Study: Cannabidiol Holds Promise For Treating Psychosis

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director December 16, 2013

    Cananbidiol (CBD), a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, alleviates psychotic symptoms and may hold promise as an alternative antipsychotic treatment, according to a review published in the November issue of the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

    Investigators in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom reviewed preclinical and clinical data on the use of CBD as an antipsychotic agent. Authors reported that both animal and human studies document the ability of CBD to mitigate symptoms of psychosis. Specifically, CBD administration is associated with improved symptoms in clinical evaluations of patients with schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, and ketamine-induced dissociative and psychotic symptoms.

    Investigators also highlighted a 2012 double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial assessing CBD versus the prescription anti-psychotic drug amisulpride in 42 subjects with schizophrenia and acute paranoia. Authors reported that both CBD and the prescription drug were associated with “equally significant clinical improvement” in this patient population, but that cannabidiol “possessed significantly less side effects.”

    Researchers concluded: “[E]vidence from several study domains suggests that CBD has some potential as an antipsychotic treatment. … Given the high tolerability and superior cost-effectiveness, CBD may prove to be an attractive alternative to current antipsychotic treatment.”

    Previous human trials assessing the administration of CBD in healthy human subjects report that the cannabinoid is “safe and well tolerated.”

    Separate investigations of CBD, primarily in animal models, have documented the cannabinoid to possess a variety of therapeutic qualities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-epileptic, anti-cancer, and bone-stimulating properties. Recently, the FDA approved the experimental use of CBD extracts for the treatment of a rare form of intractable pediatric epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. Preliminary clinical trials assessing the safety and tolerability of the compound in children are scheduled to begin imminently.

    Full text of the study, entitled “Cannabidiol as a potential treatment for psychosis,” appears online here.

    106 responses to “Study: Cannabidiol Holds Promise For Treating Psychosis”

    1. Wow!!! It was marijuana that have been condemned as the demon drug that made people crazy. The lies are coming full circle.


      • Courtney Morgan says:

        I’m so appreciative for this type of platform, it gives us all opportunity to openly share our experiences without fear of shame. It is no longer a news that there is permanent cure to schizophrenia. My daughter was diagnosed of schizophrenia 15 years ago, over those time, I spent more time in hospital than out of hospital without much improvement. It was difficult and humbling, but we’re so proud that we’ve done it all to save her, finally she sign herself into using CONSUMMO treatment. She now think more clearly. She has grown as a person in all facets of life. She more compassionate, intelligent, wise, sociable, and actionable! For more detail on Consummo, kindly visit this blog curetoschizophrenia.blogspot.com, And if you have used this medicine, I will advice you create an awareness to help others, because, every family that has a mentally ill patient needs help. Thank you.

    2. Julian says:

      I hope this study finally shuts up the real crazies out there that are going around saying that marijuana causes schizophrenia. That’s one of the most inhumane and thinly veiled lies of crapped-up government propaganda I ever heard. If it was true, we should have had THOUSANDS of cases of schizophrenia on the rise these last few decades with all the weed prohibition has pushed through the streets. The irony is the one’s who actually need weed the most, such as schizophrenics, are the most vulnerable members of society who could not sustain their consumption of medicinal marijuana without help. Heck, with all the side effects they get from prescription meds, some of em don’t even have enough sense to get out of the sun in the middle of July without help. It’s so insulting, irresponsible and … evil… to have one’s own government suggest that marijuana causes psychosis, especially in the wake of Sanjay Gupta’s documentary, “Weed.” (Thank God the Denver Post is covering the story on the marijuana-refugees in Colorado! Perhaps a “Stop the Seizures” campaign? Or too bold?)Clearly, Congress has to realize we all know the truth by now:
      THC is psychoactive.
      CBDs are non-psychoactive.
      Together they make good medicine.
      But this (once again) FOREIGN study reveals a greater state of conflict within our research-depraved legal publications in the U.S.; The mental health crisis we’re facing as a nation has passed the tipping point and marijuana is a real solution. If gun-control lobbies can’t get a universal back-round check passed the NRA, perhaps joining the momentum of the medicinal marijuana train could help reduce the violence?

    3. Tom says:

      First they say it will make you go crazy. Now we find out it could help people be more sane. I think a green goose just walked over Nixon’s grave again. Keep em coming Mary Jane, their lies and treachery will be their own self-inflicted downfall. FDA: get with the program!

    4. Don Berry says:

      Cannabis is as close as nature comes to providing a panacea for humans and the planet. It can be abundant and cheap in a world that embraces, rather than fears it.

    5. Brandon Boucher says:

      If we didn’t need truthful, accurate studies to prove cannabis was dangerous then why do we need them to prove its efficacy?

      Boucher ~ 2013

    6. stanleyj says:

      The FDA is a money whore, who want to make sure that their political buddies keep useful cures away from people. At least until they can patient a synthetic version of compounds found in nature. They act as though they have a monopoly on health and healing and no one but no one can possibly know anything that they don’t already know. Talk about a god complex.
      If folks had not pushed for the past 40 years on the benefits of cannabis and if the internet had not exposed the usefulness of CBD on epilepsy, then the FDA would be insisting on it’s label of “snake oil” now.
      I ask this, how can the FDA and the NIDA be taken seriously? Until they are transparent or if they can answer directly to the people of this nation, I take everything they say and do with skepticism.

    7. Voice of the Resistance says:

      I heard about the marijuana refugees, Dravet Syndrome,and CBD on the Mclaughen group. What I want to know is just how fast Idaho

    8. Voice of the Resistance says:

      how fast Idaho Senator Chuck Winder, sponser of Idaho’s Anti-marijuana law can backpedal. I also want to know if the insurance companies under Obama are going to help with co-pay on the cost of treatment. We got some very sick children here. Lets get these people some help.

    9. Galileo Galilei says:

      More and more, it seems marijuana is one medicinal remedy that works well and works for a tremendous range of illnesses. I wonder just how much we can save on health care costs when marijuana is finally legalized and studied thoroughly.

    10. bobwv says:

      I don’t know. The more you know. The more insane.