46 States to Go, Help Us Legalize Marijuana!

  • by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel November 22, 2014

    Dear NORML Members and Supporters:

    46 States to Go, Help Us Legalize Marijuana!

    Please allow me to wax nostalgic for a moment or two about the wonderful progress we have all seen in recent years, with a majority of the country now supporting and end to prohibition, and the adoption of various forms of marijuana legalization in many states. The political environment was not always so favorable.

    When we started NORML in 1970, only 12% of the population supported legalization; 88% supported prohibition. It has been a long, slow and sometimes arduous effort, but we have finally won the hearts and minds of most is our citizens, despite the fact that only 14% are marijuana smokers. They have concluded that prohibition causes far more harm to society than the use of marijuana, and that regulating the sale of marijuana is the better policy.

    With our recent spate of victories at the state level, currently 17 states and the District of Columbia (and several major cities) have stopped treating marijuana smokers like criminals; 23 states and the District of Columbia offer legal medical marijuana; and four states have fully legalized marijuana with state-licensed dispensaries. We have reached a tipping point in the decades-long drive to legalize marijuana, and with your continued support, there is no turning back!

    And we can already see the benefits: for the fourth year in a row the number of Americans arrested on marijuana charges has declined. And these declines will only increase as we move forward with victories in additional states. We expect full legalization voter initiatives to be approved in 2016 in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine (and perhaps a few others that are only now being organized).

    NORML’s Work Has Just Begun

    In each of these legalized states, the real job of NORML is just getting started. When I founded NORML it was the result of some work I had done with consumer-advocate Ralph Nader, and I envisioned the organization as a Consumers’ Union for marijuana smokers. As a consumer lobby, we must work to assure the smokers have access to legal marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable. We must demand that the marijuana be tested to assure there are no molds or pesticides, and we need to know the strength of the THC and the CBD, and to know what terpenoids are present. These are basic consumer rights that we could not get when marijuana was only available on the black market, but which we have every right to expect in a legal market.

    And to encourage the newly legal marijuana industry to abide by a set of “best practices”, we have established the NORML Business Network, to help consumers recognize “consumer-friendly” companies. As in any new industry, there are some whose only interest is to maximize their profits, but many of these new companies feel a responsibility to adopt higher standards. The NORML Business Network will help consumers distinguish between the two.

    4 Down – 46 To Go!

    We obviously have much work to be done before we totally end marijuana prohibition and stop the arrest of responsible marijuana smokers all across America. But we have made a substantial start, and the public support and political momentum is clearly on our side. With your continued support, we will see this fight through to a successful conclusion, and set a standard for the rest of the world to follow.

    Please make a generous contribution to NORML today of $50 or $100 or $1,000 or whatever you can afford. If you wish to make a tax-exempt contribution, make your donation to the NORML Foundation. But please do your part to recognize the tremendous progress we have made over these last four decades, and to assure we continue that progress in the months and years ahead. Donate $50 or more and receive the new documentary DVD called ‘EVERGREEN: The road to marijuana legalization in Washington State’.

    Thanks for being a part of this important campaign to legalize marijuana in America.

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    Keith Stroup
    NORML Founder and Legal Counsel

    52 responses to “46 States to Go, Help Us Legalize Marijuana!”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Voter initiative Florida. What about majority. Sounds like kids making rules up as we go. What a pack of Nazis.

    2. jeremiah woolsey says:

      It’s time for all the potheads to stand up speak out and educate and get people to vote for the legalization of marijuana we cant do it from the shadows its the time we all come out and speak

    3. Anonymous says:

      Cannabis need not be a scheduled substance any more than rosemary or thyme.

      The simple solution is ending the utterly failed and totally wrongful prohibition of a beneficial herb.

      Future Sociologists/Anthropologists will spend a great deal of time attempting to comprehend our current confusion/ misapprehension surrounding cannabis…and they will ultimately conclude cannabis was never actually the “problem”.

      They will decide Cannabis Prohibition/Criminalization resulted from a combination of racism and greed.

      The actual “problem” was human prejudicial ignorance and greed.

    4. mexweed says:

      “As a consumer lobby, we must work to assure the smokers have access to legal marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.”

      Education: users must be assured instruction in:

      (a) how to ingest SAFE, vape-temperature 25-mg servings from an appropriately constructed screened-crater utensil;

      (b)how to handgrindsift herb into CONVENIENT gradefractions: 1.0 twigs, 5.0 seeds (exclude for other uses); 2.5 = #16shake; 2.0 #16grind; 3.0 + 3.5 #32shake (kief).

      (c) how AFFORDABLE: with at least 900 single vapetokes from an ounce, the 25-mg-serving-size utensil provides 22-cent tokes from a $200 ounce.

    5. Galileo Galilei says:

      Marijuana won big in the last the elections.

      So did GOP social conservatives. They now control both houses of Congress. If they gain control of the White House, too, in the next election, you can kiss any hopes of re-scheduling goodbye. Science means nothing to these people. Environmentalism is a left wing commie plot. There are no limits to growth. An international conspiracy of scientists perpetuates the climate change hoax. My representative responded to a letter favoring reform by citing irreproducible studies from 30 years ago. My representative is a physician. Reagan and Bush 2.0 both even declared that the door is still open on evolution! Science means nothing to these people. It offends their notions of ideological purity.

      Have you ever taken a close look at this Barack Obama character? AJ Anslinger tried to warn us, “When a darkie smokes marijuana, he thinks he’s just as good as a white man.” Where else would Obama have gotten the notion that all men really are created equal and that any boy could grow up to be president in this country? This is directly attributable to the moral decay caused by the assassin of youth, the demon weed, marijuana, the worst drug of all.

      Seriously, though, they may decide to reverse the Fed’s hands off policy towards states that have legalized marijuana. Mitt Romney promised to fight marijuana legalization ‘tooth and nail’. Be assured that they will find the money for the drug war despite any budget deficits. Now that older folks like me are either dying off or finding marijuana useful against the accrued aches and pains of a life time, GOP conservatives remain the last major impediment to reform. They have cultivated the prohibitionists as a voting block. It’s part of their base. They will not yield to reform as long as they can win elections without doing so.

      Vote, people. Vote!

    6. bobwv says:

      Thanks for making possible for me to be a part of this important campaign to legalize marijuana in America.

    7. 46 ain’t no sweat Keith
      All we gotta do is keep tokin about it.

    8. Juniata says:

      Once half the states legalize it becomes federally legal, correct?

    9. wbs101 says:

      Also everyone shopping at Amazon use AmazonSmile and choose NORML for your donations. It doesn’t cost you anything and your supporting NORML. I will be doing my black Friday shopping on Amazon this year because of this.

    10. Fireweed says:

      It’s like the Berlin Wall when the first chunk came down.