Connecticut: Majority Of Voters Supportive Of Legalizing Marijuana

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director May 12, 2014

    Nine out of ten Connecticut voters support legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, and a majority support allowing adults to possess the plant for any purpose, according to the results of a statewide Quinnipiac University poll, released today.

    Fifty-two percent of voters support allowing adults “to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use.” Forty-five percent of respondents opposed the idea.

    Independents (61 percent), Democrats (52 percent), and men (54 percent) were most likely to endorse legalization, while women (49 percent) and Republicans (38 percent) were least supportive

    When asked whether patients ought to be able to access cannabis for medicinal purposes, public support rose to 90 percent. State lawmakers authorized physicians to recommend cannabis therapy in 2012. However, although some 2,000 Connecticut patients are now authorized to use medicinal cannabis, no state-licensed dispensaries are presently operational.

    According to the poll, 47 percent of Connecticut voters — including 62 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 29 — acknowledge having tried marijuana.

    By a margin of nearly 2 to 1, respondents said that alcohol is “more harmful to society” than cannabis.

    The poll’s findings are similar to those of recent statewide surveys, including those from Florida, Hawaii, and New York.

    Commenting on the poll, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said, “The most remarkable thing about these results is that they are no longer remarkable.”

    The Quinnipiac survey possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.4 percentage points.

    25 responses to “Connecticut: Majority Of Voters Supportive Of Legalizing Marijuana”

    1. Boris Colley says:

      Lets goo

    2. Dave Evans says:

      It would be so nice if our government would start representing US… The United States of America. I’m not sure who these guys work for.

      We “liberated” Iraq so Russia could get oil. We use terrorist weapons like cluster bombs and drones; which encourages Al-Qaeda recruitment in a never ending cycle of Terrorism. We literally live in the Age of Terrorism all thanks go to the fascist/neocon morons.

      They terrorize our cities with gangs made up of illegal immigrants selling hard drugs to our kids. Teaching them how to be pieces of shit for life. They don’t want the gangsters to not be able to get guns. Every good law gets voted down. But they pass bogus vote ID laws to protect themselves from getting voted out of office. Nice fucking people.

    3. Miles says:

      I wonder if the majority of voters in any state would prefer to keep marijuana illegal. As far as I can tell, the only majority wanting such are our political leaders and most of us think they should be thrown out.

    4. Ray says:

      Connecticut people party just as hard as they work. Day after day commuting to Manhattan and back on the train, or sitting in traffic on the Merit or I95 takes the life out of you. Sure a brownie or hit from a vaporizer will make that monotonous life a little more livable.

      But as Julian pointed out in an earlier blog article be prepared for more prohibitionist “GORE FILES”. We need to get all the details first and ask about the events that led up to the crime. I’ll bet there is a whole lot more to the story than marijuana.

      We also need to remember that the reason marijuana prohibition does not work is because it is based on racial intolerance not science.

      @NORML-I’m curious if the arrest rates of Eskiomo’s, American Indians, Mexicans, Latinos, and Polynesians are just as disproportionate to whites in state’s like Alaska, South Dakota, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii respectfully.

    5. Elaine says:

      @Miles – If there is any state in which the voters would prefer to keep marijuana illegal, I would suggest the prohibitionists all move there and leave the rest of the country in peace. Indeed, I wish they would just leave the country since most of us believe in freedom and the American way.

    6. Dave Evans says:

      “We also need to remember that the reason marijuana prohibition does not work is because it is based on racial intolerance not science.”
      If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any white people arrested or harassed for having or using marijuana. The issue at the heart of this subject is too many of our rulers have personality disorders:

      Narcissism is a big problem in both the Demoncrates and Rebublican Parties. Part of narcissism is believing you’re right when you’re wrong. People with these disorders keep doing things the wrong ways. Like insisting the Drug War is a good idea. There is a reason the War on Drugs does not work. It was conceived by people looking to shit on US, not build US up. Racism is just the tip of their iceberg; one of their “selling points” for like minded assholes in the general population.

    7. Dave Evans says:

      In fact, this is one of the reason we can’t broker peace in the Middle East. Our leaders are just too fucking stupid not to promote like minded narcissists for office once the war is finished. Why did way start in the first place? Narcissists with their egos on the line. How to ensure the problems never get solved making endless war? Promote even more narcissists. Just look at what happened in Afghanistan. We killed the enemy and then made more with our western corruption.

    8. Galileo Galilei says:

      “The most remarkable thing about these results is that they are no longer remarkable.”

      As we said in my day, right on!

    9. phrtao says:

      Another report that talks about possessing ‘small amounts’ – I have never understood the significance of ‘small amounts’. Is it somehow less harmful than large amounts ?
      Small amounts of course does not mean you are not selling it (it is common practice for some dealers to possess only the quantity they are delivering to the next customer). Small amounts also means people need to return to the place they purchased it more often to stock up. It does not mean that people will consume less either. It is just another antiquated phrase that we have kept to appease the prohibitionists.

      Also @MIles makes a good point about turning the question around and asking another representative sample of people if they think cannabis should be kept illegal or should penalties increase – you could also ask if people think the current laws actually work and offer value for money (an approval rating for prohibition). It will not necessarily be the same proportions as when you ask if it should be legalised.

    10. Miles says:

      @phrtao – Very good reasoning!