Alaska Becomes the Fourth State to Legalize Marijuana

  • by NORML November 5, 2014

    Alaska voters approved Measure 2, to legalize and regulate marijuana, with 52% voting in favor (94% of the total vote counted as of writing). The state now joins Oregon and the District of Columbia in legalizing marijuana this election.

    “This victory in Alaska is the coda to a perfect evening for marijuana legalization supporters,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “In a year where Republicans swept many state and local races, marijuana reform brought voters of both parties together in their support for ending marijuana prohibition. Lawmakers in Congress should recognize that a majority of Americans are ready to see marijuana legalized and regulated and should move to make substantial changes to federal law to reflect that reality.”

    We will be posting a more in-depth look at what tonight’s results mean throughout the day tomorrow. Stay tuned.

    21 responses to “Alaska Becomes the Fourth State to Legalize Marijuana”

    1. Paul Pot says:

      Thank you to Norml and all the activists who helped.
      And a heartfelt thank you to the people of Alaska for holding the torch of liberty and leading the way.

    2. Rob says:

      What a beautiful day! The ball is now rolling full speed ahead!

    3. Anon says:

      Congrats to Alaska, can’t wait to see what happens in 2016!

    4. rah lam says:

      ALASKA….OREGON…COLORADO…WASHINGTON…AND WASHINGTON D.C….OUR NATION’S CAPITAL!!! Congrats to the voters and supporters who continue to make reality the goal of Marijuana legalization.

    5. Archon says:

      The dirty police make so much money off of handing out tickets I’ll bet the poor pay about half of their total income to oppressive court system this law is a breath of fresh air, but the next step is decriminalization of drugs.

    6. Sean says:

      Wow, a red state legalizing weed. Well done Alaska, I’m proud.

    7. carmendave says:

      Sad thing about our country if this was about Florida [whom passed by 1% higher ]it would be back to square one wile the man runes more lives and more importent with holds a natural medicine from thoes that need it
      I will not be retireind in that S##t hole after it cleat the MAN is not intrested in the will of the people

    8. StoneMountain says:

      Congrats to those involved in getting this passed, in particular to the voters of Alaska.

      As for FL…disappointing but it needed 60% which seems perfectly reasonable to me for state const. amendments. We’ll just have to try again next cycle, shouldn’t be too hard to get another percent or two, particularly if OR and AK and DC implement without disaster by then.

    9. THC Wiki says:

      Thanks for Alaska Becomes the Fourth State to Legalize Marijuana. info Sharing for us.

    10. Mark I. says:

      Isn’t the current administration intending to sell Alaska to pay the debt?