A “Hail Mary” Pass by our Political Opponents

  • by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel December 22, 2014

    For those of us in the business of changing public policy, sometimes we judge our progress on what we have accomplished; and other times we judge our effectiveness by the desperate acts of our opponents. The federal law suit filed late last week by the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma, seeking a declaratory judgment from the U.S. Supreme Court holding Colorado’s legalization provisions to be unconstitutional, clearly falls in the latter category.

    This suit is more political theater than a serious legal challenge. These two conservative state attorneys general know they are losing this fight in the court of public opinion, so they are hoping the Supreme Court will step in and overturn the will of the voters. Desperate times lead to desperate tactics, and the plaintiffs in this action were clearly feeling desperate.

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    59 responses to “A “Hail Mary” Pass by our Political Opponents”

    1. Ryan says:

      Why are you so confident that they will not succeed in the supreme court? I really hope the supreme court sides with the public, but what makes you think they will?

    2. St. Nick 'n' Dime says:

      This is a PATHETIC attempt by two losers in loser states who are basically robots just trying to scare us into obidience like most repugnicant’s. It’s THE LAW in that state (Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon) What power do nebraska and oklahoma have in those states? NONE! They are not doing this to protect us(cause it obviously does’nt do ANY good) Just makes good-law abiding citizens deal with the Cartels to get drugs they need/want/and deserve cause we’re not like these two shitsacks and inherited mommys and daddys money. They are only doing this to satisfy their own egos and not “lose” a war on AMERICA. And they are going to pay karmically if not in life? Than AFTER it. Marijuana was “invented” by 2 Gods, 1 male 1 female and it was’nt for bad purposes. They are LOSING this war and will try to win/sabotage it to the very end. DO NOT vote republican. Keep this fight up. We are winning and will get our way. Marijuana and all drugs were legal for the last 50,000 years and were legal in the time of Jesus. George Washington puffed upon it and grew herb as a way to make money. Follow his lead.

    3. These two ag are running for office. Can someone be this stupid let alone two of them

    4. p.c. says:

      I Have an idea for a movie that shows us the cultural, industrial, political, and personal significance of cannabis. This movie would be supported by todays research of this plants versatile characteristics and its vast variety of practical applications in order to solve and adapt to the worlds issues through the history of man kind.

    5. p.c. says:

      this movie will be an introduction for a series that show case alternative resources currently within reach.

    6. chrstina webb says:

      The state of Colorado passed the law making Cannabis legal. The people of Colorado voted yes and isn’t that what voting is about? Voting is using our voice to say what we want and do not want. What right do these state attorneys have to interfere with what the people want? If they don’t think they have drug traffic in and out of their states, they don’t need to be state attorneys. Give it rest, I am sure you have more important things to do besides worrying about Colorado and if you don’t, maybe your paycheck should be adjusted accordingly.

    7. Miles says:

      It’s really too bad that the AGs for those states refuse to look at the evidence that the sky has not fallen in any states that have legalized cannabis. In fact, according to statistics I’ve seen, those states have less crime and less teen usage.

      What else do these bozos want? Kevin Sabet says there is still a thriving black market in Colorado. Even if he is correct on that point, I’d reply that the illegal market is smaller than it would be if not for legalization.

      They really need to get over themselves because they are not anybody’s big brother and we certainly don’t need their backwards morality/mentality screwing up the lives of the majority.

    8. jeff says:

      I know how to end any and all resistance. The 2 attorney generals in Nebraska and Oklahoma and all there family and friends should have to forfeit any cannabis access and when they get auto immunes ,cancers etc. Should have to relie on chemo and radiation. Which we all know doesn’t work. When we all eliminate our ailments those folks will be suffering as they should for denying everyone else the access they should have.

      I hate when someone bad mouths cannabis for any reasons and years later they or a loved one is dieing without hope or chance and then switches there mind and uses cannabis to save lifes but didn’t care until they had someone dieing. Its not right to stand up and deny others access until hypocritically they need it.

    9. Galileo Galilei says:

      “These two CONSERVATIVE state attorneys general know they are losing this fight in the court of public opinion, so they are hoping the Supreme Court will step in and overturn the will of the voters. Desperate times lead to desperate tactics, and the plaintiffs in this action were clearly feeling desperate.”

      I wish I could feel as confident that this tactic is a loser. Remember Dr Craker, the guy who sued to get marijuana from somewhere else than the official government grow at ol’ Miss? He won his case by any scientific definition. The government bad guys ignored him and the decision of the court.

    10. HR says:

      Let us not jump to conclusions, I am sure these suits are based on an accumulation of scientific data just like the rest of the laws governing marijuana….!!??!?!?! hey wait a minute these guys are full of SHIT and no doubt out of ideas …good job NORML