New York Times: End Prohibition, Again

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 26, 2014

    Tomorrow’s Sunday New York Times’ editorial calling for an end to cannabis prohibition in America, affirms in my mind, after nearly twenty four years publicly advocating for cannabis law reforms at NORML, the end of cannabis prohibition in our nation is nearly upon the rest of the country (beyond Colorado and Washington State, where cannabis is taxed and regulated like alcohol products for responsible adult use). This is the same editorial board and opinions page that would with great frequency in the 1980s/90s publish some of the most stridently pro-cannabis prohibition editorials and columns found anywhere in the world, let alone from the urbane and ‘liberal’ New York Times, led by ardent cannabis foe, former editor and columnist A.M. Rosenthal.

    Also included, informative editorial writing and excellent up-to-date map of all of the variations on cannabis law reform that have happened at the state level, putting evermore upward political pressure on the federal government to both end cannabis prohibition and severely down schedule the herbal drug.

    Lastly, the dramatic change in Americans’ public attitude in favor of ending cannabis prohibition is well documented here.

    A great sign of the times…the multidimensional pro-reform editorial ends with this nod to cannabis culture: On Monday at 4:20 p.m. Eastern Time, Andrew Rosenthal, the editorial page editor, will be taking questions about marijuana legalization at facebook.com/nytimes.

    Andrew Rosenthalthe son of A.M. Rosenthal.

    Times in America regarding cannabis have changed, and, accordingly, so too has the New York Times.

    87 responses to “New York Times: End Prohibition, Again”

    1. Dusty Relic says:

      I remember when the Germans, East Germans and West Germans, tore down the wall that had divided that country for so long. Brick by brick we are tearing down a wall here, too.

    2. David Proske says:

      I’ve been waiting for 44 years for public opinion to catch up with me!

    3. Wow!! the NY times. It’s getting harder and harder to hide the facts.

    4. Nancy Otero says:

      My son has a severe epilepsy, he start at1 year 8 months,now he is 30 and still with seizures, no verbal, mental retardation, no communication due to the medication, he needs the cannabis oil soon, I ask for him and another families who are suffering for this situation

    5. Anonymous says:

      Is the ny times that powerful? THE WEED TRAIN KEEPS ROLLING ON!

    6. Joseph Itzkowitz says:

      Whatever it takes to just get this plant legal for weed’s sake.

    7. Eric says:

      It should be a choice for the individual. Available for use you have Alcohol, Script drugs, Synthetics, Cigars {Havanas, excluded for political reasons}, every single different type of tobacco, they’re chemicals really, Clove cigs., Chewing tobacco, RUSH!, Poppers, Inhalants, Sugar, Corn syrup, GMOs, think about some of the foods that are available, whats in your US Inspected food, is it really healthy? That is available, if you ever had any of these and then smoke a joint, what is the healthy choice, now you have none. That goes for all the players in this game of life. It’s a leaf from a plant, grown from mother earths soil. All natural high. Cannabis makes sense. Legalize this so the insanity can stop, make it legal like cigarettes and alcohol, so this can be over already, it’s a choice. If you don’t want to use it, you don’t HAVE to. Tobacco is not even tobacco, it’s chemicals, and in the “old days” {before 1964} less than 50 years ago was promoted by doctors and presidents {actors at the time} saying how healthy it was to breath the tobacco smoke deeply into your lungs. They’ve changed there stance on smoking cigarettes, now they say they cause cancer, it’s about time they change there opinion of cannabis. Freedom of Choice, NO! I think the best reply is why are all these things a choice but not cannabis? The reason Cannabis would be a gateway drug is that your local drug dealer, begs you to buy the harder drugs {more ca$h for them}, which would not happen if legal.

    8. claudia says:

      I am a 75 year old elder living with excruciating pain 24/7. I have never tried pot or any illegal drug. I am surprised that more attention isn’t given to possible pain relief for seniors since so many of us are keeping the drug companies going with pain pills of some sort. A day without pain would be something to look forward to.

    9. Eric says:

      It’s a leaf from a plant, grown from mother earths soil. All natural high. – See more at: http://blog.norml.org/2014/07/26/new-york-times-end-prohibition-again/comment-page-1/#comment-660215

    10. garry says:

      About frigging time.