijuana during the Super Bowl.

    How dare they right? The Super Bowl is an American institution, a family friendly event, brought to you the makers of beer and junk food and male enhancement pills. How could they let such an atrocity happen? Well, it’s quite simple hypocrites…alcohol induced deaths in 2010? More than 25,000 people, heart disease? Over 780,000. Erections lasting over 4 hours…the jury is still out. But pot? Zero, nada, zilch, zip. Ever.

    It is time we stop wasting an estimated 10 billion dollars per year on the enforcement of marijuana laws. It’s time we stop putting people away for the recreational use of a natural product that has legitimate health benefits.”

    30 responses to “NORML Advances to Round 2 of Super Bowl Ad Contest”

    1. closet smoker says:

      I have voted every day since it was posted, I would love to see this happen!

    2. M says:

      Voting everyday and spreading the word. We can make this happen.

    3. Nobody says:

      1 – set it as my homepage – so I vote everyday

      2- personally, I think the commercial needs to be entirely redone.

      The points it makes are good, but… it doesn’t have any really hard hitting emotion
      the data is thrown out rather quickly-
      whereas it should be a visual overlay
      something people watching the game can actually catch

      and it needs a catchy phrase/tune
      something that will stick with the viewers
      so that they are humming the tune and referencing the phrase after the game

      something like
      ‘dut dut dut dut dutttt I’m lovin’ it’
      (which is crap, but excellent advertisement)

    4. loud only plz says:

      I just voted and will spread the good word! 🙂

    5. lockedoutofmyshed says:

      …no, nothing cornball..it appears tasteful and professional. exactly the way it autta be. just the facts.doesnt need to elude to the buzz either. needs the serious side!

    6. joe says:

      I like that its straight and to the point

    7. shoutletitallout says:

      Let’s. Do. This. M. F. Ing. Thing!

    8. Chris says:

      I think it’s excellent: straight and to the point.

    9. Ben says:

      Looks promising.

      I think that they need to focus more on the money, and with more visible signs (figures and sources on-screen) so the guys grabbing another beer can catch what is said.

      It is the $$$ that is most likely to get the people on the couch to voice out in favor.

    10. Brian says:

      How sweet it would be if it won AND was allowed to be aired by Fox. I like the commercial however I do think it could be made a little better. Some more facts are needed. Most of us proponents know the facts however many of the potential viewers don’t and without the facts it will be meaningless to them. I realize there are only 30 seconds but it can be done.