Rhode Island: Majority of Voters Back Licensing Retail Stores To Sell Cannabis to Adults

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 5, 2014

    A majority of Rhode Island voters back legalizing and regulating the use and sale of cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol, according to a just-released Public Policy Polling survey commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project.

    Fifty-three percent of respondents support “changing Rhode Island law to regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol, so stores would be licensed to sell marijuana to adults 21 and older?” Forty-one percent of respondents oppose the idea. Six percent of voters were undecided.

    Legislation to legalize the adult consumption and licensed production and retail sale of cannabis in the state is expected to be reintroduced shortly. (Rhode Island does not have a statewide ballot initiative process.) In previous years, state lawmakers have overwhelmingly supported the passage of legislation to legalize the use, growing, and dispensing of medical marijuana to qualified patients. The PPP survey found that 77 percent of Ocean State voters support the state’s present medical marijuana program.

    The PPP poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 3.8 percent.

    In recent months, separate statewide polls in Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Texas have all shown majority support for legalizing the adult consumption of cannabis.

    21 responses to “Rhode Island: Majority of Voters Back Licensing Retail Stores To Sell Cannabis to Adults”

    1. TheOracle says:

      Thank you!

      Providence, here I come. I’ll be a tourist who keeps returning to your state every so often. I love New England.

    2. Galileo Galilei says:

      Wow! Good news from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, DC, Hawaii, and even the House of Representatives.

      Incidentally, I saw someone from the ONDCP appear before a Congressional Committee on CSPAN yesterday. It doesn’t appear that all the usual equivocating and lying is going to work anymore.

      [Paul Armentano responds: Archived audio and video of the entire Congressional hearing is here: http://oversight.house.gov/hearing/mixed-signals-administrations-policy-marijuana/#. I would most certainly recommend watching it.]

    3. Ray says:

      Not with Michele Leonhart at the DEA. She has to go sign the petition here

      It’s started by “MPP” but who cares, when she goes our voice will be heard.

    4. jpeff says:

      So glad New England is so close. My vacation spot in the near future. I love how all the states are turning over. One by one,thanks normel.

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    6. Ann (Pawtucket, RI) says:

      It makes more sense to allow existing businesses to include cannabis rather than to designate an entirely new category of ‘specialty shops’. Liquor stores, smoke shops and drug stores are used to dealing with restricted/regulated products.

    7. Ray Walker Jr. says:

      Wow! 77% sure sounds like a more honest statistic. Its good see more real numbers coming out. I heard someone say on these blogs that they just might get to see full legalization in their lifetime. I’m beginning to believe it too.

    8. Fireweed says:

      I wonder what it is that a whopping 41% of voters oppose legalization. Would help our cause to find out exactly what people object to. Or if they’re basing their opinions on misinformation. There are so many misconceptions out there.

    9. Fireweed says:

      And yes, I will be more likely to be a tourist in any state that legalizes marijuana for recreation. And the kind of tourist that you want to have as well.

    10. Ray Walker Jr. says:

      @Galileo Galilei and Paul Armentano
      The “Mixed Signals” video was very much worth seeing. Watched them the other day after the links came in through Facebook from NORML. It was good to see the Over Committee doing a honest job of going after the truth. A point that was just walked right over was the statement made by Mr. Botticelllo when ask, “Do you know who Harry Anslinger was?”, and Mr. Botticello answered,”I do not unfortunately”. First of all Mr. Botticello is the worst liar in government. There is no way he could be uneducated in this area given who he is. Don’t want to spoil the whole thing for the rest of you.
      Keep going and good luck Rhode Island. Glad to see you have good legislators in your corner.