Florida’s Amendment 2 Falls Just Short of 60% Needed

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director November 4, 2014

    Florida’s Amendment 2, which would have legalized medical marijuana, fell just short of the 60% support required for passage.

    With 95% of the vote counted, analysts are projecting the amendment will end up with just a hair over 58% of the vote. While not enough to make it a part of Florida’s constitution, it was still a strong showing of support for medical marijuana in a campaign that faced unfriendly voter demographics and a very well funded opposition campaign.

    “By no means is this a rejection of medical marijuana in Florida, as the results show that a strong majority of Floridians support it,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “We hope state lawmakers will honor voters wishes in 2015 and act to pass medical marijuana legislation. This was a hostile climate for us and an ideal one for them, that they only got 43% of voters to agree to maintain prohibition of medical marijuana is more a defeat for them than us.”

    76 responses to “Florida’s Amendment 2 Falls Just Short of 60% Needed”

    1. Me says:

      We love screwing up votes!!

    2. renee says:

      I think this is BS!! over HALF of the state voted yes, why the hell should we have to have 60% when over 50% is for it???? I think we should go by 51% of the votes… i feel like my vote didnt even count… Politics can kiss my ass… ill never vote again because its all rigged!! Eff this BS!!

    3. Nick says:

      A vast majority of the no votes were 65 and older as well according to the breakdown. I have little hope in Florida’s government doing the right thing and drafting legislation that will actually make it to the vote over this measure though. This is a state known for it’s pharmaceuticals – they care about money, not helping people with safe, legitimate alternatives.

    4. Dean says:

      Imagine if you needed 60% of the vote to unseat an incumbent politician…

    5. david says:

      Sad day for Florida.

    6. Julian says:

      A victory for us in the way it got the attention of crooked lawmakers on all sides of the isle, but i worry about what this means over the federal case of U.S. v. Pickard et al; without %50 of the U.S. Population with pro marijuana legislation , im afraid the Supreme Court wont hear an appeal on the unconstitutional status of the scheduling of marijuana. Looks like a two year appeal until 2016 for ending prohibition. But looking at it from another perspective, thats only 2 years away, and what does President Obama have to lose now with executive decisions like descheduling? Still very exiting, despite the odds.

    7. Jason says:

      The Florida legislature will never pass real mmj legislation. That’s why we needed a constitutional amendment, so they would be compelled to act. John Morgan did a great job getting it on the ballot, but he was unprepared and failed miserably to address and combat the negative ads funded by Sheldon adelson. Voter turnout was high, big$, scare tactics, fear, and lies won the perception battle. Florida remains in the stone age for now.

    8. Sunshine Supports Love says:

      God be with us all and the patients in need. Regardless this shows everyone the MAJORITY of voters in Florida support compassion and safer medicine in the form of Medical Cannabis. God bless everyone who has worked so hard and everyone who voted today (except the no on 2 folks! They have shown their ignorance and propagated further evil in this war against sick people) Fight the power!

    9. paul says:

      Everyone should know that the 60% rule is itself an amendment to the Florida constitution, that only passed by 57% in 2006.


      Sad. Let’s make this happen through the legislature or in 2016.

    10. Tony Soldo says:

      Florida is the only state that demands 60 percent of the voters to pass an amendment.
      57 is not 60.
      57 is a majority, and this amendment should be passed.
      Where else in a democratic system does a majority not win?
      Simple minded sheep keep all of us oppressed and without our natural rights and freedoms.
      I am so finished with the dumb down brainwashed weak minded fools…