The Legalization Movement Can’t Be Stopped

  • by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel August 11, 2014

    The political and cultural victories for the marijuana legalization movement continue to accumulate as new developments lead us closer to the ultimate goal of full legalization. Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen the powerful, unambiguous endorsement of full legalization by the most influential newspaper in America: The New York Times.

    That endorsement was followed by a series of six follow-up editorials explaining in more detail precisely why the Times decided to join the fight to end prohibition. Additionally, The Brookings Institution, a highly respected Washington, DC think tank, published a very favorable report card on the first six months of the legal sales of marijuana in Colorado.

    These were both significant events, because they involved respected institutions known for their careful and thorough analysis of important public policy issues. Neither has a history of backing a pro-pot agenda, so their support both elevates the issue and makes a strong argument for regulation.


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    30 responses to “The Legalization Movement Can’t Be Stopped”

    1. rodney stewart adams says:

      Marijuana is our Holy Tree of Life Communion NOT eating dead flesh and drinking blood. Marijuana is brain food for Reasoning Together. That’s why it is illegal: to break up our community and stop us reasoning together. You can’t have a sensible talk drinking alcohol.
      All Cannabis charges are MALICIOUS PROSECUTIONS and the police and the court know it. Tell the jury they are being used to criminalize and enslave for a victimless crime they have completely failed to control.
      The jury must know someone who smokes!

    2. Steve says:

      Misinformation and Reefer Madness is still a big problem. I’m looking for an article that I saw in a local North Georgia paper, in which the author states that teen use, crime rates, and traffic fatalities are on the rise, and how much more dangerous today’s cannabis is, due to it’s higher potency. This all runs contrary to actual reports coming out of Colorado, of fewer teens using, fewer traffic fatalities, and the murder rate cut in half.

      These authors of misinformation need to be confronted, and called out for their fraud, and in many cases, even face criminal charges. If you use false pretenses to trick someone out of $2,000, you have committed a felony. Well, multi-national corporations are using this misinformation to rake in billions of dollars (research Harry Anslinger’s connection to Hearst, Dow, and DuPont).

      We have been lied to, robbed, and laughed at for over nine decades, millions of lives every year are systematically ruined, and every Law Enforcement Badge has been turned into a License to Commit Armed Robbery, and to Kidnap for Ransom.

      A day will come when those who have profited from this act of fraud will face severe penalties for their Crimes Against Humanity.

      They should pray that they are shown the mercy that they have denied to the rest of us…

    3. Miles says:

      I hope with all my heart to be able to legally grow and consume my favorite herb and this article gives me great hope! 🙂

      It is fantastic that the will of the people is winning out over the trillion or more tax dollars that our Govt has spent to prohibit marijuana. For now, there are a few eggheads in power that are continuing to stop it, but I don’t think the idiocy can last for much longer…

    4. Jimmy says:

      Steve very we’ll said

    5. Julian says:

      I just watched the clip (again) of you on Pen and Teller’s Bull$#!+. (Good work, by the way). What amazes me most is that Pen says he’s never smoked marijuana, done any drugs, or even sipped any alcohol, (which I find most difficult to believe, but they are in the business of busting bull$#!+…)And yet he advocated ending prohibition so eloquently.

      Another entertaining 2 hours to watch when your having your evening bud is here:

      Listen to the introductions of these Congressman who express fear and concern for marijuana legalization, yet simultaneously reject the regurgitated denial from the ONDCP. Even the Republican from Florida is like, “What about this gateway theory?”
      (To which Dep. Director Boticelli has no answer).
      The ONDCP is trying to scramble to save themselves by going down the “middle,” (Or what they THINK is compromise), where we don’t do full legalization, but we don’t arrest and prosecute low level offenders for marijuana possession… we treat addiction as a medical problem we can’t arrest our way out of.”
      Sounds good, but…
      Problem is even our legislators can smell the bull$#!+. I mean where do you get the hubris to admit, “Yeah, marijuana is safer than alcohol, but we’re gonna just keep prohibition anyway cuz marijuana is bad… yeah… that’s it.”
      The best part of celebrating the end of Prohibition is watching nut jobs like Boticelli try to explain their own hypocritical existence.
      Smoke on Keith. Victory is a slowly unraveling bud of emerald-green, fragrant lemon diesel. Enjoy.

    6. YearofAction says:

      Marihuana is to cannabis
      what gay marriage is to marriage:
      An unnecessary, prejudiced distinction
      made merely for bigots in powerful positions
      to subsequently forbid its legitimate use
      from those whom they dislike.

      This straightforward definition of marijuana
      will identify the substance which we should
      control, and provide guidance for reasonable
      cannabis policy:

      The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts of the smoke
      produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis
      sativa L.

      As an example of this, see the cannabis joint in
      Mr. Stroup’s hand, the smoke wafting up from it,
      and that there are no children present.

      Imagine what the world would be like today, if
      our elected leaders respected our Constitution,
      and had enacted this definition at any point
      in the past 4 decades. Imagine what the world
      would be like tomorrow if they enacted it today.
      Now is a good time to call upon them to enact
      this definition, because, of course the current
      definition has failed.

    7. It took a really long time and a lot of casualty but the truth is finally coming out. A lot of brainwashed people are resisting the marijuana changes but science and logic is wining. The same thing happened in 1933 when alcohol prohibition ended.
      The worst thing about marijuana prohibition is that the U.S. government has used as a bartering tool in foreign policy. The DEA would offer a few surplus aircraft and a ton of money in the name of “The War on Drugs” in order to infiltrate and monitor foreign countries. It’s all a nasty mess and it won’t die any time soon.

    8. Douglas says:

      Has any one been pressing 60 minutes to do a full so miutes on the facts from Colorado? If they do that will be and extra straw to help break the cammel back.

    9. Stephen says:

      I support marijuana legalization.
      I was crippled in 2008, and have been on several types of narcotic pain medications since that time. Even though I do not abuse these medications, after six years of using them, they have done damage to my body that is impossible to ignore. I have also paid thousands of dollars, encountered terrible people working in the world’s worse organization (The US Healthcare system) and been accused of being a drug addict.
      If marijuana would be a safer alternative for pain, not make me paranoid (I haven’t used marijuana since 1995, but quit because it did make me paranoid) and be available in a form that I wouldn’t have to support, I would gladly rally for it.

    10. Stephen says:

      If marijuana would be a safer alternative for pain, not make me paranoid (I haven’t used marijuana since 1995, but quit because it did make me paranoid) and be available in a form that I wouldn’t have to support, I would gladly rally for it.

      **I meant, wouldn’t have to SMOKE, not support