New Year, New World: Legal Marijuana Sales Begin in Colorado

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director January 1, 2014

    At eight o’clock this morning, Iraq War Veteran Sean Azzariti stepped up to the counter at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver and made the first ever legal marijuana purchase in the United States. He didn’t have to show a medical marijuana program card, proving he paid a fee and consulted a doctor, he simply flashed his driver’s license to confirm he was over 21 and bought his cannabis products. This is a first for Sean, who uses cannabis to treat his PTSD, as his ailment was not an authorized qualifying condition for the Colorado medical marijuana program.

    The first purchase? 3.5 grams of Bubba Kush and a marijuana infused truffle. Total cost? 58.74 with tax included ($40 plus tax for the Kush and $9.28 plus tax for the truffle. You can view his receipt he tweeted out here.)

    So far, the 34 stores that were open for business today are reporting massive lines, but no real problems. The sky has yet to fall, drivers aren’t crashing continuously into buildings, violence has not erupted in the streets. Maybe it is possible, after decades of scare mongering, that regulation just might be the better alternative after all? The program is still in it’s beginning stages, and will naturally need fine tuning along the way, but so far it is already looking like a widely better solution than prohibition ever was. Judging by the lines that extended far outside the door and around the building at all of the retail locations, Coloradans seem to be very eager to give regulation a chance. Let’s work together to ensure this program works and that it sets the shining example for all other states to follow in the coming years nationwide.

    Congratulations to Colorado and all those who worked so hard to get us to this point. It is truly a historic day.


    117 responses to “New Year, New World: Legal Marijuana Sales Begin in Colorado”

    1. Dave says:

      ….Meanwhile 100% of law enforcement nationwide sweat bullets as their jobs become obsolete. I hope everyone in Colorado is aware of what today means, and acts accordingly. Happy New Year to all, and thanks to NORML for all the great work!

    2. Chase says:

      You say law enforcement will be out of work? Well that means they were only in business for busting marijuana users… Doesn’t sound like we even fucking needed them…

    3. Collin says:

      This is very exciting news indeed! However, I’m finding that the price point seems to be a bit of an issue here. $40 for 3.5 grams of Bubba? That’s nearly unheard of for a street deal where I come from, and sure I can’t attest to the price of an eighth ounce of street kush in Colorado as I do not reside there, I can’t see myself ever willingly paying that much for THAT little. I was hoping with legalization would come a return to the golden age where I could grab 3.5 of some quality stuff for between $20 and $25; I guess I thought wrong.

    4. Douglas says:

      I belive beer sail will drop. Will date line do a show this fryday night on Green Wensday?

    5. Bryan says:

      Cops wont have jobs???? really?! They will have plenty of work, and now they can Focus on all the REAL criminals like murderers and rapist and thieves!

    6. Evening Bud says:

      I’m so happy. Even the picture of those people lining up to buy bud legally makes me happy.

      @Collin, you obviously have good connections. That price doesn’t seem overly excessive to me. I’d like the price to be cheaper too, but at least it’s not the super-high prices, given the taxes, that some others were predicting.

      But let’s wait and see. Meanwhile, please, everyone, let’s ENJOY this historic moment and historic freedom!

    7. Matt says:

      Those complaining about $40 for 3.5 being to much. $40 is more than fair for a public service. This isn’t a “street deal” the dispensaries in Michigan charge $50-60 for 3.5.

    8. Ray Walker says:

      Just the tip of the iceberg of whats to come. Thank You to all those in Colorado who are making this a great day. And Thank You NORML and MPP. I wouldn’t worry about the prices too much. A bit of competition with time and things will find a good balance. After all, we all know that there has always been a good profit margin on cannabis. Also retailers will compete with personal growing. No matter how you slice it, this is a great day. Enjoy it Colorado.

    9. Chadwick says:

      The negative attitudes toward the price might come from the fact that recreational cannabis is taxed at 25%+.

      It may take a lone courageous state to implement a liberalized version of cannabis regulation before the common folk realize that it’s completely unnecessary and expensive to track commercial marijuana “from seed to sale.”

    10. Galileo Galilei says:

      Massive lines!

      I’m paying $55-65 for 3.5 grams, so $40 sounds just fine to me.