WebMD Poll: Medical Community Backs Legalizing Cannabis

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 4, 2014

    An estimated 70 percent of physicians acknowledge the therapeutic qualities of cannabis and over half believe that the plant should also be legal for medical purposes, according to survey data released this week by WebMD/Medscape.

    Sixty-nine percent of respondents say that cannabis can help in the treatment of specific diseases and 67 percent say that the plant should be available as a legal therapeutic option for patients.

    Oncologists and hematologists were most likely to express support for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, with 82 percent of those surveyed endorsing the plant’s therapeutic use. Rheumatologists (54 percent) were least likely to say the cannabis provides therapeutic benefits.

    Over 1,500 physicians representing more than 12 specialty areas participated in the survey which possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.5 percent.

    16 responses to “WebMD Poll: Medical Community Backs Legalizing Cannabis”

    1. TheOracle says:

      Doctors, medical professionals, what the hell do they know?! Everyone knows that when you need medical care you consult a politician or law enforcement because they know better.

      It’s just too bad that my health insurance will only pay for an oncologist, surgeon and other medical professionals for my ongoing treatment because of CANCER. Some cop or politician mostly likely could do a much better job, I’m sure, because I believe Michele Leonhart and the other prohibitionists honestly have my best interests in mind; it’s not about their budgets or paychecks at all.

      Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (Republican asswipe)keeps saying he will veto any kind of marijuana legislation whatsoever as long as the feds have it in Schedule 1. When it comes to cannabis, could there possibly be a bigger asshole in the Commonwealth?

    2. No matter the margin of error, it is very obvious that professionals and amateurs alike support the inevitable legalization and regulation of Marijuana, for medical or recreational use.

    3. Not long ago the medical community was banned from even talking about marijuana.

    4. Dustin aka (dudpud) says:

      I believe Doctor’s are finally catching up to the rest of the population. We are seeing the older generation of doctors leaving the profession and collecting their retirement.

      We now have a newer generation with open minds who are comming into the profession, who see the benifits of marijuana. Before the pharmaceutical companies reps have been convincing the doctors their product was the best. They wanted to do everything they could do to keep medical marijauana out of the spot light. This included sponsering major medical colleges. Making sure doctors where educated marijuana was bad or evil. They knew if medical marijuana was legalized this would cut in to there already massive profits.

      Teachers of the past at major medical colleges are now becoming exstinct and now new progressive teachers, who teach their students, to “Think” and not to “Believe”. In other words think for yourself see what works and do not believe what your always told.

      Why the FDA doesn’t back the doctors up in this new way of thinking. We will not know until someone can truly break down that wall. I don’t see why it would be a problem for them. When you have a large majority of doctors backing marijuana and a large portion of the people of the united states backing up it’s really a no brainer what to do. The FDA could regulate marijuana just like a super market sells corn but the average consumer can also grow corn in their back yard. Now this, in my opinion, it is really another no brainer.

      We need to get more doctors to get involved in the marijauna movement. Doctors who are willing to get out there and actually speak, publish more papers. They should be allowed to do thes things without the constant threat of losing thier medical license, because they speak regarding the matter. Mabye there should be a law enacted to protect doctors form such a things. If there is a law please correct me or tell me I need to do more research.



    5. Galileo Galilei says:

      70% acknowledge therapeutic qualities.
      56% support legalization for adults.

      I wonder if they would support an investigation into the cabal that thwarted the development of cannabis as medicine that we’ve seen over the last several decades.

    6. Obio I am says:

      Mr.President ..
      I hear science talking
      and it sounds pretty clear ..
      Get up and do the right thing
      From the health benefits alone,
      You will be seen as a saviour ..

    7. Julian says:

      Who says recreation isn’t medical? Play and laughter are just as important as sleep, sex, eating and breathing.

    8. Frijo says:

      Anyone know of a study looking at using cannabis-based treatment for rheumatoid arthritis? It sounds like we have some rheumatologists to convince!

    9. Miles says:

      With so many medical professionals acknowledging that cannabis has medical utility, how much longer can the Feds continue to hold on to the lies that keep it listed as a schedule 1 drug???

      Please do the right thing Mr. President. It is THE reason so many of us voted for you. We trusted you when you said “Yes we can”.

    10. Margaret says:

      In 40 years ,,people who use it s medicine survive cancer and aids among glaucoma .