New Hampshire House of Representatives Votes Overwhelmingly in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director March 12, 2014

    Today, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 215 to 92 in favor of House Bill 1625. This legislation to significantly reduce marijuana penalties in New Hampshire.

    Under present law, possession of any amount of marijuana is a criminal misdemeanor, punishable by up to 1 year of incarceration and a maximum fine of $2,000. Passage of this act would eliminate criminal penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana and replace them with a civil fine of $100 — no arrest and no criminal record. It would lower the classification of cultivation of six marijuana plants or less to a Class A misdemeanor. You can read the full text of this measure here. House Bill 1625 now awaits action in the state Senate.

    New Hampshire Residents: Click HERE to quickly and easily contact your member of the state Senate and urge them to support this important legislation. You can also view how each member of the House of Representatives voted here.

    22 responses to “New Hampshire House of Representatives Votes Overwhelmingly in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization”

    1. It actually enlightens my soul knowing that somewhere out there is a pot hating, narcissistic piece of Nazi law enforcement that can’t do any thing but write a ticket equivalent to jaywalking. It’s almost worth getting busted just to piss him off.

    2. Fireweed says:

      Sorry not good enough. Still suggests there is something wrong with adults smoking marijuana. In fact the way science is coming out on cannabis, it should almost be considered one’s moral duty to consume cannabis-with a vaporizer of course!

    3. Don B. says:

      As politicians wake up and realize that cannabis legalization is a winning issue, the onus will be off the people to force them to change the laws through referendums. Legislators are starting to listen to the people, recognize the facts and do their job. Nationwide change is happening so quickly and profoundly that even the federal government may very soon do the right thing and unschedule marijuana.

    4. Bob Constantine says:

      The State of New Hampshire has a huge lump under the rug.

      The state law called for the Commissioner of Health and Human Services to create and publish (in a newspaper) the State controlled drug schedule. This never happened. They changed the law in 2011 to try to hide their fuckup…but we know what they did.

      What does this mean? Vague laws are void.

      Can you say scandal? I know you can.

    5. john says:

      authoritarian govts prosecute weed…nonauthoritarian don’t….it really is that eay to understand

      And for all those who think the country is going to pot (pun intended) we are freer from prohibitionist intolerancen than we have ever been in our history as a nation– even O’Reilly on FOX knows enough to be tolerant……..and for all you Bush haters, in 1999 he said…..Leave marijuana legalization up to each state’s peopleto decide…

    6. LL says:

      The big money interests are the ones making this so difficult. The fact that hemp is still illegal is just unbelievably unbelievable it sickens me. So many wonderful products can be made from hemp that are far superior to todays versions with absolutely ZERO psychoactive effects!!! You can not get high from hemp, the only danger it causes is to the pockets of oil, plastics, cotton, paper and numerous other large industries. A completely renewable source of countless everyday products with close to zero carbon footprint, even the waste left behind from harvesting conditions the soil for next years crop without fertilizer. The world really be a better place when this nonsense is stop and we legalize this plant through and through. Give the power back to the people.

    7. Drew Vapormoore says:

      @ Fireweed says:
      March 13, 2014 at 2:40 am
      “…it should almost be considered one’s moral duty to consume cannabis-with a vaporizer of course!”

      Something akin to the Bill Hicks’ concept of
      “Mandatory Marijuana”


      Except consumed in a smokeless form,
      (as you mentioned),
      such as w/ a vaporizer, or as tincture, edibles…

    8. Demonhype says:

      @Jimmy Potseed: Well, you know they’ll just beat the shit out of you, then arrest you for “assaulting a police officer” and “resisting arrest”, and no one will ever question it. In fact, I’m surprised they don’t make that the unspoken policy of each precinct, to brutalize MJ users then drag them in for assaulting a cop, then use those “statistics” to “prove” that MJ is extremely dangerous and totally does make people violent and crazy, Reefer Madness is finally vindicated!

      Perhaps I shouldn’t give them any ideas…

      @Don B.: It’s starting. The MPP blog says that the Democratic party in CA has put marijuana legalization officially on their platform. (Is that the first time it’s been the official part of a party agenda? I think it is, though some individual politicians have spoken in favor and a handful are campaigning on legalization.)

      Of course, Gov. Brown is opposed and feeling very betrayed by his party’s decision, and is afraid that “potheads” won’t be “alert” enough to participate in society if we legalize. What is wrong with these people, that they don’t seem to realize that the “potheads” are ALREADY smoking pot, and aren’t likely to smoke it more just because they can’t get arrested for it. Pot doesn’t poof into existence when it becomes legal; it’s already here, ffs!

      I am beginning to believe that a lot of these prohibitionists, maybe all of them, know the facts and know we’re right, and are just maintaining the stance in order to keep the Drug War profiteering checks coming as long as they can. There is no freaking way that someone can be so dense that they don’t realize that millions of people are already smoking pot and being active and productive members of their communities, and there is no way they are seriously suggesting that pot can make you less “alert” and so should be outlawed, but though alcohol can also make you less “alert” it should be totally legal–one rule for alcohol (and it’s billion-dollar industry that “tops off” his salary) and another rule for pot. I simply no longer believe that any of them are sincere anymore.

    9. Evening Bud says:

      Way to go, New Hampshire! Sweet music to my ears. Very glad to hear the latest news in Alaska too.

      I’m sure many of you have already heard, but the California Dem party put MJ legalization on their party platform. I believe that’s huge. Hopefully that will be the impetus to put legalization over the finish line in the country’s most populous state and largest single economy.

    10. Demonhype says:

      @Evening Bud: Beat you to it! 🙂

      But I do wonder, is this the first time a party has put legalization on its platform? I know a lot of individual politicians have started to campaign on the issue, but I don’t think I’ve seen it on any party agendas, or at least not the two primary parties.