Maryland: Governor Signs Marijuana Reform Measures Into Law

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 14, 2014

    Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley today signed two separate pieces of legislation reforming the state’s marijuana laws.

    Senate Bill 364 amends existing penalties for marijuana possession offenses involving ten grams or less from a criminal misdemeanor (presently punishable by arrest, up to 90 days in jail, a $500 fine, and a criminal record) to a non-arrestable, non-criminal fine-only offense ($100 fine for first-time offenders, $250 for second-time offenders). The new depenalization law takes effect on October 1, 2014.

    House Bill 881 seeks to provide for the state-licensed production and dispensing of marijuana to qualified patients who possess a written certification from their physician. The new law will take effect on June 1, 2014, at which time the state shall establish a commission to draft rules and regulations overseeing the production and distribution of medical marijuana. However, the licensing program is not anticipated to be up and running until 2015.

    Maryland is the 18th state to depenalize minor marijuana possession offenses to a non-arrestable offense. It is the 21st state to allow for the doctor-recommended access to medicinal cannabis.

    26 responses to “Maryland: Governor Signs Marijuana Reform Measures Into Law”

    1. dave the wave says:

      About time. This is Great for a 1st step to legalize. Marlyand is prime to want the tax revenues so lets keep pushing. Thanks norml

    2. JONESYFROMPA says:

      I’m happy for this I’m moving to Maryland anyway

    3. scott says:

      housewives will be thrilled. The working people still have to take urine tests.

    4. Jack says:

      Finally! Thank you

    5. American Citizen says:

      Hooray fo Maryland!!! whoo hoo!

    6. Anonymous says:

      good first steps MD!

    7. Weed The People says:

      That’s great, but MEANwhile another DemocRAT LIAR CUOMO REFUSES
      to do anything for the sick in New York State. Maybe he is making too much $$$ to NOT ALLOW medical marijuana in OUR state.

    8. MotherEath"sChoiceNow says:

      The de-criminalization bill still needs to be abolished…period.

      Thank you, Governor O”Malley , Heather Mizure, and Norml for giving us hope ; that we can have better living conditions because of Cannabis.

      Those illnesses, no one could explain can now be counted as symptoms of: putting Cannabis back into our body systems where it belongs.

    9. Jon Tunlaw says:

      Unfortunately, Maryland did not decriminalize possession of paraphernalia. So anything you can use to smoke or store this stuff is still a criminal offense punishable by time in prison.

      Thanks for nothing, Maryland.

    10. David says:

      I hope this is done properly with more decriminalization coming and the focus on healing and compassion for the patients who are helped with Cannabis.I wish the “thuggish neanderthals” in my state Pa. , would remove the hate filled attitude they have towards recreational/medical cannabis, it is sad to live in a state full of “thuggish neanderthals” such as Pennsylvania.