History Of Marijuana…In Just 4:20!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director August 25, 2014

    Think you know a lot about cannabis and it’s history? Could you relate the ‘history of hemp’, thousands of years worth of human experience, in just four minutes and twenty seconds?

    Comedian and pot activist extraordinaire Steve Berke’s 4 Twenty Today production company’s first video ‘History of Marijuana in Four Minutes and Twenty Seconds’ achieves such in high fashion and invoking laughter all the way.

    Two of Steve’s previous pro-cannabis law reform pot song parodies are found here, the Macklemore parody has been seen by almost 14 million viewers:



    The next production of 4 Twenty Today is set for release on September 8th (an absolutely hysterical parody of a classic American movie musical!), which is meant to correspond as being supportive for this fall’s big election in Florida on Amendment Two (which will legalize medical access for qualifying patients if 60% of the voters approve the initiative).

    20 responses to “History Of Marijuana…In Just 4:20!”

    1. Galileo Galilei says:

      This brought smile after smile to my face. I wasn’t even stoned!

    2. Rico Camacho says:

      I hope it becomes legal in all states.

    3. Toby says:

      -A history of cannabis, focusing on American policy, that is.

    4. Galileo Galilei says:

      Here’s a link to a song protesting the government’s stubborn anti-medical marijuana stance:


      It is NOT humorous.

      I tried to entice NORML into splitting the proceeds with me by letting me sell it on this site, but I guess they thought I was just some kind of spaced out stoner.

    5. Julian says:

      Canni-History in 4:20, by Julian

      1.7 million years ago
      In a Himalayan bliss
      Our ancestors speciated
      From a fire made of cannabis

      They dragged their seeds through the garden
      While the sun slowly set with Mars
      And as the sweet smoke billowed up
      They kicked back n contemplated the stars

      Sweet aroma, just like pine
      We recognized our sins
      Then laughed as sparks rose up
      N discussed our origins

      And their in the Creation
      Of our own Imagininz
      We saw the road go on forever…
      …And the party never ends…

      Four Thousand years ago…
      Across the plains and desert sands
      Kanneh Bosem anointed Kings
      And lead us to the promised lands

      Prohibition started
      In Exodus 30-22
      Said oil’s for the Priest and Kings
      But not for me and you

      So Jesus took the healing oils
      2000 years ago
      And used them on the sick in prison
      That caused his blood to flow

      But from the blood and crosses
      On that fateful day
      If you don’t believe there was cannabis
      You can ask Sulah Benet

      And so it was when we asked ourselves
      Who we are with all our friends
      And the road goes on forever…
      …And the party never ends…

      Hemp was the canvas of the Rennaissance
      It even made the sails that sailed the seas
      built the Chinese Empire n made Indians dance
      And turned the barren fields back into trees

      Cannabis wove our flag n built America
      Filled the pipes of Washington and Jefferson
      Butit all hit the fan w/ Henry Ford’s caravan
      of hemp fueled model-T’s were built and done

      Prohibition’s bout the price of petrochemicals
      That never could compete w/ local grown heaven
      Nobody knew hemp and marijuana were identical
      To the Marijuana stamp Act of 1937

      So DuPont Hearst and Anslinger made propaganda
      Blamed our violence on blacks n Mexicans
      Patent-rich Kochs got more rights than Miranda
      The road goes on forever…
      …But the party never ends!

    6. Julian says:

      In 1970
      they passed the Controlled Substance Act
      We blamed our inequality
      On some hippy kickin back

      Nixon used to spend more
      On drug education
      But in 1972
      He had to win reelection

      So prison lobbies grew
      And nonviolent people’s days were through
      Then Big Pharma they joined in
      Till people were scared to grow herbs too

      Tobacco paid their due
      And prohibition grew and grew
      It’s been a snowball of sin
      While alcohol’s legal for you…

      And old Robert DuPont
      Made a fortune pissin you
      Into a cup that only checks
      For the safest thing you do

      In 1987
      Reagan made us the cartel
      The ATF sold guns, made civil wars
      The CIA made Spanish Hell

      In 1993
      Clinton made the S.O.D.
      The DEA could fabricate
      Evidence to fantasy

      But in 1996
      The endocannabinoid system
      Helped California fix

      And with a drop of truth
      The ripples grow as they begin…
      And the river goes on forever
      And the party never ends…

      In 2001
      Health and Human Services
      Patented cannabinoids
      While they’re separating kids

      But state by state the truth
      Keeps growing back again
      Because the road goes on forever
      And the party never ends…

      And round a warm campfire
      There’s some herb passin with friends
      While the sparks fly up to heaven
      They contemplate their origins

      Lord knows what will transpire
      When freedom truly ascends
      While the road goes on forever
      And the party never ends…

    7. mexweed says:

      “And so it was when we asked ourselves Who we are with [a little help from] all our friends” — is your name Julian Lennon? Got to get you into my life.

      (Today 50 years ago Bob Dylan turned on the Beatles, see article on marijuana.com)

    8. mexweed says:

      P.S. Man’s Best Friend:







      etc. etc.

    9. Julian says:

      @ the other “julian” who posted as “Julian” on a later post I already published copywrite on the above poem. Good luck getting the lyrics in rythem. ( hint, try Keen Robert Earl and a little Bob Dylan to make it work.)

    10. Bryan Albury says:

      Had another poll this week and it was 88 percent for mm