NORML PAC Endorses Neda Bolourian for Montgomery County Council

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director May 1, 2014

    NORML PAC has endorsed Neda Bolourian in her campaign to represent District 2 on the Montgomery County Council in Maryland.

    “NORML PAC believes that Neda will bring a fresh perspective and new leadership to the Montgomery County Council,” stated NORML PAC Manager Erik Altieri, “Her strong support for legalizing marijuana and reforming Maryland’s marijuana laws makes her a great champion for the cause. Her smart approach to these issues will help Montgomery County more effectively allocate its criminal justice and law enforcement resources away from arresting marijuana consumers and focus them more on violent crime.”

    “Prohibition didn’t work in the early 20th century and it’s clear it isn’t working now. The only path forward is to promote realistic drug policies,” Neda Bolourian said, “We need full legalization and nothing less. I’m thrilled to bring the movement for drug reform to Montgomery County.”

    You can read Neda’s public statement in favor of marijuana legalization on her campaign Facebook page here. To learn more about the campaign, check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter. The Democratic Primary for Maryland is scheduled for June 24th, you can consult this map of Montgomery County’s District 2 and see if Neda will be appearing on your ballot.

    29 responses to “NORML PAC Endorses Neda Bolourian for Montgomery County Council”

    1. grandma3d says:

      Hello everybody
      This is great news! I live in Maryland, and the state laws are finally changing. Montgomery county is one of the richest counties in Maryland,with the median income around $93,999. Montgomery county is very close to Washington DC.There are a lot of people in Montgomery who work for the federal government. Also,we have an in ordinate amount of lawyers living in Maryland, as well as politicians. Maryland Legislators decriminalized marijuana during this years session. Next years session we will gain our freedom for everyone to smoke.We all know why. When other states saw that Colorado brought in $3.5 million for taxes and fees for their first month in business. That is why we will soon be free to smoke marijuana.They have no clue as to what I see coming.Business’s, with jobs for people.That will increase the amount of taxes from employees income tax, as well.There is going to be a Marijuana and Hemp Boom. So get your ducks in a row and get ready for it.


    2. Ray says:

      @grandma3d-This is indeed great news. Yes, hemp and cannabis WILL be the next generations money making crop. Everyone needs to start looking into ways to profit from this industry now.

      Politicians like Adam Ebbin and Neda Bolourian have seen the wake of destruction that marijuana prohibition has caused. It is a racially charged set of laws that are designed to lock up people of color, and it still works, unfortunately all to well.

      Tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. Allow hemp farming. Go to the Popular Mechanics issue from 1938 and pick any product that can be made from hemp and research it (follow link).


      This is not a new product, it is an old time tested product getting a second well deserved chance to live again.

      Jobs, jobs, jobs, medicine, food, building materials, and the list goes on and on.

    3. Mark I says:

      I can’t wait to develop hempcrete and hemp rope without worry that my families property will be violently stolen by black jacket booted stormtroopers claiming to work for our nation’s best interests.

    4. Ray says:

      “Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, jazz musicians, and entertainers. Their satanic music is driven by marijuana, and marijuana smoking by white women makes them want to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and others. It is a drug that causes insanity, criminality, and death — the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.” – Harry Anslinger

      “That’s because of all the blacks in this building, they smell, they’re not clean. … And it’s because of all of the Mexicans that just sit around and smoke and drink all day.” – Donald Sterling

      One man was banned from the NBA for life and one was promoted to the head of the DEA. As I said any politician who favors marijuana prohibition is on the wrong side of this issue.

      Legalize, tax and regulate. Marijuana is a commodity that we need that will pull people out of poverty. No more prison time, more money for schools and education, health care, better use of law enforcement.

    5. Ray says:

      @Mark l – Hempcrete, hemp rope, bio-fuel, alcohol (even beer), shoe laces, hand bags, pants, shirts, socks, shoes, purses, bed sheets, biodegradable packing material, paper, business cards, stationary, toilet paper, oh my God so much more. That didn’t even include the food or medicines this plant. Also any product that can be produced from petroleum can also be produced by hemp.

      Did you know that paper used to be made from discarded hemp sail cloth (canvas), worn out hemp rope, and cleaning rags? Hence the term “daily rag” we use from newspapers made from recycled hemp rags.

      Hempstead, NY or Hempfield, PA – what product do we think these locations were named after?

      It’s hard to play dumb as a politician when the internet has all this information at our fingertips. We need to stop treating people who use marihuana in all it’s forms as criminals and start treating them as consumers.

      We need to reduce our dependence on foreign imports and focus on domestic hemp production. If the day ever comes that we need to defend our great nation, a hemp industry already in place and running will make a huge difference on that outcome.

      New York is researching hemp farming right now. I can save them the trouble and recommend they just read the LaGuardia Report or Schaffer Commission, both are legitimate and both do not recommend marijuana prohibition.

      As Chris would say
      “Thanks for reading”.

    6. bobwv says:

      Cannabis the Trillion dollar crop.

      Thanks for reading

    7. mexweed says:

      @bobwv has good point: “cannabis the trillion dollar crop.” But it shows where the problem is: ANOTHER TRILLION DOLLAR CROP, TOBACCO. Someone is making that much money off tobacco and doesn’t want to see their bonanza go away as cannabis teaches 1.2 billion “smokers” the virtues of vaporization and the high-profit “$igarette’ format DISAPPEARS FROM USE replaced by low-profit vaporizers and flexible-drawtube one-hitters hand-made from $1.29 worth of parts.

      As @grandma3d said, “get ready for it.”

    8. Growyourown says:

      Over-optimistic of grandma3d, but as a resident of Md., I just don’t see any incentive for the legislature to proceed with legalization. Hell, we almost got nothing at all with this session. It’s still unlawful to have ANY cannabis, just that less than 10 grams will cost you $100, loss of your cannabis, and no criminal record (1st offense only). This doesn’t change much of the status-quo, just that the state doesn’t have to prosecute the little users anymore, but can collect easy money if they get caught. The medical use shows a somewhat better chance of success by the setting up of the issuance of grower licenses and a distribution system. But full-blown legalization is a tough sell in this area right now, especially with too many adamant prohibitionists lurking nearby. We’ll all have to wait on D.C. and see how they fair on a higher level of decriminalization with the Feds. If anyone thinks the state needs money, just remember they took money from the lottery slated for schools (300 million!) and used it for general purposes and then proclaimed to need more casinos to help pay for education. Corrupt from the top on down.

    9. MEXWEED says:

      Thanks @Growyourown for mentioning casinos– what a crock, that the most anti-educational practice on earth (dress-up “adults-only” gaming ceremonies, win-lose zero-gain etc.) is promoted as paying for schools.

      Emphasize that, understandingly used, cannabis is the most educative force on the planet, enabling any individual any age to examine, experiment, evaluate and self-educate.

      Casinos are mine-fields of trick alcohol advertising to exploit suckers clueless enough to be attracted to a casino in the first place.