2014: A Wonderful Year for Marijuana Smokers

  • by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel December 29, 2014

    2014 was truly a watershed year for the movement to legalize marijuana in this country.Two states joined the list of jurisdiction to switch from prohibition to regulated sales, and the District of Columbia, as well as a number of cities, adopted complete decriminalization for minor offenses. And scores of additional states saw their first serious legalization proposals introduced in their state legislatures, a fact that holds great promise for more victories to come in the near future.

    While far too many marijuana arrests continue to occur in this country, and hundreds of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens still have their lives and careers turned upside-down each year because of their use of marijuana, it is also true that the number of marijuana arrests dropped for the fourth straight year, reversing a pattern of increasing numbers of arrests that had been expanding for several decades. With additional states moving from prohibition towards decriminalization or full legalization, those numbers should continue to decline for years to come. We did not get into this mess called marijuana prohibition overnight, and it will require both persistence and patience to put it fully behind us.

    A lot of the progress we have seen over the last year occurred in ways that reflect the increasing public acceptance of marijuana, a necessary precursor to political change. 2014 was truly another banner year for legalizers.

    Here is my list of the most significant milestones of the last twelve months.


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    15 responses to “2014: A Wonderful Year for Marijuana Smokers”

    1. ZEMTEK says:

      This is For the People of the state of Missouri that want Legalization to happen. Stand up and get your voice heard now till the end of january 2015. Please let the state know what you think. And to any people wondering why the KC norml bill does not have an age limit is because its a non toxic plant like eating an apple. Plus this insures parents will not be prosecuted for treating thier children.
      I have not yet posted my responce to the KC norml bill Petition 2016-013 too many good things about it. It does not give cops money. It gives the power back to parents to determine if they want to treat thier children or not. Does not allow cops to harass us with dui laws.If you would like to learn more join the KC NORML group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/102228203501/
      Even some of the main people at SMC are saying the KC NORML bill is ideal. Just think about it this way we have 2 years to educate people on cannabis and now even mainstream media is helping spread the word of all its benefits. Granted our missiouri school system is one of the worst in the nation, but since i have made a few day trips to a few smaller towns outside of kc i haved talked with people and they can be educated that what we need now is an ideal bill like the KC norml bill. Make MO the ideal place to live with laws that are ideal. I agree 100% with SMC that the KC NORML bill is ideal. but yet SMC wants thier bill to pass. below here is my respsonse to the petition 2016-009 that SMC (Show Me Cannabis) has submitted.
      This petition is an insult to MO and the cannabis community. 1. It gives money to cops and cops are at an all time low in history. Cops don’t even obey the Sunshine laws here in MO. Cops can go through the normal channels for their budgets. Besides cannabis is about healing and joining people so to give any one extra is just crazy and a lot of us feel this way. Any money gained from cannabis should be put towards programs that everyone uses. Like the horrible school system we have in Missouri or Rehab or further research into more uses for cannabis.
      2.This law would just allow to harass cannabis users in another way through DUI. Which just continues this war that we are in. We need to end this war on the American people and this bill just moves the war to a new front instead of ending it.
      3.Its too long and in that lawyer lingo, people don’t like signing stuff they do not understand.
      I could give you a few more why not approve this, but running out of space. Please do not approve

    2. Raven says:

      Harry Alslinger’s PR campaign agains Refer has be the most successful propaganda in worl history. Joseph Goebbels would be so Jealous.

    3. Miles says:

      @Stanley ballard – I feel for you! From what I have read/heard, Alabama has some of the dummest people in the country in office so you guys just may be among the last in the country for your state to show any common sense…

      I’ll say a prayer to my god for you. That usually doesn’t work but it probably doesn’t hurt either 🙂

    4. Chris says:

      I’m offended that they associate Obama with legalization he is allowing for now because Colorado is a swing state and he doesn’t want it to go red his goons were shutting down dispensaries a few years back in California. Obama is anti-marijuana not pro marijuana! He is jumping on because its now politically convenient to do so.

    5. Dave Evans says:

      Chris, have you ever heard of “conflict of interest”? Obama cannot go around cheerleading marijuana legalization when we have laws telling him to do the exact opposite and he is in charge of enforcing those very laws…… What exactly is he supposed to do, that will not land him in prison?

      You do realize, Rebublicans would be very happy to send to first half black president to jail???

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