Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Want to Reform Marijuana Laws

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director April 5, 2014

    A survey released this week by the publication Law Officer revealed that a majority of law enforcement officers want to see our country’s marijuana laws reformed.

    The poll, which questioned over 11,000 law enforcement officers regarding their opinions on drug policy, revealed that just over 64% believed our marijuana laws needed to be relaxed in some form. When asked “Do you believe possession of marijuana for personal use should…” and presented with several options, 35.68% of respondents stated that marijuana be legalized, regulated and taxed, 10.84% chose that it should be be legalized for medical reasons and with a doctor’s prescription only, 14.24% said it should continue to be illegal but only punished via fines (no incarceration), and 3.68% said marijuana should simply be decriminalized. Only 34.7% believed marijuana should continue to be illegal with the criminal penalties that are currently in place.

    “This poll reveals that support for marijuana prohibition is eroding even amongst those who are serving on the front lines enforcing it,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “When a majority of the American people and most of those tasked with implementing a law disagree with it in principle, it is time to change that law.”

    You can view the full results of this survey here.

    “Prohibition cannot be enforced for the simple reason that the majority of the American people do not want it enforced and are resisting its enforcement. That being so, the orderly thing to do under our form of government is to abolish a law that cannot be enforced, a law which the people of the country do not want enforced.” – New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia on alcohol prohibition.

    24 responses to “Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Want to Reform Marijuana Laws”

    1. Anonymous says:

      The dominos are falling. TIM-BER!!!

    2. Justin Bell says:

      This was great to come across today. The statistics though on a small scale, can easily be compared to many states right down to districts with many of their own reasons, behind their answers on such a well put simple question. I cannot donate but will continue to be outspoken on a level of the obvious common sense but also the history of this gluttoned funded prohibition. Again thank you

    3. Galileo Galilei says:

      I wonder how much money we’ve spent to re-learn the lesson of prohibition. I wonder how much more we’ll spend in the future. I wonder who’s wallet the money will come from before we finally learn the lesson.

    4. Ray says:

      Finally, even the police are waking up to the fact you cant arrest yourself out of marijuana use. People still use it and get arrested and ruined there records for a substance possibly less harmful than sugar and less addictive than caffiene. I cant wait till its legalized.

    5. Truth MC weeds says:

      Look at this hells hey babies, now dhtat be with I bees talking about. We be needings the fuzz to comes into the lights with clear thinkings about this subjects. Be thing all that time in the joint if it be all that seriousnesses about the laws they be inforcing I could be saving 3 years of my life..ha ha right my yo know. Hey baby stuff happen but I be cool now but I digress I just hopes they reaaly be seriousness abouts all dis chages would be a much beatter place.

    6. Bob Constantine says:

      “Taxed and regulated” is the same thing as “must have permission” by somebody other than me to own my own body. No thank you. I have always owned myself and no others, therefore nobody owns me or you.

      The best thing people can do is leave other peaceful people alone. Going from prohibition to permission is still not freedom.

    7. mexweed says:

      I regret that the survey did not address “Paraphernalia Laws” which make it “legally” hazardous for a person to possess HARM REDUCTION equipment such as a vaporizer or a single-toke utensil, whereas “cigarette papers” are easier to HIDE therefore less dangerous to own.

      Some years ago when I was arrested for possession of cannabis a one-hitter device was confiscated. At a police station where I was held for some hours I saw, in cabinets along the top of the walls in the office, an exhibit of toking utensils which had been seized, like trophies at a hunting lodge. One of the arresting officers also smoked two $igarettes during the time I was in their custody.

      I suggest everyone wake up to the central issue in law enforcement against cannabis– that it is a well-rewarded gift to the tobacco industry (which donates twice as much money to the Republican Party as to the Democrat, same goes largely for individual legislature candidates) because

      (A) cannabis could SUBSTITUTE for tobacco, and (B) vaporization/one-hit technology could SUBSTITUTE for the all-time high-profit $igarette format.

    8. bummer oklahoma says:

      don’t think these hillbillies will arrive at any goodness in paradise any time soon

    9. grandma3d says:

      “Hallelujah! Hallelujah”
      I can taste it, FREEDOM is Near!!!!
      I told you all, this was going to happen.This is going to be a record breaking year for Marijuana. It is coming soon! We are going to have a Hemp and Marijuana Boom!
      $3.5 million in taxes, way over what they estimated for the first month of Colorado’s taxes paid. Money Talks!!

    10. Weed The People says:

      Law Enforcement only can follow the orders of the law.
      Politicans Make the laws. The Politicans have no Compassion for the people they represent. It’s time to Vote Out all Politicans who show little or no compassion. New York State Politicans have No Compassion & would rather the sick get their medicine from a dirty police evidence locker. Shame on you New York Policitans !

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