Florida Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana Showdown in the South

  • by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel October 20, 2014

    Yes on Amendment 2On November 4, Florida voters will have the opportunity to vote on an amendment to their state constitution, Amendment 2, to establish a medical marijuana program in that state. This vote is especially important as it would be the first southern state to legalize medical use, and would likely encourage other states in the region to take a serious look at the use of marijuana as a medicine for seriously ill patients.

    Why A Constitutional Amendment?

    Fearful that the conservative Republican state legislature would have passed legislation overriding such a change, if it were simply a state law changed by voter initiative, People United for Medical Marijuana, the sponsor of this proposal, elected to try to include the policy changes as an amendment to the state constitution. Amendment 2, the Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions initiative, must therefore receive 60 percent of votes cast to be enacted as a constitutional amendment, a high goal and a real challenge for any proposal to meet. That decision is one that may be instructive for future voter initiatives, with most polls currently showing we will win a majority of votes, but likely less than 60 percent.




    50 responses to “Florida Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana Showdown in the South”

    1. Dave Evans says:

      So it will fail by 55% and even the People of Florida will have demonstrated they don’t want people arrested for medical marijuana, the Pigs of Florida will consider this a green light to continue their abuse.

      Fuck Florida. I’m never stepping foot in that shitty state until they fix something with regards to how they treat people. Right to Work–Bullshit. Voter ID law–Bullshit. No medical marijuana–Bullshit. No way for people living in FL to make money in FL–Bullshit. Like I say, “Fuck you Florida!”

    2. warren says:

      There are too many closed mind,believe what the fudderal and state govt says,geezers in fl for this to pass.When this element croaks off and they get by the voting fraud {2 for me 1 for you}then maybe this has a chance.

    3. Julian says:


      I’ve been waiting for this vote all year. And I don’t even LIVE in Florida. Even though Oregon Alaska and D.C. deserve applause for full legalization, this vote hear in Florida to amend their state constitution for medicinal marijuana use is tipping the scales for Republican platforms and more importantly, the balance of electoral votes that ultimately determine whether Congress, the President or the Supreme Court can risk weighing in on the issue in supportive ways.

      Witness history in the making. Mark November 4th, 2014 as the day when the tides of Prohibition turned against itself. God Bless America.

    4. Timbo says:

      Lets go Florida!!!

    5. glenn says:

      Early voting started today if Florida! I voted “yes on 2”.. get out there and lets make this happen people. now is our chance to join the rest…

    6. RUT says:

      I am in Palm Beach County and have witnessed the fear being sold in political adds regarding medical Marijuana. Lots of dollars were spent by the opposition and almost no response to the lies and disinformation being told. If prop 2 fails it may be because of the small amount of money spent to respond. The opposition is responding with an add featuring a female doctor holding up a prescription pad claiming you will not need a prescription to buy pot from “pill mill style pot shops that will spring up everywhere”. The female doctor then states there is nothing medical about medical marijuana and that the law is “A TRICK”. This unanswered claim is what I believe will scare away voters on the fence. The opposition knows the plant is gaining ground so the next best thing is to attack the details the law itself by making it sound like a trick to legalize. We have more than the 60% of the vote needed that are in favor of medical marijuana but do not have 60% who trust what the law means. If this issue looses i hope all the people who stand to gain from starting pot businesses will wake up and fund an opposition THROUGH SITES LIKE NORML . Dollars were spent to place a billboard add for a medical marijuana school that will not do any good if we do not have the law. Another clever angle the opposition used was to attack the part of the law that stated that health care workers who are not an MD or a NURSE who handled the pot would not be arrested for doing so. Basically care givers with in a rest home who distribute meds to patients. This part of the law is being construed to mean any one can pass out pot anywhere, claiming the law is designed to protect street level drug dealers. This type of attack on legalization should be dealt with with anything but no visible response like what I have witnessed here in Florida. I have looked for the “GREASE ADD” but have yet to see it play. Lies must be responded to or they are believed to be facts!

    7. Robin Hood says:

      Yep, went into and read all of Normals stance on medical marijuana. Was deeply shocked, why? One would think that a State with a population the size of Florida and with such a large negative response from those that live in the reefer madness scare tactic days a group like as large as Normal would help the vote yes on amendment #2 for medical marijuana. Here’s how you do. Tell everyone about all the benefits the sick and needy from the other States where legal medical marijuana is legal. Show where other States have solved legal problems and other problems from legalization and how good things are going. Instead we hear how children will be rolling joints on desk tops for recess and how Florida will have the most lax laws in the U.S. because of wording in amendment #2 like amendment # 2 are the laws. It’s dirty pool in Florida and the sick and needy are gonna be the worse off because of money, that’s B.S.! Oh well the Mexican drug cartels are loving this.

    8. Eddie says:

      Marijuana should be legal across the board or not. The problem is lawyers who support it for medical reasons. Then they make money because someone is arrested without documentation, then they need a lawyer to fix it in court. Then there are those who are unable to use Marijuana even for medical reasons (doctors, police, firefighter, teachers, ect.). Then they will claim disability. Who will they need. A lawyer to represent them to suck off the government teat. Once again taxpayers have to support those slugs. If marijuana is totally legal then the lawyers won’t make money. Usually if a lawyer is in favor of something there is a motive behind it. Let’s make it totally legal, tax it and maybe it could clear up government deficits.

    9. joe says:

      just remember, the DEA will immediately raid any dispensaries. the state is also going to take away the drivers license of any card holders. Florida also drug tests the 11 year old paperboy, or anyone else who works anywhere, doing anything. but yeah, were getting “legal” marijuana.

    10. jiji says:

      I think they should not legalize marijuana in Florida even though it can help people with serious diseases. young adults in florida are not responsible enough for that. it seems like they would do anything for that drug and it scares me.