Colorado Raids Linked to DOJ Memo Violations & Drug Gangs

  • by Sabrina Fendrick November 22, 2013

    On Thursday November 21, US law enforcement agents, along with local police officers raided 14  medical marijuana locations around Colorado (including dispensaries, grow warehouses and 2 private residences), making it one of the largest federal raids since the state’s medical marijuana laws went into effect.  A search warrant identifies 10 target subjects, noting alleged violations to the latest DOJ memo dealing with state pot laws that contradict federal policy.

    On August 29th, the Justice Department issued a memo to federal prosecutors indicating it wouldn’t interfere with legal marijuana businesses that are acting compliance with state law, so long as they strictly adhere to eight specific areas of concern such as preventing distribution to minors and cultivation on public lands.  Jeff Dorschner, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice in Denver said that “there are strong indications that more than one of the eight federal prosecution priorities identified in the Department of Justice’s August guidance memo are potentially implicated.”  Two of those violations appear to include trafficking marijuana outside of states where it has been legalized and money laundering.  No arrests have been made in this case as of yet.

    Many of the locations raided on Thursday had multiple marijuana-related businesses at a single address.  According to the Denver Post, “Investigators believe the businesses that were raided are all “one big operation…[and that] those targeted in the raids had been actively purchasing area dispensaries and growhouses over a sustained period of time.”

    Juan Guardarrama, One of the named targets, is known to have a criminal history with potential ties to Cuban and Colombian drug gangs, according to the Miami Herald.  In 2012 Guardarrama, who is also referred to as “Tony Montana” from the Al Pacino movie “Scarface,” asked undercover police officers to transport his CO-grown marijuana to Florida and?to?”take out”?his?partner.  He pleaded guilty earlier this year in Miami in a racketeering case.

    This case clearly has a lot of moving parts, and more information is needed to understand the full scope of the situation.  But, if evidence proves that there have been large-scale violations to any of the recent DOJ memo’s eight areas of concern, one can’t be surprised that the federal government would act in accordance to its own guidelines.  As more information emerges, the public will get a better understanding of the story and the alleged players involved in this operation.

    51 responses to “Colorado Raids Linked to DOJ Memo Violations & Drug Gangs”

    1. andrew panknen says:

      true. but only justice if violations truly occurred. people are still angry about it being illegal in the first place. people like ‘tony montana’ didnt have to exist when it comes to cannabis. understand? there is a lot of BS wen it comes to cannabis where the fed(and criminal authority in general) has a history of having involvment

    2. James says:

      I stated this as soon as I heard the news. This is the way its been ever since medicinal marijuana laws changed. The government only messes with the bag people who don’t deserve to ruin it for everyone else. I don’t live in a medicinal state [yet] but if people keep making this ugly and about gangs and money laundering then I’m not going to hold my breath. Hope any innocent do gooders make it out unscathed.

    3. Terri Bachtold says:

      The DOJ should be pressing charges on bankers, and not ONLY J P Morgan.

    4. jim powell says:

      If the feds weren’t such ass holes about pot there wouldn’t be Tony Montana’s involved.

    5. Anonymous says:

      Of they abuse the honor bestowed on them they gonna ruin any chance anybody else has to be legal

    6. william says:

      The Government just needs to back off
      legalize it already that’s what the people want

    7. dax says:

      People like Juan Guardarrama ruin it for the rest of us ;/

    8. Render Unto Caesar says:

      Ah yes, Sabrina. Before the allegations and charges are fully disclosed, let’s take our benevolent overlords’ word that these were the bad guys. Multiple businesses in one location? Heavens to Betsy! I’m clutching my pearls at this very moment!That DOJ memo was the feds way of saying that although they can’t really do anything inside the law to preempt state law, they will anyway if they feel like it.

    9. Evening Bud says:

      That’s all we need, is those ass wipes–the gangs–gumming things up. But I’ll hold off commenting further until more info becomes available.

    10. Ray says:

      As soon as prohibition ends the cartels, gangs, and marijuana related crime ends with it. Why is this so difficult for our government to understand?