Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director August 13, 2014

    Sixty-six percent of Americans believe that adults ought to legally be able to consume cannabis in the privacy of one’s own home, according to results of a nationwide HuffingtonPost/YouGov survey released late last week.

    Seventy-two percent of self-identified Democrats and 70 percent of Independents said that the private consumption of cannabis should be legal. Republican respondents endorsed private consumption by a margin of 50 percent to 39 percent.

    Fifty-five percent of respondents — including 62 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of Independents — also said that they supported statewide laws seeking to tax and regulate the commercial production and retail sale of cannabis to adults, such as those recently enacted in Colorado and Washington. By contrast, only 37 percent of Republicans said they supported such a plan.

    The HuffPost/YouGov survey possesses a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percent.

    46 responses to “Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal”

    1. Eric says:

      So they think it should be legal to use, but not to buy? Logic must be hard for some people.

    2. BobbyNtammy says:

      Yes Yes Yes, finalize be seeing the truthness. All thems years day be saying it being a gettaway drug, joke being on them now thanks being to the intranet. Finalize got the truths out becausing peoples talking with each others about how their be nothing wrongs with smoke maryjiana. All that moneys spends o propergadas again the ganja could haves been spent in so much the better of ways, beilding schools, fixem roads, but na somany people no being in jails lifes in the ruins becausing they smoked. WTF but I digress, just happy that Norml be sticking to the messages all them years so thank you Normls

    3. TheOracle says:

      Unfortunately, the Americans who can make the decision to end cannabis prohibition tend not to be in such legalization age and wealth demographic groups. As a lowly peon toiling away at a job with little thanks and no prospects of moving up in the food chain, I put up with a lot of crap compared to the people in Congress who are coddled and catered to. Most of them won’t go near legalization.

    4. Jackie says:

      I hope that it does become legal for all over 21 ! If it was, then my kid wouldn’t be sitting in prison for smoking a joint and failing a drug test when they found her babies daddy dead, 4 days before Christmas in 2013! And I wouldn’t be here raising her babies.

    5. Drew says:

      Wow! A very impressive number, even allowing for the fact that this question is a little broader than “should mj be legal”.

      Polls continue to move in our direction. Let’s hope we have success the next time the flame meets the leaf- in Oregon and Alaska this November!

    6. Evening Bud says:

      The biggest driver of legalization, IMO, is the changing demographics. Even GOPers are finally, albeit very slowly, coming around. Of course, without the important help of organizations like NORML, and their information campaigns, the slogging would be much tougher. Thanks NORML for leading the fight.

    7. Juilan says:

      Did somebody say DESCHEDULE MARIJUANA?
      It only sounded roughly like the collective roar of 270 million Americans to me.

      MAN! What does a Propoganda churning prohibition machine like the ONDCP have to DO for some decent fear and brainwashing policy these days?

    8. Miles says:

      It’s just a crying shame that our congress has a majority of republicans, led by chain smoking John Boehner, that have decided to ignore the will of the people on this issue!

      I think they are shooting their party in the foot. No republican has any chance of getting my vote unless they explicitely state they are in favor of legalization.

    9. Bob Constantine says:

      When a person must pay a fee / tax or have “permission” from government to consume things he /she still isn’t free are they?

    10. Mr. Pot says:

      We the people… For the people… The people have spoken – THE END!