BREAKING: Marijuana Legalized in Nation’s Capital

  • by NORML November 4, 2014

    UPDATE: FINAL VOTE TALLY 69.4% to 30.6% NO with 100% reporting. Resounding win.

    With about 30% of the vote counted, analysts are calling it a win for Initiative 71 in Washington, DC to legalize marijuana possession. The current results are 68.6% YES and 31.4% NO.

    “Voters in the nation’s capital have taken a strong stance against marijuana prohibition,” NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri said about the initiative’s approval, “This victory sends a resounding message to Congress that Americans are ready to legalize marijuana for adult use and, with it right in their backyard, it will be a message that is hard to ignore.”

    We will update with final vote totals tomorrow. For now, let’s enjoy the wonderful symbolism of adult marijuana possession and limited home cultivation is legal in our capital.

    The measure will now have to be transmitted to Congress and undergo a 30 day review period before implementation.

    34 responses to “BREAKING: Marijuana Legalized in Nation’s Capital”

    1. Andrew says:

      What does this mean, though, in practice? What’s the 60 day review period? Can this be denied by congress?

    2. Julian says:

      Congratulations D.C.! This is an incredible milestone for marijuana legalization. Wake up and smell the green grass America, legalization is coming!

    3. JohneyHempSeed says:

      Get Legal today! Its about time! And now natures botanically most advanced plant Hemp/Marijuana will be fully unleashed!

    4. Nick says:

      So this is only for possession, and not for regulated sale? Basically decriminalization?

      [Paul Armentano responds: At present, yes, but private cultivation is also included. However, members of the D.C. City Council are currently considering separate legislation to regulate the commercial production and sale of marijuana to adults.]

    5. Don says:


      If passed, Initiative 71, like all D.C. laws, is subject to a congressional review period. With a Republican controlled congress I’m guessing it is doomed. GOP controlled House Committee Voted back in June to Block D.C. Marijuana Decriminalization Law.


    6. Dan says:

      I recently relearned why we have secret ballots in elections. It’s so votes can’t be bought off or influenced. If someone tries to buy your vote, they have no way to no if you actually voted that way. What if the secret ballot was extended to congress and they could vote their conscience?

    7. Michelle says:

      Does that mean, that I as A Disabled person in chronic pain might one day see Marijuana as a suitable pain med? I’ve ran the gamut in pain meds and my current pain med has mysteriously disappeared from all the pharmacies in the past two weeks leaving me in bedridden pain.

    8. Anonymous says:

      Go Green!!

    9. Rick Elvers says:

      I just hope they won’t go against the peoples vote,!! because the ballot passed with flying colors.!!!!!