What It Means To ‘Get High’

  • by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel November 18, 2014

    What it means to 'get high'After several decades of Reefer Madness propaganda dominating the discussion of marijuana in the media, it should be no surprise that many Americans, especially older Americans who are not personally familiar with marijuana, believe that “getting high” is somehow a bad experience, something to be avoided by responsible citizens. It is assumed that this experience is a waste of time, or even worse, that it somehow damages the healthy individual.

    Yet, I have found that marijuana smoking has been a positive experience in my life, allowing me, when I am high, to stand back half-a-step and see my life in a clearer perspective. Yes, we all know that getting high is fun: food tastes better when one is high, and music sounds better and sex is even more enjoyable. But getting high is more than just pleasurable; in the right situation, it is an enriching experience.

    Specifically, if I have something I need to write, whether an article for publication or the outline for a talk I am scheduled to deliver, I find it extraordinarily helpful to isolate myself in my home office for a few hours and get stoned, allowing my mind to freely wander, making notes of any seemingly insightful thoughts that result, jotting down whatever free-associations arise, and frequently discovering issues and new ways to analyze a topic that should have been obvious to me all along, but had not come to mind until I was high.

    It’s as if the marijuana high eliminates some of the barriers we otherwise construct on our imagination and our creativity. Somehow, we appear to protect ourselves from the perceived risk of thinking out of the mainstream, by closing off some creative pathways. Marijuana can reopen those pathways, and give us new understanding.

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    54 responses to “What It Means To ‘Get High’”

    1. Marty says:

      I ain’t religious, but I will say “amen brother” to that.

    2. chip says:

      we need to get old people stoned!they would be converts for sure.

    3. Thomas says:

      Yes sir. I have been trying to relay this exact message for years. I’m glad someone with more credibility and reach than myself has put this on a nationally recognized and read forum.

    4. Debbie says:

      I was a graphic artist in advertising and the sales reps used to bring me a high priority project and ask me if I needed to “go home for a few minutes first”.

    5. Denis says:

      I agree being high does promote creativity, one time I was developing software to automate seismic analysis by trying to reproduce results obtained manually with software that reprocessed files from previously analysed data set. As I walked home from work I indulged and then I had a eureka moment regarding the approach to the analysis method. The next day I proceeded to apply this new method and our success rate went from 40% to 70 %. My boss then asked me what I did, I answered it was a secret!

    6. Miles says:

      Using marijuana has been a very very positive thing in my life. It helps me with my pain, it is an incredible stress reliever, and it an enhance my creativity. I often have grand thoughts I would not have had otherwise. They are not stupid thoughts either; more like major insights.

      People who think getting high is an evil thing to be avoided probably think that because they think it is as bad or worse than getting drunk. They could not possibly be more wrong!

      Tommy Chong made it to the top 5 on Dancing With the Stars and I’m proud of him. He is one of the many who offer living proof that the Govt has lied about marijuana all these years. If their words had any truth to them, what Tommy did would not be possible. He is a hero for all of us in his own unique way; him and Cheech both.

      May the DEA rest in pieces. I’m sure they are hating Tommy after making them look like the complete idiots they are regarding their stance on marijuana.

    7. Drummer says:

      This is a beautiful article. As a person who actually makes a decent living in the creative arts, I agree 100%! My best work is always created with the help of my good friend Mary Jane.

    8. Kim Carter says:

      One thing I think you’re mistaken about, that older folks don’t really know about the marijuana high. I have owned & run my own business for 35 years, I’m sixty years old & I have smoked pot my whole adult life. And I know many, many, many, many older folks who smoke regularly, we are just discreet. The baby boomers know it’s not a “dangerous drug”. I hope eventually it will be legal everywhere for recreational & medical. It would be so nice to just go to the corner Pot Store & pick up my herb, rather then the hoops you gave to jump through to get it illegally. Let’s all hope for that. A beautiful & TRUE article you’ve written my friend.

      Kim Halliburton Carter

    9. mark says:

      Keith ,This movement of legalization is one of the greatest things the american people has seen for a long time ..I hope that it keeps happening ,,,there is so much good that can be done with cannabis ,,,i have arthritus really bad in my lower back ,,cannabis is the only medication that works for me …I have an idea….. how can we start a nation wide petition and send it to congress to vote on getting m.j. off the schedule 1 statis ///the domino theary would go to work for us then ??//its a plant that was put hear for mankind by god read your bible ////// not for greedy people that run this country ,,,,, happy holidays everybody ….

    10. RUT says:

      Many intelligent people smoke pot but that is hardly how the corporate media portrays it. We are supposed to be idiots like CHEECH and CHONG. The media can sculpt public opinion but when big Pharma spends millions on their networks in adds and no dollars are spent advertising pot,that gives them a slanted view of things. Law enforcement has been enriching themselves on your hard earned money for basically doing nothing. GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST! NOT YOU!