POLL: 60% of Virginia Voters Support Marijuana Decriminalization

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director January 6, 2015

    A poll conducted by the firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) revealed that 60% of Virginia voters would support decriminalizing the adult possession of small amounts of marijuana, indicating strong support for state Senator Adam Ebbin’s marijuana decriminalization measure, Senate Bill 686. Decriminalization had majority support from every age, racial, and gender demographic.

    The survey also had support for legalization and regulation of marijuana in the Commonwealth at a record high of 49% support to 44% opposed.

    With the legislative session kicking off in Virginia, expect to hear much more about this pending legislation in the coming weeks. If you are a Virginia resident, please CLICK HERE to quickly and easily contact your state Senator and urge their support for SB 686. It is time that our state officials pursued a policy on marijuana that was “Smart on crime and smart for Virginia.”

    We strongly encourage you also attend Virginia NORML‘s lobby day in Richmond on January 16th to help put the pressure on state legislators in person. You can click here for more information on lobby day.

    If you find yourself traveling in the Richmond area, keep your eyes peeled for Virginia NORML’s billboard in support of SB 686, which should be going on display very soon on Route 360 as you drive over the James River (the billboard image is featured at the top of this post).

    This poll was commissioned by MPP and conducted by Public Policy Polling. You can read the full results here.


    23 responses to “POLL: 60% of Virginia Voters Support Marijuana Decriminalization”

    1. Jane Peters says:

      When will they be allowed to vote on it?

    2. Rick Blair says:

      why only 884 registered voters

    3. drew says:

      Where I can find that poll on the PPP website?

    4. Galileo Galilei says:

      The POLL:

      Which do you believe is safer: marijuana or
      alcohol, or do you believe they are equally
      Marijuana is Safer 31%
      Equally Safe 19%
      Alcohol is Safer 16%
      Not Sure 33%

      35% believe alcohol is safer or as safe as marijuana!!!

    5. RedFox says:


    6. MSimon says:

      I am resolved to get the government out of the business altogether. No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes. At any level. We don’t want illegal cartels. We don’t want legal cartels.

      We have done enough begging on our knees to make our point. It is now time to stand on our feet and demand what Eric Garner demanded. “It stops today.” – “Don’t touch me.” – “Just leave me alone.”

      Taxes are a license to kill. Ask Eric Garner. Well you can’t. He is dead. On suspicion of unpaid taxes.

    7. Mark I. says:

      I think they should legalize the plant so anyone found with a pound of cannabis becomes the life of the party, not the bane of the ignorant and jealous.

    8. TheOracle says:

      Ik moet dit gewoon kwijt!

      NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is in the news because of a rumours of marijuana use, although the Lord Mayor claims he hasn’t since his NYU days.

      I stand fully behind the Lord Mayor, and if we need to make the majority of get de Blasio’s back on this one. Every sane and rational person knows the NYC cops’ Stop & Frisk was dastardly prohibitionist. It doesn’t surprise me that there are also rumours of the police spying on de Blasio, ahem surveillance.

      Everyone in the cannabis community wants the cops off their backs, as well as all the other government agencies that persecute them. Governor Cuomo and the pro-cannabis politicians in the New York state legislature need to get the cops off everybody’s ass. They need to declare NYC a Free City when it comes to legalising cannabis. They can, for the time being, not grant the decision to the rest of the state for other cities and localities to decide for themselves without the state approval to legalise cannabis.

      Do Something!

      The Big Apple Needs to become the Denver of the East Coast that Washington, D.C. has been denied.

      The federal blockage by the bastard Harris and all the other prohibitionists is delaying the next nudge forward toward the legalization end of the cannabis continuum.

      And, you know the latest Harry Smith CNBC potumentary, nice.

      Legalize and tax the shit out of cannabis got the foot in the door. Are the taxes too high on Colorado cannabis, and that’s why there’s such a black market, or is there a black market because prohibitionist states, Colorado’s neighbors, have outsourced the supply for their demand? Nevada is leaning toward legalisation. No brainer that after Nevada legalizes underground market shipments of Colorado weed will trickle.

      Pennyslvania Prohibitionist Attorney General Kane is amidst a scandal. She has publically stated she is against marijuana, even medical marijuana. The state will have a new governor, Governor Elect Tom Wolf (D), and he is pro-cannabis. Get a pro-cannabis Attorney General in there, once Kane is uninstalled.

      Republicans are having a shindig in Hershey, Pennsylvania, a retreat to strategise. It’s the perfect time for de Blasio and his wife to visit Tom Wolf at Wolf’s house there in York County. Wolf is not living in the governor’s mansion, but is choosing to work from his own home, got a business to run from there, too. May they all take part of the sacred herb at Wolf’s and work in tandem to legalise cannabis!

      De Blasio needs to get the upper hand over the NYPD prohibitionists. The U.S. needs to dominate the worldwide cannabis market, follow the cannabis cash trail globally to gain valuable intelligence sources. Bekka Valley is fighting against that Islamic State group. Use the common interest and make sure the money is going to people who are NOT trying to kill us!

      Maybe a the two of them can be helped to become candidate material to run together for president and vice president.

      As the Big Apple goes so goes the (rest of) the country.

      Oklahoma and Nebraska might as well drop the lawsuit anyway. They’re going to look pretty damn dumb if an American Indian Nation in Oklahoma legalizes cannabis.

      Get Bratton to negotiate behind the scenes with the police unions to remain neutral on cannabis legalization in exchange for some of the revenues going to meeting the contract demands of the cops better.

      Heres’ the link to the article:


    9. John M says:

      I live in Virginia. I vote. I wrote my State Senator. Let’s get this bill passed.

    10. RedFox says: